Top 20 Raw Meatball Brands and Companies

Entrepreneurs and investors who want to enter the cig kofte sector are recommended to operate for cig kofte companies, which are in the most demand and are already doing serious marketing work in the market.

There are many cig kofte brands and companies that have made a name for themselves in the cig kofte sector, which is among the most competitive sectors in our country, and are trying to achieve rapid growth with their dealership efforts.

You have the chance to enter the sector faster by going through the best cig kofte brands and companies. All the Çiğköfte brands in the guide are dealers; providing its investors with serious sector experience and high-level marketing and advertising opportunities. Therefore, you have a much better chance to get a better franchise through the best cig kofte brands.


Popularity: 6/10

The foundations of Sosyete Çiğ Köfte were laid in 1975 by Abuzer Bey. The company, which stepped into the food sector with the sale of fresh fruit in front of Beyazıt Ağa Han, has left behind its 40th year today. The company, which has been working in many areas from restaurant management to catering services, has recently started to make cig meatballs with a family recipe. Due to the increasing demand and developing market conditions, the company highlighted raw meatballs and opened its first branch in 2010. It is among the most well-known raw meatball companies in the sector.


Popularity: 8/10

Hacıalioğlu Çiğ Köfte is a Canbet company established in 2010. The company is next to the food industry with its 3 companies and more than 100 business partners; It also operates in fields such as Informatics, Automotive, Marketing, Construction, and Logistics.

Hacialioğlu Çiğ Köfte has more than 500 dealers in all regions of Turkey. It is among the most competitive companies in the raw meatball sector.


Popularity: 7/10

Ziyafet Çiğköfte started to serve in Arnavutköy in 2005 and has managed to be among the best Çiğköfte brands today.

With the understanding of total quality, which enriches its product portfolio with its own production in the Banquet Raw Meatballs sector, adapts to all developments and innovations in its field, considers customer satisfaction above all; is one of the important companies that can develop its structuring according to changing customer needs.

It has focused on important marketing activities with the aim of owning a brand not only in the region but also in the national area.


Popularity: 7/10

Founded by Osman Yaşar, OSES Çiğköfte is among the most well-known people in the raw meatball industry, as the founder of the first raw meatball factory at European Union standards.

Osman Yaşar, who is from Adıyaman, has made great contributions to the formation and development of the sector by taking great steps in a short time thanks to his visionary personality. From the mobile car to the first raw meatball factory, it has succeeded in breaking new ground.

OSES Group continues to grow with the dealerships it has given all over Turkey.


Popularity: 10/10

Komagene, which is among the best Çiğköfte brands in Turkey, opened its first branch in Istanbul in 2005. Komagene branded products, to which millions were connected with an indescribable passion in a short time, made raw meatballs known as a global taste. This success has elevated Komagene to the position of the sector leader in Turkey.

Komagene, which produces in a closed area of ​​10,500 m2, is the first and only brand in Turkey that delivers its products to the door of the branches without breaking the cold chain.

Komagene, which experiences high demand thanks to its low investment costs and fast return on investment, also attaches great importance to franchisee business partnerships. Thanks to this understanding, 99 percent of Komagene branches are operated as franchises.

6. TWO

Popularity: 4/10

The company, which started taking its first dealerships in 2005, has more than 50 dealers today. Among the Çiğköfte brands, it is among the companies with the fastest growth rate in the recent period. The parent company, Adil El Gıda, has shown a great deal of interest in the sector by establishing a raw meatball factory in the food sector.


Popularity: 5/10

Lezizhan Çiğköfte started to serve with its first branch established in 2010. Since 2010, it has increased its production capacity and started to give franchises with franchising. Today, Lezizhan, serving in many cities and districts of Turkey with its more than 150 branches; has started to become one of the prominent companies in the sector with its meatless raw meatballs prepared in a hygienic, healthy, and untouched manner.

The company’s products have TSE, ISO, HACCP, and HALAL certificates.


Popularity: 3/10

It was established in 2000. It carries out its activities based in Istanbul. Recently, it has been carrying out serious dealership distribution in Anatolia.


Popularity: 3/10

It was established in 2005. The company, which has its own production facility, focuses on important marketing activities in order to increase its branding value. The company has managed to be among the prominent Çiğköfte brands in the recent period.


Popularity: 2/10

Çiğ Köfteci, who played an important role in the development of the meatless chip meatball industry, was founded by Ali Baba. It has a widespread dealership network in Central Anatolia.


Popularity: 7/10

Çiğköfte brand, which was brought to life by EM Group, which was established in 1993, today has hundreds of Çiğköfte dealers in every region of Turkey. It is among the top advertising companies in the industry. It is one of the most demanded brands among the companies that offer Çiğköfte franchises.

The company, which has recently focused on its work abroad; It is among the companies that have the most Çiğköfte franchises outside of Turkey.


Popularity: 3/10

Çakırbey ÇiğKöfte, which was established in 2000 and produces in a unique way, started to focus on franchise activities. Since it is one of the companies that provide the most suitable dealership opportunities, its growth rate has increased significantly.


Popularity: 3/10

The company, which has dealerships in nearly 20 provinces of Turkey, has succeeded in being among the best Çiğköfte brands with its competitive structure. The company has been bringing its experience in Çiğköfte with its franchisees for more than 10 years.

14. KING

Popularity: 4/10

Kral Çiğ Köfte was established in 1992 in Istanbul. The company, which continues to provide dealerships throughout Turkey, has managed to reach a significant number of dealerships in a short time.


Popularity: 7/10

Although not with the number of dealerships, it is among the most well-known cig kofte brands, especially because it combines marketing and advertising works with delicious cig kofte. The company giving dealerships all over Turkey; With the conditions, it has provided recently, it is in great demand from entrepreneurs and investors.


Popularity: 7/10

The company, which was founded in Istanbul in 2005 by Ömer Aybak, is known as Ömer Usta in the industry; Today, it is among the most well-known cig kofte brands in Turkey. With the unique dealership conditions it provides, it has recently achieved serious dealership growth.


Popularity: 4/10

The journey started by Adıyamanlı Mehmet Usta in 1994 has turned into one of the fastest-growing Çiğköfte companies in Turkey in recent years. It is a brand that is highly appreciated by its customers with its different sauces and snack products that it prefers instead of meat.

18. GAZİ

Popularity: 5/10

The company, the foundations of which were laid in 1986, today has more than one hundred dealers both in Turkey and abroad. Gazi, which is one of the most popular companies due to its affordable price policy, is among the best Çiğköfte brands that focus on franchise efforts today.


Popularity: 9/10

The Çiğköfte brand, which was founded in 1990 by the famous artist İbrahim Tatlıses, has hundreds of dealers in every region of Turkey today. Focusing on important marketing efforts, the company has managed to become one of the most recognized and followed brands in the sector with its A Quality Çiğköfte. Recently, it distributes dealerships in many countries, especially in the Middle East and Europe.


Popularity: 9/10

It is one of the most loved and demanded Çiğköfte companies in every part of the country, especially in Marmara and Aegean. The company, which holds more than 10 percent of the Çiğköfte market on its own, is advancing with the aim of increasing its growth potential with its marketing and advertising efforts in recent years. The company, which produces raw meatballs in an area of ​​​​more than 2 thousand square meters in its 7 thousand square meter headquarters; today, sends completely hygienic and cold stamped products to every point of Turkey with its own vehicles.

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