The temporary jobs that are recruiting

Which temporary job is currently recruiting? About ten professions are affected by this increase in recruitment, and more particularly in the sectors of:

  • The supply chain
  • Construction
  • Industry

The health crisis linked to Covid-19 had a strong impact on temporary jobs at the start of 2020. Thanks to better visibility and the economic recovery, the situation has improved significantly, says Olivier Lozet, Key Accounts Director at Synergie, a recruitment specialist in particular for the ‘interim. “We are in the recovery phase with values ​​which, in June, are approaching 2019, namely -5%. The forecasts for the second half are encouraging but will depend on our ability to find candidates, the evolution of the pandemic, the impact of the end of aid in certain sectors of activity, and the many PSEs launched by companies. Luxury professions: Craftsmanship recruits in France

Interim jobs that are massively recruiting

The employment barometer published by Synergie identifies proposals for tens of thousands of qualified temporary jobs, particularly in the construction sector, historically under strain, and the supply chain which has experienced phenomenal growth in recent times. ” With the rise of e-commerce, needs in transport and logistics have exploded and it is still in this sector of activity that the progress was the most significant with 10% growth in April 2021″. 4 benefits of working as a temporary worker

Industry and health are still in need of candidates: more supply than demand for these temporary jobs, therefore. However, another job-providing sector in France should recruit again. ” With the announced resumption of aeronautics, we could also find ourselves quickly in tension “underlines Olivier Lozet who adds that ” recruitment is mainly done in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ile de France, and in the Loire countries”. Professions recruiting in 2022

Interim jobs: the most sought after

It is the transport and logistics professions that prance at the top of the demands, in particular for positions of “ forklift operators, order pickers, handlers, truck drivers, manufacturing assistants, storekeepers and maintenance technicians. With an unemployment rate of 7%, we were already having difficulty recruiting some of these profiles, such as truck drivers and maintenance technicians. The recovery will certainly accentuate the phenomenon ”, he specifies. VPN for Business: Hardware VPN vs. Software VPN

Historically tension, skilled jobs in the construction industry such as electricians, masons, plumbers, or farmworkers are also very popular. Same pattern for the industry which suffers from a lack of manpower and is looking for fitters, machinists, boilermakers, or metalworkers. As for the profiles sought for these trades, Olivier Lozet specifies that “ the CAP and BEP represent 33% of the needs, the Bac and the Bac Pro 32%, the BAC+2, 18.5% and the BAC+3, 5% ”.

Temporary work: from flexibility to stability

Interim is a device that allows you to bounce from mission to mission, ideal conditions for those who like change. Currently, “ the average duration of interim assignments is 2 weeks, but it depends on the sectors of activity and the seasonality of the clients. The more visibility our clients have on their activity, the longer the assignments.

But choosing the interim route can open other unsuspected doors thanks to the transfer of skills or the numerous training courses offered to deal with the growing shortage of qualified labor. And for those looking for stability, these missions can evolve into CDIs even if it “ is too early to tell. But traditionally, many companies start with temporary assignments before hiring on permanent contracts. Our profession also offers CDII (temporary permanent contract) within April 2021, more than 48,000 temporary workers in CDII ” concludes Olivier Lozet. The Best Home And Real Estate Insurance 2022

Apply for a temporary job

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