What is CRM? How to Use CRM Programs?

The competitive environment, intensifying day by day, makes itself felt in every field of trade. Many companies focused on similar areas make an intense effort to attract the attention of their customers in the best way and to create a strong sense of loyalty. It can be said that the positive results of this effort largely depend on the execution of the processes in question within a specific plan and organization. At this point, we come across the concept of CRM. First of all, it will be very useful to look at the answer to the question “What is CRM” and to understand the scope and content of the studies carried out in this direction.

What is CRM? Why should it be used?

CRM is a concept that emerged with the abbreviation of the term “Consumer Relationship Management”, which can be translated into Turkish as “Customer Relationship Management” . Considering the place where its name comes from, the following answer can be given to the question “What is CRM: A set of applications that aim to increase revenues by strengthening commercial processes of the information obtained by recording and subsequent analysis of all customer interactions.

The main purpose of CRM is to gain more customers and retain existing customers. As can be deduced from here, CRM, which is a customer-oriented understanding; makes it easier to understand how the company is viewed by people who buy its products or services. Therefore, processes such as marketing and customer services can be made more effective and efficient thanks to the data obtained with this understanding. The fact that the work in these areas is shaped exactly by the needs and expectations of the customers becomes one of the most important factors in achieving the goals of the companies over time.

How to Use CRM Programs?

After looking at the answer to the question “What is CRM”, this time we come across how this process will be carried out. CRM applications, or in other words, programs greatly facilitate the realization of work within this scope. This time, let’s ask: What is a CRM program?

For companies that exceed a certain transaction volume, it becomes difficult and even impossible to record customer information by taking notes in notebooks or using Excel spreadsheets. This is where CRM programs come into play. In these programs, the contact information of customers such as e-mail address, phone number, or social media accounts is recorded. In addition, recent activities or preferences of that customer can be included in these records.

Keeping the records in question in programs that correspond to the question “What is CRM software” helps all company employees to access this data easily. The personnel working both in the field and in the office can easily access these programs and record data from the device they use, whenever and wherever they want. In this way, it is possible to establish a much stronger relationship between the customer and the company.

The answers to the questions “What is a CRM” and “What is a CRM system” are intertwined with the digitalization of all business processes. In other words, the fact that all operations within the CRM processes are now done through computers means that this concept has almost the same meaning as the software used for this purpose.

Who Should Use CRM Programs?

CRM programs can be used by companies of all levels. The functions and benefits of these programs vary according to the size and transaction volume of the companies. In other words, the meaning of the question “What is CRM” may differ for companies at different levels.

Corporate Companies

Almost all the corporate company has an extremely large customer pool. Therefore, they need to use a CRM program to manage and control customer relations processes in the best way possible. The data they obtain in this way is extremely functional in terms of directing sales and marketing efforts. The coordination of different departments of companies with large sales volumes and the ability of all activities to target the determined target within the same framework are directly related to successful CRM studies.


CRM helps SMEs reach their potential and grow accordingly. The fact that small and medium-sized enterprises at this level can achieve higher sales figures depends on the expansion of their customer portfolio. It is extremely difficult for SMEs that do not use a CRM program to make sound projections for the future and make the right decisions.


CRM is also of great importance in terms of determining a roadmap for enterprises at the entrepreneurial level. Entrepreneurship can grow in the fastest way possible with the right analysis and the right decisions based on the results of the analysis. Considering the difficulty of making such decisions without CRM data, it can be said that young companies that have just entered business life should also use such applications.

What can be done with the CRM Program?

CRM programs enable you to perform customer relations and many related operations in a practical way. We can list what you can do using such software as follows:

  • All customer information is uploaded to a single source
  • Sales processes are easier to follow
  • All kinds of information about customers can be easily shared with sales teams.
  • Sharing and accessing important sales documents such as contracts, catalogs, and proposal texts becomes much easier.
  • It is ensured that the customer records and data obtained are permanent in the company system, not in the individuals.
  • Thanks to mobile applications, employees can access the system from any environment they are in.
  • With the help of reminders and notifications, processes can be accelerated and controlled more practically.

What are CRM Types and Features?

CRM is divided into two main groups in itself. This distinction stems from the nature of the units with which the company relates. The customer relations between companies are called B2B CRM, and the relations between the company and the consumer are called B2C CRM.


Negotiations, sales, contracts, or similar transactions between companies will be much more comprehensive and at higher amounts than those for end consumers. This makes B2B CRM activities much more complex and difficult to manage. Successfully managed customer relationships to help meet this challenge. B2B CRM is an issue that should be focused on both for companies that sell to other companies in the classical sense and for companies that deal with e-commerce. If you are selling to other companies over the internet, you can take a look at our content titled ” Tips to Increase Your B2B E-commerce Sales “.


B2C CRM is very important for companies to identify their target audiences and ensure that they reach these audiences in the most successful way. The data obtained through these studies provide clear data on where the general audience sees the company, as it is obtained through the analysis of the information of many customers. Shaping activities such as marketing, promotion, and advertising according to these data makes it easier for the company to reach its goals. In addition, companies that successfully carry out the B2C CRM process get ahead of their competitors in terms of customer service; achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. This ultimately creates a loyal consumer group.

What are the Benefits of CRM?

It brings many benefits in terms of CRM features and increases the competence of the companies using it in different subjects. Moreover, these benefits help increase the overall level of success by touching various points in the operation of the company. The benefits that can be obtained with CRM can be examined under four headings.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is shown as one of the most important issues for companies today. The main purpose of CRM is to create higher customer satisfaction. With the processes that follow the interaction with the customers from the first contact to the after-sales support, the expectations and demands of the consumers can be monitored more clearly. Decisions taken and steps taken in this direction ensure that customers are more satisfied with the products, services, and after-sales support processes offered by the company.

Provides More Information About the Customer

All information obtained and recorded with CRM enables the customer base to be known more closely. Companies that know their customers better can change and transform not only the products or services offered directly to the customers but also all their processes according to their expectations. Being successful today is not just measured by sales figures. The brand image and identity of the company are also a very important part of the perception of success. Therefore, companies that best respond to customer expectations with each department and all processes have a much higher chance of success.

Increases Sales

Customer data obtained with CRM is also very useful for sales and marketing departments. At this point, first of all, “What is CRM data?” It may be helpful to answer the question. CRM data includes all data such as sales rates and customer segmentation obtained from studies in this direction. This data provides a clear picture of both individual customers and the general audience. Thus, sales campaigns that appeal to both individuals and everyone can be organized, discounts can be made and opportunities can be offered. These studies also reflect positively on sales figures.

Offers Secure Reporting

The information provided by CRM programs can be analyzed by the relevant employees and units in the company. The results of these analyzes are supported by different statistics, thus helping to create a secure reporting process. Prepared reports not only give an idea of ​​whether the company has achieved its goals but also form a strong basis for future steps.

In addition, it is extremely important for security to store this data in the company or in digital media known as the cloud. Thus, people who quit their job can be prevented from accessing the data. The data stored and protected in this way eliminates the dependence of the operation on individuals and paves the way for corporate continuity.

How Do You Know If You Need CRM?

After the answer to the question “What is CRM”, it is time to determine whether the company needs such an application. If you are having a hard time deciding on this issue, you can take a closer look at some of the details about the operation.

Your customer records; handwritten notes, e-mails, and Excel spreadsheets. This is not yet a problem for companies operating on a small scale. But after a point, such records can cause an inextricable mess. At that point, you can draw the conclusion that you need CR.

When you want to get information about your sales, it is time to start using CRM if your only contact person is the people working in this department. Because in this way, you can easily access all kinds of data through the software you use, without being dependent on the information provided by people.

You may need reports that provide clear data on the conversion of marketing expenditures into customers and therefore sales. You may have difficulty perceiving which segment your customers are in. The emergence of such situations also means that you now need CRM.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a CRM?

Successful CRM studies become possible with the use of software selected in line with the needs. When choosing the software to be used for this job, special attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • An easy-to-use interface
  • 100% Turkish support so that employees of all levels can use it without difficulty
  • Powerful reporting and analysis features
  • Mobile CRM support

At this point, it may be useful to focus on CRM integration separately. First of all, “What is CRM integration?” Let’s answer the question. CRM integration means that the software you use is generally compatible with your entire system. For example, e-commerce infrastructures provided by IdeaSoft make it easy to obtain information about customers shopping on your site by transferring data directly to CRM software. From this point of view, we can say that CRM, “ How is e-commerce done? It is an element that should be in the mind of every entrepreneur who does not ask the question.

What Processes Does CRM Improve in Companies?

“What is CRM?” Although the answers to the question are primarily based on increasing customer satisfaction, these studies also help to improve many other processes. With such applications, you can ensure that the following processes are more efficient:

  • Internal time management, efficiency, and organization
  • Sales and marketing
  • Stock and finance management
  • Pre-sales and post-sales support services

How Do You Know Your CRM System Is Effective?

As a result of successful and effective CRM work, it is expected that there will be a noticeable increase in the number of sales to new and existing customers. Tracking this increase creates an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the CRM system. However, this is the first and simplest method that can be used for the measurement in question.

The CRM system you are using includes many submodules. First of all, “What is a CRM module?” Let’s answer the question. We can say that this expression refers to every feature of CRM programs. The analysis module of the system is one of the biggest helpers in efficiency measurement. Because this module offers much more detailed and clear information. By examining them, you can measure the efficiency of your CRM work without leaving any question marks.

Why Is It Important to Have a CRM Strategy?

From the first point that is asked “What is CRM”, all the data collected about the customers and the analyzes made on these contribute directly or indirectly to the different processes of the company. However, carrying out all these processes within a CRM strategy helps to determine how the available resources and findings can be used in the most effective way. It can be easily said that CRM studies, which lack a clearly defined strategy, have a lower chance of achieving their goals.

Cloud CRM

CRM software; has three different models: on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid. Among these models that appeal to different expectations, you can choose the most suitable one for your business by keeping in mind the question “What is a CRM?”

In-Business CRM

The highest priced CRM software is generally included in this group. It leaves all control in customer relationship management processes to internal elements. Because it requires frequent maintenance and updates, it is a more ideal choice for large companies with an IT division.

Cloud Based CRM

They belong to the “software as a service” group, commonly known as SaaS. It requires less investment. Besides being easy to use, being accessible from anywhere are the prominent features of cloud-based CRM software.

Hybrid CRM

As the name suggests, it also has some features of the model we mentioned above. It can also be defined as a transitional model. For this reason, if a hybrid model is to be selected, its pros and cons should be carefully examined.

What are the Differences Between CRM and CX?

“What is CRM?” We have already answered the question. Before making this comparison, it is also necessary to look at what CX means. CX stands for customer experience. This term covers any interaction a customer has with your company. From this point of view, it can be said that there is a close relationship between CX and CRM rather than a difference.

CRM also undergoes a transformation in parallel with the change and development of CX depending on many factors, especially digitalization. In order to keep up with changing customer expectations, CRM develops new insights and uses the latest technologies to make the most accurate inferences. CRM studies, in which artificial intelligence has started to be used, give very positive results in determining the trends shown by CX over time.

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