TOP 15 Marketing Tips on Google My Business

Marketing on Google My Business: Learn How to Invest to Grow on Google My Business, and Know the Essential Tips to Improve Your Results.

Today, you will learn how to do Google My Business marketing the right way. So, if you still don’t know how to do marketing on this platform, read this content until the end.

By the end of this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know to market the right way using Google My Business and achieve amazing results. 11 Softwares for Making Impressive Presentations

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Now, let’s go!

What is Google My Business?

For those who arrived here and still don’t know what Google My Business is, or still don’t understand what it’s for, the idea is quite simple:

Google My Business is a tool for companies and businesses that want to use Google as a way to increasingly leverage their sales. In this case, with it, you can record the main information of your business – making your target audience reach you easily.

It is a tool that will collaborate with your business, increasing its visibility within digital, without having to create a profile on social networks. By the way, here on our blog, we’ve already made amazing content about social media marketing, Click to Check it out!

However, to be more precise, this tool will place your business within the searches of the largest browser in the world: Google.

How Does Google My Business Work?

After registering on the platform, which is free of charge, you must enter your establishment’s information within the platform. Also, it is important to put images and contact information.

Once this is done, you will already be inserted into GMN.

So, being on the platform, you can start getting organic traffic to your establishment. In this case, just so you can better understand how Google My Business works, let’s look at an example:

So, for example, let’s say you have a car store in São Paulo and you want to have more visibility. So, you’ve set up your store on GMN – adding key information. Selling on Instagram: How to Sell On Instagram

That way, after registering and going through all the steps of GMN, your business is ready to be found. So, if it manages to position itself well compared to competitors when someone searches for “Loja de Carros São Paulo”, it may end up appearing.

This possibility of being found even without investing in ads is something incredible and that only Google My Business makes possible.

Marketing on Google My Business
Marketing on Google My Business

Essential Tips for Marketing Google My Business

Now that you’ve seen how this tool can end up helping you, check out 15 essential tips for using it.

1. You must take the tool seriously from the beginning of your registration

At GMN, most people register sloppily, which spoils everything.

It may not seem like it, but registering carefully and with details is one of the most valuable tips to get good results with the platform. How to Attract More Customers on the Internet

By registering 100% of all information within the tool, Google’s search algorithm can better analyze the information. That way, when someone does a search that fits what your business does, they might end up showing up.

So when putting your information into Google My Business, check all the information that can be added. Among this information, we can highlight:

  1. Description
  2. Location
  3. Rush hour
  4. Contact

Don’t forget to fill in all the data, as well as the tool labels.

These tags serve to further segment your business and ensure that when customers search for variations of your services, they can still find you. 11 Softwares for Making Impressive Present

2. In any case, never fail to update the data as often as possible.

Another tip that may seem simple, but always makes a difference, is relation to constantly updating your data.

Yes, it is not enough for you to register your business within the tool and completely forget that it exists.

If you do this, when customers search and see that your business is all out of date, they will end up having a negative image of the establishment. So, instead of helping the business to grow, it will end up harming it.

Google has a very smart algorithm, and it is programmed to analyze your information and see if it is working or not. So, if he sees that there is no correct information, your business can quickly stop appearing. What is Car Insurance: Check Cheapest Car Insurance in 2022

Combined with the dissatisfied user factor with this ineffective information, your ratings can drop and the algorithm will keep pace, causing you to stop being recommended to new customers.

So always update!

3. Make a FAQ available on the Google My Business platform

When you register and create your account, there are several options to optimize your profile in the tool, such as creating your FAQ.

Now, you might ask “What is FAQ?”

In English, this means “frequently asked questions”.

That is, it is a field for questions and answers for your establishment. It may not seem like it, but it’s super important to have one of these on your profile.

By having an FAQ, you can provide more information about the establishment. This makes your profile more complete.

Make your FAQ, but the information that is still needed and be more objective with your customers.

For example:

  • If there is room for smokers
  • People Limit
  • What is allowed inside the establishment

So, of course, this is just an example and, depending on your needs, you can innovate a lot.

4. Make the most of your description in an attractive way

When searching for an establishment, numerous ranked establishments will appear within a list. Thus, the customer can and will certainly try to get to know the establishment well before contacting.

Therefore, it is very important that you make the best use of the 750 characters offered by the tool. We say this because in a space dispute, whoever gets the most attention from your client will win.

That way, when writing your description, but who your company is, what makes you different, what products are offered…

You need to attract as much attention as possible in an attractive way, but without being too flashy.

5. Stimulate Feedback, the more the better!

When looking for a restaurant or a regular establishment, do you look at the reviews? Reviews are increasingly important in a store these days, so encourage feedback.

Seeing if a place has good reviews is like a guarantee that the service is good. So, if you think your service is good, ask your customers to leave feedback.

It’s important to make it clear that it’s not possible to please everyone, so it may be normal to receive some negative feedback. However, don’t be shaken, use this feedback to show that you are willing to correct what you did wrong.

So, whenever you finish your customer service, ask them to give feedback within the Google My Business platform and respond to comments, giving an opinion about the service/service.

6. Analyze your competitors

In any business, it is important to analyze what your competitors are doing.

Analyzing successes and errors, different actions and other attitudes that your competitors are taking is paramount. Seeing this, you can see what they get wrong and correct in your business.

Always remember to keep up with other establishments, especially those that are bigger than you and those that have been in the market longer than you.

See what they are using differently within the platform and what you don’t have yet but need to get the same result.

Do a deep analysis, constantly review your information and improve the strategies you are using.

In digital marketing, there is no one right cake formula that will always work to succeed with customers, so it’s important to look for the fresh information that is always available from all the competitors around you.

7. Use the platform’s scheduling function

One of the ways to interact with your audience is through scheduling, another of the functions present in Google My Business. There, you will provide a certain time for service.

That way, if you have a restaurant, you can book tables at a certain time.

This function is important, as it allows you to optimize your client’s time and optimize your own organization as a company, since many times without a prior appointment, the operation can be much slower and inaccurate.

For the customer, this makes your company more practical and comfortable, since you only need to fill in some information and all the bureaucracy has been skipped, and of course, he has better interaction with you.

So use schedules.

8. Use of Online Service for Communication

Still talking about customer x establishment interaction, Google my Business has within its application a function that allows the establishment to perform a service directly with those interested in its services or products.

Just activate this function in the application and you will have a new way of communicating for your business and, therefore, a new way of attracting customers to your business.

For you to understand better, by activating this function, a chat will be activated and will be visible to customers, where they can exchange information with you or your team (if you have several people for support).

Yes, it is possible to use this service platform simultaneously, which further increases the possibilities for using the tool.

For sure, this is an incredible acquisition for your business.

9. Capriche in the photo and post sections

Most people are visual, so what attracts attention and delights them makes them want to be close or obtain. So, if you don’t have good photos posted of your establishment and your products, what’s the point?

Make people curious and mysteriously attracted to your business just by looking, this will surely convey an intense desire to want to consume what you are offering.

And as tip number two said, always update everything, including your photos, as they are your business card, or rather, the main showcase of everything you are doing.

If you have a website, add a link within these posts to take them inside your website and allow them to consume more of what you have to offer.

Another important piece of information: use the photo mechanism on your Google My Business profile, there you can create photos and posts that will stay for a maximum of seven days before being deleted by the platform.

Or if you are interested, you can create specific events that will happen on a certain date, after the event, the post is deleted.

10. Track your metrics

Earlier it was said that Google’s algorithm is very smart, both for the bad things and for the good things. Thanks to this intelligence, it is possible to measure everything, which gives us a map to guide us, repeat the successes and improve what we made mistakes.

Thus, Google My Business provides access to all metrics about your user’s behavior and important information such as:

  • Total searches
  • Number of calls
  • Clicks within the site
  • Route request to the establishment
  • Photo viewing

Each of these metrics can give you a clue as to how your business is performing and what steps need to be taken to improve every aspect of your venture.

Be sure to view each one and always measure the increase and decrease of each of the available metrics.

11. You can delete your Google My Business profile at any time

We do not advise you to delete your Google My Business profile, but if you have any reason to do so, you must enter your profile and look for the option to “manage locations”, there you select which business you want to delete, and done, it’s done.

This tip can be useful because, in some cases, we see customers who created a GMN account years ago and today don’t know what to do to delete the account.

From a marketing point of view, having two profiles for your business can be one of the worst actions you can take, even if it is unintentional.

In that case, if Google’s algorithm finds your profiles, it might think you’re spamming and block you.

So, if you have two profiles for your business, end it with one right now. It will make a big difference.

12. Combine Google My Business with Google Ads

In addition to the free Google My Business tool, there is another tool that can boost your business, which is called Google Ads

This tool is paid, as you will pay to place your website better and generate more publicity for your business.

If you have a certain amount of capital already generated and have already created a website, why not start investing in paid advertising?

Thus, it is possible to combine both organic (free) and paid in a functional way, taking the best use of everything google has to offer.

And before you ask us, it’s not that difficult to operate Google Ads, although there are several strategies to make better use of resources and, therefore, of the tool. Anyway, study this tool a lot!

Another opportunity offered by combining paid traffic in your strategy is the ability to invest in different types of ads that can impact each audience in different ways, that is, increasing your conversion rates.

They are advertisements in:

  • Search Network
  • Display
  • Store
  • Video on YouTube
  • Mobile App Ad
  • Remarketing

13. Hire experts to take care of your marketing strategies

When starting a business, we often get into the habit of doing everything in the company. In a way, this is important, after all, it makes you know how to do a little bit of everything. However, when your company starts to grow, you should give up these practices and focus on hiring experts.

If you have the capital to expand your company’s sectors further, consider hiring one or two people just to take care of your business traffic (both organic and paid), do the right research, and hire the right people. These people are sure to be very valuable to your business and your success.

You don’t have to deal with everything at once, find people who are educated and well trained and they will be able to do all the work without you having to have a headache.

And even better, by hiring a good professional, you can still get to know new tools and ways to scale your venture more and more.

14. Inform the tags and location of your establishment correctly

After so many tips, we must still remember that it is necessary that you pay attention to these two pieces of information, the first is about tags or labels.

As already said, it serves to segment your audience, that is, in addition to appearing for searches for the exact keyword of your business, you may also end up appearing for related keywords. This will be the big game-changer for your business.

Tags allow you to optimize all your research and ensure that you have more customers coming into your business.

So, remember to put the main keywords about your business and your products, this is the best way to keep your SEO optimized.

In this case, by maintaining a well-optimized SEO, your business can have thousands of visits every day, without having to invest R$1.00 to start having these results.

15. Check if your business is duplicated on Google My Business and use Google My Business to offer services in homes

Sometimes it is possible that an old registration may have already been done with your company or even twice unintentionally.

Therefore, it is necessary that you check this carefully, and try to delete this same record by going directly to your settings, within your profile. Just as we explained before.

If you have done this on an old account, please contact Google directly to gain access to the account, and as soon as possible, you should ask them to remove this duplicate account, they will promptly assist.

In addition, if you are thinking of opening a physical business to be able to use the benefits of Google My Business, don’t do that, the platform allows you to use it to perform service directly with your customer, being able to schedule a service at the customer’s home.

Or, if you want, it is still possible to create a profile that offers hybrid services, which can either attend the establishment itself or schedule home calls at your client’s home.

You just need to enter all the data correctly and choose which one is the case for your business.

Either way, these are some of the ways you can use Google My Business to further improve your marketing strategies. So, see what your situation is and apply the tips we present to you today.

Without applying the techniques and tips we talked about earlier, your business will not change at all. Therefore, even more, important than learning all these techniques, we consider that studying them and putting them into practice is the most difficult. So, practice! Well, that’s it for today. Don’t forget to Click Here to check out our latest content. Elon Musk finds the new CEO of Twitter! Parag Agrawal will have to pay more than Rs 300 crore

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