Top 5 Jobs of the Future

Two-thirds of children in the world today will have brand new jobs in the future. So what are these things? Can we predict the most popular professions of the future? Here are 5 professions that will be popular in the near future.

The world population is increasing rapidly, economic, socio-cultural and environmental factors are changing with a great acceleration compared to previous centuries, the technology pattern has increased sevenfold, we are faced with a new scientific development every day, and of course, professions are changing dimensions in this new world.

It’s estimated that two-thirds of children in kindergarten today will have jobs we haven’t even heard of yet. So what are these things? Can we predict the most popular professions of the future? Which of the existing professions will gradually disappear, which will come to the fore, and which will be transformed? Is it possible to prepare for tomorrow from today? There is no clear answer to these questions, but by looking at current trends, we can make some predictions about what awaits us in the future.

Renewable Energy Technician

Top 5 Jobs of the Future

Here are 5 professions and Jobs that are thought to be popular in the future:

1. Renewable Energy Technician / Engineer

If Elon Musk or someone else doesn’t take us to Mars, we will be sharing the world with 8 billion people in a few years. As a result, we need to attach more importance than ever to preserving the resources offered by nature. The need for professionals working in this field with clean and renewable energy (especially solar and wind energy) is increasing day by day.

2. Artificial Intelligence Trainer

We say that one-day robots will take over the world, but who will ensure that robots have the intelligence to do so? Artificial intelligence trainers of course! In a century where we talk in detail about what and how machines learn, teaching them basic human behaviours and ways of thinking is no longer just the subject of a science fiction TV show or movie.

3. Blockchain Developer

You know the new digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin. So how is the technology that makes the use of Bitcoin possible? Blockchain technology works like an encrypted cash book that enables economic and other business transactions to be decentralized, faster and more secure. Although it is difficult to master the details without going into it, many experts think that blockchain has the power to change our entire order, just like the internet. Therefore, developers who can understand this technology and produce practical products and services will probably be very popular in the future.

4. Data Analyst

Big data, which we also know as big data, and the internet of things are very important issues right now. As monitoring and measurement systems develop, along with smarter devices and applications (and as the number of people whose information is accessed), data and how it is collected will become more important. Professionals who can transform this data into meaningful information, analyze the day and make predictions about the future will always be very valuable.

5. Virtual Reality Designer

Augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, the line between the virtual world and real life has become very thin. Now we can explore new worlds and experience experiences that appeal to all our senses, without even moving a step from where we are. Talented virtual reality designers and developers will produce realistic, sophisticated and ultra-creative experiences for this multidimensional world. Naturally, we will run after them!

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