What is Facebook CPAS (Common) Advertising Model?

One of the platforms that most efficiently support social media and e-commerce relationships is Facebook. So much so that Facebook is an ideal channel for advertising. Continuing its developments on this subject, Facebook provides significant advantages to companies that partner with CPAs in e-commerce. The CPAS application, also known as joint advertisements, allows the relationship between the brand and the dealer to be marketed. What are Facebook CPAs, where wholesalers can support retailers, and how does it work?

What is Facebook CPAS (Common) Advertising Model?

Facebook CPAs; It is a system that enables retail e-commerce businesses to publish advertisements jointly with the brand. E-commerce businesses that offer products of a certain brand as a dealer can be supported by the relevant brand within the scope of performance marketing campaigns. The brand publishes joint advertising, supporting its dealer in a simple and safe way. Thanks to this system, trust is built between customers and dealers, and the products are shown directly to the relevant people. Reaching a niche audience is possible in this advertising model.

To explain common advertisements with an example, Hepsiburada can be considered as a dealer selling products of the Adidas brand. Hepsiburada’s catalog of completely Adidas branded products is attached to a Facebook CPAS advertisement published by Adidas. Users who click on this ad, which is published under the name Adidas, reach the same branded products sold on Hepsiburada.

How Does the Facebook CPAS Ad Model Work?

Dealers using dynamic ads on Facebook can create a catalog of products from a single brand. The brand uses the relevant catalog in its advertisements in order to increase sales on the e-commerce site or mobile application of the said dealer. Users who click on the ad go to the dealer’s website, not the brand’s website. With Facebook CPAS Ads, it publishes advertisements addressed to people who have shown interest in the products in the catalog, in line with the data it receives from dealers, cookies, and similar sources. This significantly increases the performance of the advertisement and provides income to both the dealer and the brand.

Who Should Use the Facebook Joint Ad Model?

Brands in positions such as holding, company, manufacturer, supplier, and e-commerce companies selling the products of these brands should use the Facebook joint advertising model. This type of advertising partnership benefits both parties, as both the brand and the seller can generate revenue for each product sold. Dealers that have completed dynamic advertising integration and brands that have joined this system can easily use Facebook CPAs.

If you are a reseller who wants to be included in the campaigns, you must first complete the installation of Facebook Pixel and Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit). Then you must create a product catalog segment. You should share this catalog segment you have created with the brands you have partnered with through the Business Manager. Your partner brand, on the other hand, sees you among the retailers where it can advertise jointly and includes you in the performance marketing campaign.

What are Facebook CPAS Advertising Campaign Models?

“ What are the types of social media advertisements? One of the first answers to the question ” could be Facebook ads. Facebook, on the other hand, makes e-commerce more active by offering various alternatives for advertising models. Facebook CPAs, one of the alternatives to Facebook, also include different advertising models. These are sales-oriented advertising models that aim to increase sales. Two different models can be preferred, namely conversion and catalog ads.

Conversion Ads

The CPAS system is a model that can be used with the logic of remarketing to show advertisements to relevant people again, and it is also useful for new customer acquisition targets. Conversion ads direct users to a landing page, i.e. e-commerce site. It is generally used for prospecting campaigns. Prospecting is a campaign method that targets people who have not interacted with related products and visited the shopping site in the past. With conversion ads, new customers can be acquired and new data can be obtained to be used in subsequent campaigns.

Catalog Ads

Catalog ads are mostly the preferred model on Instagram. Products in catalogs created via Facebook can be added to Instagram stores. The advertiser brand can associate the advertisement with this store. Thus, users who click on the ad do not have to leave Instagram at the first stage. When the ad is clicked, the showcase opens and the products are displayed there. Users who want to purchase products can go to the shopping site by clicking the relevant button. This method is also very useful for the remarketing process.

How About Facebook CPAS Ad Campaign Targeting?

Facebook CPAs can be considered an efficient advertising model in terms of targeting. Because in these advertisements, apart from the dealer, the brand’s large data pool is also used. When a data agreement is made, a detailed analysis is made using cookies and similar resources and advertisements are published accordingly. Potential customers, who have previously reviewed the relevant products, added them to their cart, or visited the reseller shopping site, see co-advertisements more often.

The Facebook algorithm is also useful at this stage. Because CPAs is a sales-oriented model, ads can be shown to people with the highest potential to buy, rather than a very broad audience. There are also some details that need to be considered in order to target correctly and increase the conversion of the targeted audience. By considering the suggestions below, you can both target your target correctly and increase the performance of the ad.

  • Create different product sets in catalog segments.
  • When creating a product set, add brand or product names, not codes, to the filtering options.
  • If you want to acquire new customers, opt for larger and broader audiences.
  • Do not choose target audiences with similar characteristics.
  • Don’t forget to use retargeting.
  • Use automatic placements.
  • Target more conversions for more consistent data.

Why is Facebook CPAS Advertising Campaign Reporting Important?

Considering its efficiency in reporting, Facebook CPAS asks, “What are the most useful digital advertising types? ” may be one of the first answers to the question. Because in this model, dealers and brands can see the effects of each other on campaigns. Data for items such as reach, impressions, clicks, conversions, and return on ad sales can be accessed with common advertising reports. Thanks to these reports, both real-time information can be obtained and advertising performance can be closely monitored. For example, dealers can see how the advertisements published by the brands affect sales. Campaign reporting provides useful information for both parties.

What are the Advantages of Facebook CPAS Advertising Campaigns?

Benefits for the brand:

  • Ability to exhibit products suitable for people with high purchasing potential
  • Direct traffic to dealers’ websites and mobile application
  • Ability to optimize ads for selling products online
  • Measuring the effects of campaigns on conversions

Benefits for the dealer:

  • Ability to establish secure and wide-ranging partnerships with brands
  • Increasing the reach of joint campaigns
  • Increasing online sales with brand support
  • Measuring the effects of brand advertisements on sales

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