Who are Generation Z employees?

They are 16 million in France to invest in the business world. What is Generation Z and how does it view the world of work?

Generation Z: definition

A few years ago, BNP Paribas and The Boson Project published their study “La Grande InvaZion” concerning the famous generation Z. But what is generation Z? Definition. LGBT phobic discrimination at work: what you can submit to your employer in terms of inclusion

Born after 1995, the little brothers and sisters of the famous generation Y (or millennials) also intend to break the codes of work culture. Like their elders, globalization is obvious for Generation Z (for zapping) and it claims a culture that is both national and international: nearly 69% want to work abroad because, for them, a structure at the international equals success. Easy transport on main lines, exponential multiculturalism thanks to the rise of the Internet, the Z are ultra-connected and fed with a multitude of new sources of information.

Generation Z: their professional characteristics

Gen Z is therefore essentially geared towards international opportunities, but it has other specific professional characteristics. When they think about their professional future, 40% of Generation Z surveyed believe that the professional network is more important than studies. Moreover, people of this generation rely heavily on self-learning and satisfy their thirst for knowledge by relying on tutorials, YouTube, documentaries, online training, and other MOOCs. Young graduates on the job market with multiple skills. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Multi-Folding Phone

While Generation Y has often been accused of being individualistic, Gen Z thinks collectively and believes in everyone’s participation and a collaborative vision of work. Lazy, this generation Z? Its members deny this, explaining that they just work differently. In short, the Zs combine many assets and soft skills (open-mindedness, audacity, adaptability, mastery of technology, etc.) even if some criticize them for being too connected, stubborn, impatient, impulsive, and selfish. B2B Lead Generation: How to get the right leads

The vision of the Z company

Disillusioned by the company that may have abused their parents from Generation X, these young people are betting on “do it yourself” and see themselves as entrepreneurs. They describe the business as ‘tough’, ‘complicated’, and ‘difficult’. This explains why only 23% are attracted to living in a company even if 36% admit to a certain ignorance of the world of work. How to Write an Effective About Page

As a result, 47% of respondents want to create their own business and more than 84% want to choose a job out of passion. And even if they are ambitious, 40% do not want to give up on a work-life balance. So, for Generation Z, the ideal company should be agile, open to failure, humane, egalitarian, flexible with a looser hierarchy, and have greater trust in younger generations. How to Start a Podcast in 2022: A Step by Step Guide

Generation Z, these realistic employees

Three years after the study mentioned above, our Job Seekers teams publish their own study on Generation Z. The results prove that she is above all very pragmatic.

Landed on the job market, 74% of respondents admit to having made compromises mainly on salary. Big mouths, members of Generation Z? Not really. 62% admit to not being comfortable asking for a raise and 44% are embarrassed to ask for a promotion. And once installed in this company that they feared so much, 72% are finally satisfied with their work.

If more than half of respondents are thinking of changing jobs and are sure to find a new job, it is probably because 82% are confident in their skills. In short, Generation Z is not short of a contradiction and has understood very well that the company could offer an alternative to the massive uberization of society. Android 13 Eligible Devices List: Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Oppo Phones

Find a job that will meet your expectations

Finding a job is not always easy, no matter what letter of the alphabet our generation is associated with. From endless interviews to the quest for the job description cut out for us, Job Seekers has been able to develop its job search and advice platform according to the expectations of everyone and the market. Create a free candidate account to stay alert to opportunities in your field of activity: finding the ideal job has never been easier!

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