What is Tree Agate, Wood Agate (Dendritic Agate)? Properties, Benefits

Tree Agate, Wood Agate (Dendritic Agate), which is the center of attention with its tree-like patterns and takes its name from these patterns, is one of the very healing and useful stones beside its physical appearance.

What is Tree Agate?

Wood Agate, also known as agate tree, is a natural stone that touches the soul of man, whose healing comes from the very heart of nature, with patterns and spots resembling tree branches in clear brown or green colors. It is scientifically known as Dendritic Agate. It means that manganese and iron oxide seeps through the gaps formed in the crystal during formation and enter the essence of minerals into the white quartz. These extracts create patterns and spots similar to tree branches, hence the name Tree Agate. Also, Read – What is Afghanite? Properties, Benefits, Colours

What are the Properties of Wood Agate Stone?

The penetration of the minerals in the formation of Wood Agate, also known as the fertility stone, into the stone is the source of its healing. Due to these features coming from nature, it has been one of the healing natural stones used since ancient times. It was used in seals, jewelry, and vessels, especially in Ancient Greece, Egypt, and India. Also, Read – Teeth Whitening: What are the types of teeth whitening?

It has also been revealed in research that it is used as a talisman. In those days, people would usually bury these stones in their fields in order to increase their fertility and to have a more productive and good harvest. They were also put in pots of plants at home, so they thought they would produce strong, beautiful flowers. They are not wrong in their thoughts, because the connection of agate with nature helps people to establish stronger ties with the world. Also, Read – A list of the most expensive things in the world

Among the places where Dendritic Agate stone is found in the world, there are countries such as China, Namibia, India, the USA, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Mongolia.

Benefits of Wood Agate Stone

  • In addition to its benefits to the nervous system, the energy of natural healing minerals is beneficial to the skeletal system and bones.
  • It has good effects on the circulatory system.
  • It is especially good for the ailments that occur in thin (capillary) veins.
  • You can wear this stone, which shows its benefits over a long period of time, on your body as jewelry, or you can use it in a corner of your home for both decorative purposes and benefit from its healing.
  • However, you can bury agate stone in the soil in your pots, as it is also beneficial for plants.
  • When you put tree agate on the aching area for a while in case of hurt and injury; it will be noticed that the tingling and pain are reduced.
  • It is seen that the intense energy of Wood agate stone, which also has an effect on the heart chakra; is good for the heart, as well as for relationships by strengthening emotional bonds.
  • Also, It helps to heal stressful situations that cause insomnia and nightmares.
    It helps to improve blood pressure with its benefit to the circulatory system.
  • Providing spiritual balance enables us to get rid of troubled moments easily by concentration, increasing sensitivity, thus rising like a stronger and rooted tree.
  • Dendritic Agate strengthens the immune system.
  • In addition, its natural energy helps to regulate the amount of fluid in the body, especially the amount of water.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Wood Agate Stone

Dendritic Agate is a hard stone, but it should be done without the use of force, as no chemicals are used for cleaning. It can be cleaned with warm water and, if possible, with a soft bristle brush. Attention should be paid to the temperature of the water. However, it should never remain damp. Especially if it is used as jewelry, with extra attention to drying; The material of the jewelry should be prevented from damaging the stone with moisture. Read – What is Fuchsite Stone? Properties and Benefits

During storage, it should be stored on a soft fabric without coming into contact with another stone. In this way, it not only stays away from the risk of scratching or breaking but also prevents other stones from being damaged.

Tree Agate, Wood Agate (Dendritic Agate) Colour, Chakras

Hardness6.5 – 7
Specific weight2.60- 2.65
Chemical Formula and GroupSiO2 Group: Microcrystalline quartz, Banded chalcedony
ColourWhite surface, mottled green inclusions
Places of ExtractionChina, USA, India, Mongolia, Mexico, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia
chakrasHeart Chakra

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