What is Green Stone? Which Gemstones Are Green in Color?

Green is among the most passionate colors of humanity. Green; is a color that represents wetlands, happiness, meadow, grass, and heaven. Green colored natural stones take their place in this representation. As always in the past, green precious stones have always been sought after. What is green stone, we have compiled for you all the details.

Natural rock The term includes stone products used by people working in the entire building industry, including interior flooring, decoration, and walls.

What is Green Stone?

most of the world’s valuable among the stones green stones are located. Among the most well-known precious green stones, there are emerald stones. At the same time, the emerald has been a frequent guest of legends throughout the ages. In particular, it is among the 4 most precious stones. Also, Read – What is Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal?

Among the most important features of precious stones; are light transmittance, crystal structures, and light reflection properties. For this reason, different color plays can be observed when some precious stones are viewed under the light. Hardness is greater than 7the one which, Stones are considered precious stones today. Diamond, emerald, diamonds, sapphires, ruby, ​​and topaz are among the precious stones frequently used in jewelry.

Which Gemstones Are Green in Color?

Natural stones are also classified as sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic stones. These stones are often classified according to their color characteristics. Of these stones, the green ones are usually precious and semi-precious ornamental stones. Semi-precious and precious green stones are becoming increasingly popular with designers, jewelry enthusiasts, and collectors. Also, Read – What are Natural Stones, What are the Properties of Natural Stones?

Agate, avanturine, alexandrite, jade (Jade), chrysoprase, tourmaline, and sapphire are among the most commonly known green stones. Serpentinites, which are also defined as green marble, are important green natural stones that are also used as ornamental materials and decoration products indoors and outdoors to their aesthetic features. The name green marble is not compatible with the geochemical, mineralogical, and physical properties of serpentinites.

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