Things to consider when applying for an internship

In the past, a university degree could guarantee a good job, but today, that alone is not enough. It is also important to have completed the compulsory internship process and to decide in which field you want to improve yourself. If you want to learn about the internship process, this article will guide you before applying for an internship.

Consider your qualifications as you take the first step

Before answering the question of how to apply for an internship, it is necessary to point out a common mistake. This means that students apply to all internship postings that catch their eye in order to increase their chances while applying. Instead, you should first consider your skills and experience and narrow the circle.

Before applying for a summer internship, compulsory, voluntary or high school internship, it is useful to consider the following:

  • Think about your degree and examine the career opportunities where you are applying,
  • Think about your experiences and research what roles this workplace can prepare you for.
  • Identify well in which areas you have transferable skills and what skills the internship can add to you,
  • Explore your interests. If it is important to carry out studies on the areas of interest in the company you will apply,
  • If you don’t have experience, consider starting small.

Look in the right place

The answer to the question of what grade the internship starts in depends on the education level of the students. There is a compulsory internship program in the fourth grade in Anatolian vocational and technical high schools. Internship at universities is done in the fourth year. In vocational schools, there is an internship in the second year. Before doing an internship, you need to know where to look to have a concrete idea. For this;

  • Visit GemSleek’s internship posting pages. Examine the internship titles in the fields you are interested in,
  • Use the university’s career resources,
  • Even if the company you are interested in is not looking for an intern, write a letter of intent. So they can contact you when a suitable position opens.
  • Also, keep a close eye on the Career Days that we regularly organize on GemSleek.

What is a career fair?

Career fairs are events where employers come together with candidates to share information about current positions and companies. These fairs can create a good opportunity to gain knowledge and take a step.

Career fairs are important for employers to meet potential applicants and find suitable candidates. For this reason, we strongly recommend you attend career fair events. To be informed about GemSleek Career Days is enough to follow us.

What is a career fair

Prepare the necessary materials for the application

Curriculum vitae (CV) are short documents showing educational background and professional background. These documents typically include personal information, contact information, work experience and skills. If you’ve never prepared a resume before, don’t worry! It is possible to quickly create a professional resume on GemSleek. You can easily apply for job postings with your resume, or quickly share it with employers via e-mail.

Adding a cover letter to your resume will always strengthen your hand. This cover letter may contain details about why you want to work for that company and your past experience. Preparing a cover letter for your initiatives such as bank internship applications is generally expected and welcomed.

Along with all these materials, of course, you should not forget the compulsory internship certificate.

What is a compulsory internship certificate?

A compulsory internship document is a document that university students have to submit to their schools about the place where they will do their internship. These documents can usually be downloaded from the websites of universities. Sometimes it may be necessary to send an e-mail to schools about this. The document must bear the signature and seal of the company to which the internship will be held.

Requirements for a voluntary internship

Volunteer internships are the work that students do to improve themselves and gain experience. University students must obtain an ‘internship acceptance certificate’ from their employer before starting their internship. It is not obligatory to keep an internship book in voluntary internships. However, a petition must be submitted to the faculties. The internship period is 20 working days.

Involuntary internships, a separate process can be applied for each faculty. The procedures for medical students can be very different, especially for applying for a hospital internship. Summer internship applications are strictly supervised by the university where the training is received.

Requirements for an internship abroad

A number of obligations await students who want to do internships abroad. To do an internship abroad, you must first be at least 18 years old. Another requirement for these programs is to have at least an intermediate level of English. Upper-intermediate level of English is generally required to participate in internship programs.

Another requirement to participate in the internship program abroad is to provide at least 1 year of experience in the relevant field and at least 2 references. If you want to apply outside of your field of interest, you will be expected to submit more references and have longer work experience.

Where is the internship done?

There are thousands of different companies in the country and abroad for internships. Today, especially all corporate companies recruit interns. However, we talked about how to choose the place where you will do your internship at the beginning of the article.

It will be positive to prepare a portfolio when applying for an internship at a corporate company. For example; When applying for an architectural internship at a corporate firm, preparing a portfolio showing your previous work plays an important role in accepting internships.

Regularly following the online internship postings pages to find companies you can apply to will help you get positive results.

Follow internship postings

Before your mandatory or voluntary internship time approaches, you should start looking through the postings. The sooner you start, the more likely you are to get positive results. You can find thousands of different internship postings on GemSleek. If you wish, you can make hundreds of different searches such as computer engineering internship postings or just engineering internship postings, and find an advertisement for an internship program of your choice.

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