What is Psoriasis Stone? What is the Meaning of Psoriasis Stone?

Psoriasis Stone is defined as a shiny, white, hard substance found in the shell of animals such as mussels and oysters and used in the art of decoration. It has a suitable surface for carving and scraping operations. For this reason, it is highly preferred in the manufacture of various jewelry and jewelry. It is known that mother-of-pearl stone was frequently used in Islamic religious art in Medieval Europe and East Asia, as well as jewelry. Apart from this, due to its structural features, it is also used in functional areas such as furniture, ornaments, jewelry accessories, buttons, and mother-of-pearl rosaries. It is seen that the mother-of-pearl, which is one of the natural stones, has an energy that reduces the stress felt by the person while working for high goals. However, it is widely believed that the mother-of-pearl stone gives prosperity and peace. Imagination is often used in mystical works.

What is the Meaning of Psoriasis Stone?

One of the rare stones found on land as well as in the sea is mother-of-pearl. This natural stone fascinates everyone with its meaning and benefits. Mother-of-pearl stone is among the organic origin and precious stones extracted in many parts of the world. However, with its iridescent colors resembling meteorite, it is used in many fields, including jewelry. Due to the fact that the mother-of-pearl material covers and protects the pearl in the oyster, this stone is also referred to as the “Mother of Pearl” in the USA. It can be found in a lot of lands with fossilization and turning into stone. It is used in both jewelry and jewelry fields thanks to its pleasant appearance and attraction attention. In addition, being a bright stone makes it preferred as an ornamental item. It was believed that the mother-of-pearl stone brought happiness, luck, and money to ancient civilizations. image, It is known that it has been used continuously since ancient times with its meaning and benefits. It is also known to be beneficial for some diseases in alternative medicine.

Psoriasis Colors And Their Meanings

Psoriasis Colors And Their Meanings

It is a stone of organic origin in mother-of-pearl material. It is found in the shells of sea creatures such as oysters, mussels, and snails. Aragonite is found in the interior of these seashells. However, the mother-of-pearl stone has an iridescent glow resembling a rainbow. The pearl in oysters is also an organic stone. The mother-of-pearl stone has a structure that protects this pearl. For this reason, the other name of the mother-of-pearl stone is the “Mother of Pearl”, that is, the Mother of Pearl. Because the mother-of-pearl preserves the inner shell of the pearl and acts as a kind of mother for it. Thanks to this feature, it is also known by this name. If you look at the mother of pearl stone, it is seen that the stone has many eye-catching and pleasant colors. These colors are generally; It is seen as pearly white, whitish, translucent, transparent, yellow, and opaque.

Formation of Psoriasis Stone

When viewed from the mother-of-pearl stone, it occurs with the secretion formed in the shells of the mollusks. Therefore, it can be defined as an ornamental material of organic origin. Mollusca occurs on the inner surface of the shell parts of mollusks. For example, it is in the form of the white and shiny inner surface of the shells of mussels and oysters. However, mother-of-pearl material can also be found in some fossils on land. In this way, it is one of the rare stones that can be found both in the sea and in the terrestrial environment. The mother-of-pearl stone has meanings such as simplicity, abundance, and longevity. It is also known to represent grace, courage, and strength. Among its most important properties, it is believed that the mother-of-pearl stone gives healing.

Where Is Psoriasis Found?

Mother-of-pearl is a privileged stone that can be found both in water and on land. For this reason, research is carried out in many parts of the world and it continues to be extracted in different parts of the world. In this direction, it is known as a precious stone that occurs with the formation in the shell of sea creatures such as mussels and snails. Because it is in shells, it creates an iridescent, rainbow-like color effect.

It also has a structure that carries a lot of aragonite. As is known, oysters contain pearls. It is also described as the ‘mother of pearl’ because it covers and protects the pearl. In this way, he wants to keep the pearl safe in order to protect the shell, which is the home of the pearl. It can also be found on land as it fossilizes and turns into stone. The most well-known origin of the mother-of-pearl stone is widely extracted from European countries as well as the USA.

Things to Consider While Buying Psoriasis Stone

As with everything, there are imitations of mother-of-pearl stone. Unfortunately, it is not easy to distinguish the real mother of pearl stone from its imitations. It is seen that in the natural stone sector, worthless stones are often dyed and sold as mother-of-pearl stones. For this reason, it is very important to distinguish psoriasis stones from their imitations. To separate them from each other, exposing the stone to heat will help. The paint of the poor quality imitation mother-of-pearl stone will fall off after heat. Thus, the paint can be separated from the mother-of-pearl stone. Apart from this, if possible, a part of the stone is broken to control it. In this way, it is checked whether the inside and the outside are the same color. With these two methods, it is possible to understand whether the stones are real or not.

What are the Properties of Psoriasis Stone?

The mother-of-pearl substance is the protective surface inside the shells of creatures such as mussels and oysters. However, it can also be found in some millions of years old fossil remains found on land. It is a white, hard material with a rainbow sheen. In addition, it is a composite material with phosphoric properties. It is important for mollusks to wrap and protect their bodies.

The membrane called the “mantle” is formed by shell secretion. Large mollusks are the richest source of mother-of-pearl in the world. Limestone is a substance composed of lime, phosphorus, and salt formed in the flowing waters of warm seas. Mother-of-pearl, on the other hand, contains a lot of limestones, that is, limestone. Mother-of-pearl is formed by the concentric accumulation of aragonite in the interior of mollusks. Aragonite is a mineral composed of calcium and cobalt composition. At the same time, pearl stone occurs in the structure of mother-of-pearl. Pearl contains calcium carbonate.

Another feature of the mother-of-pearl stone is that it is named according to its color. These names are names such as white, arusek, stone, and garbage mother-of-pearl. White mother-of-pearl; It is bivalve and has a flatter surface. The dominant color is white; but depending on the light it can carry shades of green, pink, yellow, and light blue. Arusek’s mother-of-pearl, on the other hand, is single-shelled. It is in shades of blue, light pink and green. If the garbage is psoriasis; It is mostly a temperate pattern stone and is seen in dark color. Stone mother of pearl is similar to white mother of pearl but less shiny.

What are the Benefits of Psoriasis Stone?

Psoriasis is known as one of the very beneficial healing stones for human health. It is believed that it gives the energy in the soil to the body, thus giving people vigor. It also provides a sense of courage, the ability to think positively, and the ability to analyze events. Another benefit is that it contributes to the elimination of toxins in the body and blood production. It is also known that Psoriasis stone is healing against stomach, intestine, kidney, spleen, and liver disorders. It is known that while it is healing serious eye diseases such as cataracts, it is also good for simple dizziness. It opens the mind and provides focus. Supports reproductive health.

  • It provides rapid closure of open wounds.
  • It has immune-boosting properties.
  • It also has positive effects on the skin.

Mother of Pearl Necklace Benefits

Mother-of-pearl is a very effective stone in the physical and mental health of people due to its structure. For this reason, the presence of mother-of-pearl stone in the preferred accessories provides great benefits. The mother-of-pearl stone, which has a healing effect for eye diseases, can be worn as a necklace. In this way, besides being stylish with dazzling necklace designs, it also benefits from its positive effects on health.

Mother of Pearl Ring Benefits

The mother-of-pearl ring is one of the accessories preferred by both men and women. Because the mother-of-pearl stone is more effective when it is carried continuously. The shortest way is to use it as a ring. In this way, it is possible to achieve eye-catching elegance and countless benefits together. With frequent use, its mind-opening and positive thinking feature emerge.

Effects of Psoriasis Stone on Human

As a result of studies and research on mother-of-pearl stones, some effects on humans have been determined. These can be listed as follows;

It is seen to provide abundance, strength, and courage. The earth gives its energy to the body. Thus, it creates vigor and resilience in the body. Psoriasis also removes toxins from the body. It is good for anemia in the person. It supports blood production. Psoriasis stone is healing against diseases such as liver, kidney, stomach, spleen, intestine, and bladder. It enables positive thinking. Regulates hormonal systems. It helps to better analyze the events around. It provides a positive approach to those around us.

Psoriasis stone is even good for dizziness disorders. It has many other effects on human health. It has been used as a healer for many diseases in alternative medicine since ancient times. For this reason, it is still used by many people today.

Does Psoriasis Stone Change Color?

It is a matter of curiosity whether the mother-of-pearl stone changes color. Because it is known that some natural stones change color over time depending on heat exposure and use. However, in this respect, the mother-of-pearl stone is among the stones that do not change color. However, very high temperatures can cause deterioration of the stone. The natural color of mother-of-pearl can have white, gray, cream, and black sparkles and waves. This situation defines the story of the stone during its development.

It is a stone with common biological and chemical conditions. Behind its bright appearance is a unique and long origin story. Land, sea, vitality, and the power of water have also been effective in the formation of mother-of-pearl stone. It is a very attractive stone thanks to its fine structure and delicate texture. Today, it can be preferred in various jewelry such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, rosaries, or anklets. In order to benefit from the benefits of natural stones, it is necessary to choose jewelry that will contact the skin for a long time. Thus, it is possible to easily achieve balance by seeing the energy flow of natural stones.

How to Clean Psoriasis?

Mother-of-pearl stone is a structure that needs to be cleaned in long use. When psoriasis is taken, it is recommended to clean it intermittently before and after use. This cleaning regulates the energy of the stone, allowing it to spread more clearly. However, the cleaning of natural stones is done by natural means. There are some methods used in this cleaning.

  • The method of cleaning with running water is a practical option. It is necessary to clean hard stones underwater for 4-5 minutes.
  • Soaking in seawater or saltwater is done by keeping hard stones in water for about 10 minutes.
  • Cleaning by burying in the ground is also an option. It is necessary to bury the mother-of-pearl stone in the ground for 24 hours in the open field or in a flowerpot. When it is removed from the soil, the stone is kept in water to remove the dust on the stone.
  • The method of cleaning with incense is used for stones with low hardness. For this, it is necessary to put the mother-of-pearl stone next to the burned incense.
  • Cleaning with candlelight is also used for stones with low hardness. Cleaning is done by placing the stone next to the lit candles.
  • The method of cleaning with a salt lamp is to clean all the stones by placing their energy around the salt lamp.

Mother-of-Pearl Colors and Types

Mother-of-pearl is very similar to pearl in terms of its structure. It is known that every object called nacreous has an original shine. These stones, which generally have a pearly white color, can also be in tones such as light blue, pink, yellow, and green. The type called mother-of-pearl is white in color and less shiny. However, the white mother-of-pearl is flatter and double-shelled than the others. Arusek species, on the other hand, is single-shelled. However, it is available in shades of blue, green, and pink. The type called trash mother-of-pearl is dark in color and has temperate-like patterns.

Mother-of-pearl stone is one of the important natural stones that clearly reflects its benefits and features. Therefore, any mother-of-pearl jewelry can be worn throughout the day. In addition, it is extremely beneficial to keep decorative objects made of mother-of-pearl in the living space. Thus, the energy of the mother-of-pearl stone becomes faster. Mother-of-pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are the most used accessories. Using the stone as an accessory does not cause it to lose its properties.

Psoriasis Stone Price

Today, there are many products that are seen and used as nature and value. The prices of mother-of-pearl stones offered for sale vary according to the originality of the stone, its cut, quality, size, and the supporting products used. Rosary, jewelry, ornaments, jewelry, and accessories, which are frequently seen on e-commerce sites, are sold in varying price ranges.

Interesting Facts About Psoriasis

  • The mother-of-pearl in mussel shells found in the Mississippi River in America is extremely valuable.
  • Snail shells can be used as mother-of-pearl.
  • Some creatures from the “Garden-footed” family contain mother-of-pearl in various colors.
  • There is a mother-of-pearl layer on the inner surface of the abalone, that is, Haliotis, which is from the sea mollusk family. In addition, mother-of-pearl in pink and purple colors can be found in this creature.
  • It can give rainbow colors by absorbing light with its white colored pearlescent lens feature.
  • In the Ottoman palaces, some sultans kept mother-of-pearl in order to give mother-of-pearl embroidered gifts to important people.
  • Again, in order to show the importance that the Ottoman Sultans gave to their daughters, it was shown by putting clogs inlaid with mother-of-pearl in the dowry bundles.
  • In the Ottoman Empire, architects could receive the title of architect after receiving mother-of-pearl training.
  • Significant numbers such as Mimar Sinan and Mimar Mehmet Ağa also received mother-of-pearl training.
  • The coffin of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han is made of solid mother-of-pearl.
  • One of the famous mother-of-pearl, Vasif Hodja, used a mother-of-pearl tortoiseshell when he was making the door of the Sacred Relics Department in Topkapi Palace.
  • Evliya Çelebi states that there were 100 mother-of-pearl workshops and 5 thousand mother-of-pearl workshops in Istanbul in the past.
  • Today, there are 55 mother-of-pearl workshops in Gaziantep.
  • Australia, Gambier Islands, Tahiti, Madagascar, and Mexico Pacific Ocean coasts are the regions where there are plenty of mother-of-pearl stones.

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