What is UTM (Urchin Tracking Module)? How to use UTM?

The measurement of target audience behavior is important for the success of marketing activities. The audience you want to reach; Measuring the interest shown in your products, campaigns or brand provides serious data for your studies. The interest of the audience reached through internet channels for the brand can be understood by traffic measurement. It is possible to measure the success of your campaign by analyzing the traffic to the links. In this way, detailed data can be obtained for your next works and you can make improvements to the audience your brand reaches.

Google Analytics provides many possibilities in terms of traffic tracking. By using this tool, it is possible to measure the audience towards the links and determine the behaviors. However, at this stage, there is an issue that you should pay attention to; The measurement scale of the Analytics tool may not be suitable for all campaigns. It is not possible for you to benefit from this tool efficiently, especially in your works such as social media advertisements, SMS, and mailing campaigns. Urchin Tracking Module, on the other hand, provides analysis of traffic from sources outside of Google’s standard measurement parameters. “What is UTM?” By reading this content, in which we answered the question, you can get the information you need to measure the audience of your campaigns in detail.

What is UTM (Urchin Tracking Module)?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a method mainly used to determine the traffic source and perform performance reviews. This method is considered an indispensable application for digital marketing campaigns today. The concept in question belongs to Urchin Software Corporation, a company that serves marketing firms. The service provided by this company has turned into a method frequently used in target audience studies.

Although the method is easy to implement, it requires the implementation of a certain code structure. These codes provide analysis of traffic from selected sources according to determined parameters. In other words, Urchin Tracking Module is a URL routing system for the purpose of tracking web traffic.

What Do UTM Codes Do? What Is Its Purpose?

The UTM code is used for link measurement. These codes allow the traffic to a certain connection to be determined and tracked according to the parameters. The code structure is mainly based on a certain link building. The traffic analysis criteria are determined by adding the parameters sequentially to the end of the site link. The link created in this way is used in integration with the Google Analytics tool or other traffic monitoring platforms.

The process of generating UTM code is quite easy. You can do this with various link tools or manually. The resulting link is added to Analytics. In this way, traffic from sources such as social media ads, mailing, and SMS can be analyzed. To summarize, the code structure is the building block of the UTM method. These codes provide a measurement of user behavior with specified parameters.

What are the Usage Areas of UTM Codes?

Social media channels are the main areas where Urchin Tracking Module parameters can be used. Traffic from these platforms is often analyzed with UTM as it falls outside of Google’s measurement scale. Returns from channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be measured with the Urchin Tracking Module. By using the codes, it is possible to see how the users react to the advertisements on these platforms. The traffic to the page from the searches made on social media sites can also be seen with the Urchin Tracking Module.

In order to get efficiency from e-mail campaigns, it is necessary to measure the returns in detail. UTM rendering provides a great advantage in these studies as well. By using these codes, you can see the click-through rates of the links placed in the mail body. The behavior of users who spend time on the e-commerce site using UTM can also be measured. By adding these codes to the “Add to cart, order, buy” buttons on your e-commerce site, you can measure the interest of the target audience in products and services.

What are UTM Code Parameters?

The UTM campaign code is the foundation of link building. This code determines the name of the campaign. For example, if a campaign is being created for advertising purposes, this parameter is written as “utm_campaing=advertisement”.

The UTM source code, which determines the traffic source, is written at the beginning when the link is created. This parameter is added so that the traffic from a certain channel can be displayed. For example, if you want to analyze visitors from Facebook searches, you can add this code as “utm_source: Facebook”.

The medium used for marketing is determined by the UTM medium code. This parameter provides advantages in mail and banner campaigns. For example, if the traffic to a link embedded in the banner body is to be analyzed, the parameter is written as “utm_medium=banner”.

The keywords that lead visitors to the link are determined by the UTM term parameter. This code provides a detailed analysis of keyword-based advertising and marketing studies. That is, to see the returns from an ad that focuses on the keyword “restaurant”, the parameter is written as  “utm_term=restaurant”.

The campaign content is determined by the UTM content code. This parameter distinguishes ads in A/B tests. For example, to measure the traffic to the advertising links named X and Y, the code is determined as “utm_content=x” and “utm_content=y”.

How to Create a UTM Link?

Urchin Tracking Module is built on a certain link structure. To create this structure, after the website link, the campaign source, agent, term, content, and name are written in order. For the code to work, you need to place the “&” character between the UTM parameters. Let’s say you have a banner ad for a campaign called “Digital marketing”. Traffic to this ad URL is measured by the following link:


How to Use UTM Codes?

After creating the link for Urchin Tracking Module, you need to integrate the traffic tracking tool. Because Analytics is a platform that gives detailed results, it is often preferred in UTM applications. For these parameters to work, naming standards must be followed. If you misspell characters in the URL, this may prevent you from running an efficient campaign. That’s why it’s important to check the code before adding it to Analytics or any other platform.

With Which Methods Is UTM Tracking Made?

In order to track UTM via Google Analytics, it is necessary to follow the following path from the main menu: Acquisition, campaigns, and all campaigns. A table with URLs is displayed here. Traffic values ​​are located in the tabs opposite the link. The numbers are constantly updated according to the increase in the audience towards the site. From here, you can perform a target audience analysis of your campaigns and report the data.

What are UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) Tools?

Site URL generation tools can be used to generate UTM code. These tools ensure that the parameters required for tracking are added to the site URL. Although these codes can be generated manually, better results are obtained with the use of tools. By choosing these platforms, you can categorize your campaigns in detail. It is possible to use the Google Analytics tracking tool to track the traffic to the link in this way.

What are the Advantages of Using UTM Codes?

Detailed campaign tracking is the biggest advantage of the UTM module. By using this module, you can analyze the traffic sources directed to your website and see which channels you get more efficient results. In this way, you can see the target audience coming from platforms and social media channels other than the Google directory.

Parameters allow customization of traffic tracking. In this way, you can see a specific campaign and the audience directed to your site in a certain time period. It is also a great advantage that the codes can be used in banners, e-mail bodies, purchase buttons, and social media ads. Thus, you can comprehensively examine those who are interested in your brand.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Using UTM Codes?

While creating the Urchin Tracking Module codes, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the campaign well. It is important to make the campaign-specific in order to get efficient results from audience analysis. Google Analytics offers the ability to track multiple links at once. You can monitor the campaigns you have activated in different channels and times by comparing them simultaneously.

Link building is something you can consider when creating a campaign. You can set the Urchin Tracking Module codes in a wide range of parameters according to the results you want to get. In this way, you can regularly monitor the traffic to your website and analyze the target audience according to your needs.

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