What is Google Poll? How to use Google Forms

It’s always good and helpful to ask other people’s opinions on any topic. Thus, it is possible to make a decision that fits everyone involved in the processor to find the ideal way in times of confusion. One of the most practical ways to do this is to organize surveys. The questionnaire can be done for closed groups in the situations we mentioned, as well as it is an extremely functional method to measure general opinions and tendencies in a healthy way. For this reason, this method is often used both in scientific studies and in processes such as market research.

How to use Google Forms

Surveys, like any other activity, can nowadays be organized online. Although e-mail is the first method that comes to mind when it comes to online surveys, there are now many applications and websites used directly for this purpose. Google Survey is one of them. So what is Google Poll?

What is Google Poll? Why it is used?

Google Survey is essentially a web-based application. It helps you to prepare different types of surveys on the Internet and to easily examine the results you get from these studies. One of the most important features of this application is that it enables you to do the work in the question exactly as you aim, with the question-type alternatives it offers. In addition, it helps you to personalize your survey or make it suitable for your company’s brand identity with its theme types and its structure that allows you to place a logo.

This application, also known as Google Forms, was first introduced in 2012. The Google Survey, which is an ideal way to get the opinion of your environment or colleagues in order to make a decision on any subject, is often preferred in business life. Gathering contact information for email newsletters or conducting broader market research are examples of professional uses of the app.

How to Create a Google Survey?

After talking about what this application is, “How to make a Google survey?” Let’s move on to the question. You can follow the steps below to create a survey on Google.

  • First of all, you have to enter the Google Forms page.
  • Choose one of the themes that appear. Here, you can start preparing your survey from scratch, or you can choose one of the basic formats that you have prepared beforehand. The said formats are; It is divided into main topics such as work, education, and personal.
  • After choosing your theme, edit the title of the survey and the purpose statement stating why it was done.
  • You can prepare the questions of the survey in different formats. You can ask your participants multiple-choice questions or just offer them the chance to tick the checkboxes. It is also possible to create areas where long or short texts can be written in order to enable the people who filled out the questionnaire to share their opinions with their own sentences. You can also offer linear scale options where you can ask participants to rate their views on the topic.
  • You can add new sections, images, or videos to your survey from the options on the right side of the question preparation panel.
  • At any stage of the preparation process, you can edit the visual properties of the survey by clicking the “palette” icon in the upper right. The “eye” icon next to it allows you to take a preview of the form you have prepared. The preview feature is very functional as it prevents you from making mistakes during the Google Survey preparation.
  • When you complete the steps to create a Google Survey, you can send your work to the participants by using the “Send” button in the upper right corner. Sending the survey as an e-mail or sharing it in link format are alternatives in this regard. People who reach the form in this way can participate in the study in a short time. So “When will the Google Poll arrive?” Answering a question like this is pretty easy. It is also possible to embed the form on your website via the embed code.

“How to prepare a Google form survey?” We answered the question. Now let’s see how you can learn about your results.

How to Learn Google Survey Results?

Google Survey results can be found on the page on which the study was prepared. To do this, simply switch to the “Answers” tab. You may think that this interface provides limited possibilities for Google form survey analysis. In such cases, moving the results into a table makes your work easier.

When you click on the three-dot icon in the upper right and click on “Choose Response Target” while in the Responses tab, two alternatives will appear. You can choose between them to create a new spreadsheet or transferring data to an already existing one. In this way, you can examine the results of your work more easily.

Apart from Google Survey, you can do a similar study on the popular social media platform Instagram. Although it offers fewer options than Google, it is extremely effortless to collect your followers’ conversations on any subject this way.

Who Can Create Google Polls?

Anyone with a Google account can create surveys through this app. Moreover, no fee is required for this. It is also very valuable in this respect that it makes it extremely practical to examine and analyze the answers received. In the light of these, we can easily say that Google Survey is an application that is extremely useful, can be preferred for different purposes, and appeals to users of all levels.

What Are the Types of Google Surveys?

The Google Survey application gives you the chance to conduct two different types of surveys, which can be said to serve different purposes. These are personal surveys and studies conducted via Google Workspace.

Personal Surveys

It can be easily said that personal questionnaires are the most used application type. The most important point where it differs from the other alternative is that it can be used by every Google user without any payment. You can organize such surveys to gather information on any subject you want. This option can be used in business life as well as suitable for academic studies such as a thesis. Apart from this, specially designed themes for events, invitations, and contact forms also make personal surveys functional.

Google Workspace

This type of questionnaire was developed for relatively more professional studies. The fact that it is a type of work that can be carried out through Google Workspace, a service that can be purchased for a certain fee, is also an indicator of this situation. Research conducted in this way and the data obtained are protected by extra security measures. This type of survey is one of Google’s services for companies. You can learn how to use similar services most effectively in the Google Drive User Guide for Businesses we have prepared.

What are the Advantages of Using Google Survey?

The Google Survey application provides many important advantages to both professional and individual users. To summarize these advantages, we can list them as follows:

  • Google Survey form has an extremely simple interface. Therefore, it can be filled easily by anyone.
  • The themes and customization possibilities of the application make it easy to gain qualifications that are suitable for the spirit of the work and support the brand image.
  • It makes it an effortless and zero-cost process for businesses to get the opinions of their customers and get to know their audiences better.
  • The ability to export results to spreadsheets and download them in CSV format simplifies the analysis process.
  • Being able to monitor the responses given by the participants instantly brings great benefits, especially in cases where quick action is required.

It is quite natural to wonder how reliable the Google Survey, for which we can list the prominent benefits, provides such reliable results. So finally, “Is the Google Docs Survey reliable?” Let’s look at the answers to the question.

Are Google Survey Results Reliable?

Google Poll is quite reliable in terms of the results it provides. So you can use this application without any worries about it. If you want the data you obtain to be protected with high-level security measures, you can also choose Google Workspace surveys.

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