What is Sapphire (Communication Stone)? Health Benefits of Sapphire Stone

Sapphire is an expensive and precious stone. Besides being used as jewellery, it is also used for abrasion due to its hard structure. It has been determined that the mineral hardness level is 9. Sapphire is known to be rare. Sapphire is a subspecies of the mineral corundum. It is frequently used in the jewellery industry due to its durability. Sapphire stone has a structure resistant to high temperatures. Sapphire contains elements of iron, chromium, titanium and magnesium.

Sapphire stone means “Saphirus” in Latin, meaning blue. The colours of this stone are in different tones from dark blue to light blue. Sapphire stone exhibits a lively image. Different shades of blue represent the reflections of nature. It is made into many accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It gives peace of mind to those who use it. The resistance of this stone to high temperatures is also high. The stone has a strong calming effect. Although the most common known colour of sapphire is blue, it also has different colours.

There are also green, pink, green and grey tones of sapphire. There is even a colourless sapphire, also known as a communication stone. There are stones specific to each month. Sapphire is a stone suitable for the energy of those born in September. It warms the heart with its sapphire colours. It is felt that the stone supports the feeling of trust. People who wear this stone feel healthy and cheerful. It is known that sapphire stone is extracted from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and especially India.

What Does Sapphire (Communication Stone) Mean?

Sapphire stone has been a known and used stone since ancient times. In Greek, the meaning of sapphire is matched with the word beautiful. This stone also symbolizes elegance, femininity and power. It is also called the power stone. In the Middle Ages, sapphire was paired with tranquillity. It is known that the clergy used accessories from blue sapphire. Kings and queens, on the other hand, think that they protect wealth by using sapphire. Sapphire, also known as a communication stone, also symbolizes heaven.

With the sapphire stone, communication problems are easily solved. The stone also has a positive effect on the chakras. Blockages in the chakras negatively affect the quality of life in people. With the sapphire stone, it is supported to open the blockages of the chakras. It also has a healing effect in cases such as dizziness and headache. It is also known that the sapphire stone symbolizes love. It is thought to have the power to strengthen love and communication between couples.

Sapphire is also believed to provide fidelity in relationships. It is believed that each stone has a different meaning. This belief continues from history to the present. It is also thought that the stones are compatible with the zodiac signs. Sapphire is thought to be the lucky stone of Aries and Virgo signs. It is also necessary to pay attention to the use of sapphire stone. It is recommended to wash this stone with water without rubbing it. Sapphire stone does not change meaning according to the jewellery used. It offers the effect of love, loyalty, peace and communication for each piece of jewellery.

Blue Sapphire Stone

Where Does Sapphire Come From?

Sapphire, or sapphire, is found at the bottom of rocks and alluvial deposits. It can be prismatic or rectangular. It is available in many countries. But it is extensively extracted from India. In addition, there are sapphire mines in countries such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania and Pakistan. It is also discovered in countries such as Africa and Cambodia. It has extensive sapphire resources in Australia. In the USA, blue and violet sapphires are mined.

The largest sapphire stone ever found in the world is exhibited in the Natural History Museum in the USA. This 563-carat stone is dazzling. This stone is called the star of India. Thanks to a three-layered arrangement, the reflected light appears in a star pattern. The blue star is described as a sapphire.

Sapphire is naturally evolving. It cannot be created by artificial processes. This stone has a crystalline structure. It completes its formation in many years. 95% is in the rocks. It is more likely to be found in basalt type rocks. Sapphire is usually formed into large masses. Its rarity makes it even more valuable.

What Are the Mystical Benefits of Sapphire Stone?

Sapphire stone has many benefits. First of all, it affects the increase of love and affection between spouses. It also ensures that the loyalty of the spouses is increased or protected. It is seen that people who wear sapphire as jewellery or in any way are peaceful. The colour of the stone also represents peace. It gives a sense of peace to people who use its mystical structure. It also protects from the negative energies of people with negative energies. It helps to block the negative energies around you.

Sapphire stone is thought to increase the feeling of freedom. It helps people to strengthen their premonitions. It allows their thoughts to circulate freely and to establish effective communications. It strengthens faith and strengthens ties with life. When the chakras are blocked, the life energy of the person is interrupted. Sapphire, on the other hand, ensures that the energy cycle of the chakras continues naturally. It has positive effects on the regulation of the nervous system. People feel calm and calm. It helps to achieve inner peace.

With the sapphire (communication) stone, the effect of negative emotions on people’s minds decreases. The process of concentrating on events and issues is increasing. It affects negative events to stay away from people. It helps people to establish effective expressions in terms of communication. It increases the power of feeling and empathy for people’s thoughts. This situation opens the door to healthier communication. It helps to increase people’s inner peace and steadfastness. It has been used against magic since ancient times.

Blue Sapphire Stone Price

Health Benefits of Sapphire Stone

It has positive effects on body health. It helps the kidneys to work properly. It has a positive effect on the work of the glands and hormones. It has an effect that increases the power of concentration. It is effective in solving this problem of people who have a focus problem. It has the effect of improving the immune system. It supports the body with a stronger immune system. It helps to protect the eye and ear health. It balances people’s sleep patterns. It has a protective effect in terms of mental health.

It has a positive effect on the stomach chakra. It is recommended that people who have digestive system problems use sapphire stones. Especially yellow sapphire stone has a positive effect on stomach problems. It is thought to reduce mental tensions. It is recommended for people with eye health problems. It can have a positive effect on vision problems. It is possible to use it as jewellery for heart health or to carry it on it.

Secretory glands have vital functions for the body. Healthy work supports a person to lead a balanced life. Sapphire stone has the effect of activating the glands. It supports the thyroid gland to be active. It has a balancing feature in terms of hormones. It should be known that each colour of sapphire has a different effect. It is positive for people with hearing problems. People with hearing problems use things made of sapphire as jewellery.

How Is Sapphire Used?

Stones are used in different ways to achieve the effect. The use of this stone in the form of jewellery has been common since ancient times. The effect is achieved by using it as earrings, necklaces, rings, and anklets. Carrying it in the body is good for people in terms of many mystical and health problems. It is important in terms of balancing the negative energy of people. People also carry small pieces of these stones in their bags or wallets.

The proximity of the stone to the person creates a positive effect. It is for home use. Sapphire (communication) stone can be found anywhere in the house. It has a protective effect against the negative energy and evil eye in the house. Sapphire, one of the most precious stones on earth, has many positive effects. This stone is a variant of a mineral called corundum. It is precious in its rarity. This stone is resistant to climatic conditions and high temperatures.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Sapphire stone is processed and offered for use as jewellery. Apart from jewellery, it is also used in the accessory industry. It has a price because it is rare. The processing process is careful and takes time. It is highly demanded to be used as jewellery in the world. This stone, which symbolizes femininity, is among the most suitable accessories for women. It is also recommended that people who experience anger control use sapphire.

Which Chakra Is Sapphire Compatible With?

Each stone has harmony with a different chakra. The most important feature of the sapphire stone is that it strengthens communication. In this case, it is important in terms of the effect of the chakras. Although sapphire stone has an effect on the functioning of all chakras, it primarily affects the throat chakra. The throat chakra represents communication. It means that people can express themselves comfortably. It means having conversations and pleasant conversations with other people.

The throat chakra is located in the middle part of the throat. It covers the throat, tonsils and thyroid gland. Expression carries the meaning of management. If the chakra is damaged, various health problems may occur. Problems arise in terms of self-confidence and communication. It is possible for people to reduce this problem with the communication stone. Sapphire is also compatible with the eye chakra. The eye chakra is the chakra located between the two eyes on the forehead. It is known as the third eye. It triggers intuitive abilities.

Yellow Sapphire Benefits
Yellow Sapphire Benefits

The third eye represents the intuitive state. The fact that this chakra is open means that people are good at dream interpretations and intuitive matters. Sapphire supports the opening of the third eye chakra. Sapphire also positively affects the heart chakra. The heart chakra triggers love. It triggers the emotional state of people towards the people around them. It fuels the love for people and all living things. Sapphire stone ensures that people’s love chakra is active.

Sapphire Stone Compatible Signs

Every zodiac sign can use the sapphire stone easily. Apart from the compatible zodiac signs, there are also positive effects. Each sign has a leader planet. Likewise, there are stones that complement the characteristics of the zodiac sign. Thanks to these stones, people carry positive emotions. It also provides support in terms of health. The lucky stone of Aries is sapphire. Aries are prone to kidney problems. It is especially effective against kidney problems. It helps the zodiac sign to be calm and serene.

Another zodiac sign with which sapphire is in harmony is Virgo. Virgo has stomach problems. With the communication sign, the effect of these problems can be reduced. The Sapphire sign is effective for triggering intuitive abilities. Every zodiac sign can use the sapphire stone easily. But stones that are compatible with the zodiac create positive results.

 How is Sapphire Stone Cleaned?

The energies of the stones are polluted with use. It is recommended to clean the used stones at certain times to neutralize them. In addition, people clean the stones they use after getting out of negative environments. In this way, it is possible to get rid of the negative effect on the stone. Stones are thought to attract negative energy. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly. It works better with the cleaning process. It is necessary to use a soft cloth to dry.

It is useful to do the cleaning process in 10 days. There are several methods used to clear negative energies. First of all, it is possible to wash it with warm water. It is recommended not to use any chemicals during the washing process. In addition, it is necessary to wash the stone without rubbing too much. Rubbing causes damage to the stone. The energy balance of the stones washed under running water is provided. It is possible to bury the stone in a flower pot at home. Grounding is done.

During the cleaning phase of the sapphire stone, the support of four elements is taken. The cleaning process is selected according to the hardness level of the stones. Washing under running water for 5 minutes is sufficient. If it is in seawater or saltwater, it is sufficient to wait for 5 minutes. Leaving the sapphire for 24 hours after burying it in the ground increases the effect. Incense has energy cleansing properties. The energy of the sapphire stone placed near the incense is balanced. It is known that the energy of the stone is cleared next to the candlelight.

 What is the History of Sapphire Stone?

Sapphire is a rare stone and one of the most precious stones in the world. It is described as a communication stone or sky ruby. The blue colour is the most known stone colour, but there are black, grey and yellow colours. Their value also changes according to their colour. Sapphire, which is light blue, is the most valuable stone. However, sapphire can be in other colours other than red. It is considered one of the four precious stones on earth.

It is structurally strong and resistant to heat and weather conditions. Sapphire can even be colourless. The use of this stone is usually in the form of jewellery. It has been used as jewellery throughout history. It is one of the most preferred stones of monarchs. Known since the previous century BC. It has often been used in fields such as astrology and magic.

What is Sapphire

During the Greek and Egyptian Reigns, it was accepted as a royal stone. Apart from the Greeks, it has been a precious stone among the Arabs. In 1747, a Swedish scientist added sapphire to the mineralogy group. Since this stone, which is mined in different countries of the world, is rare, its price is also high. Since sapphire is rare, its price is also high. It is obtained from jewellery shops. It is used in different ways. This stone is used in making necklaces, earrings, brooches and rings.

How Determined sapphire stone is real or not?

There are several methods used to understand whether the sapphire stone is real or not. You can use two different sapphire stones to draw each other. It is not possible for stones of the same value to draw each other. To understand the value of sapphire, it is necessary to look at its internal structure. There are no air bubbles in the real sapphire stone. If there are air bubbles in the stone, it means that the stone was created in the laboratory.

Sapphire has a special reflection. The reflection test can be done in a dark room. Sapphire only reflects its own colour when exposed to light in a dark environment. If it is not real, it reflects different colours. It is necessary to take care to buy sapphires and other stones from the jeweller. There are natural and synthetic sapphire varieties.

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