The main labor market trends in 2023

The world of work is constantly changing. What will be the main labor market trends in 2023 and how will they impact employees?

1. 2023 will be the year of hybridization

Behind this catch-all word, there is a striking trend that bears witness to new modes of organization. Among the main labor market trends, hybridization is obvious. For the labor market, it designates the mixture of professional activities now scattered between: Everything you need to know about unicorn startups

  • Company offices/headquarters
  • Coworking spaces
  • Home
  • Outdoor spaces

Under penalty of becoming archaic or seeing their talents leave, companies will have to accept this notion of hybridization put in place by obligation during the health crisis. 2023, therefore, rhymes with the sustainability of this organizational model because HR has understood that adopting hybridization makes it possible to. The iPhone 14 can arrive without a new chip

  • Retain talent
  • Attract new employees
  • Protecting work/life balance
  • Integrating employees into an environment of trust
  • Foster innovation

2. Rethinking business life in 2023

We must not lie to ourselves, in a country clinging to presenteeism and managerial control, hybridization will not happen without hitches. In 2023, the company will face many challenges:

  • Learn new processes to work/manage/communicate in a hybrid mode without affecting the company’s production
  • Meet the demands of employees, battered by two years of the pandemic
  • Respect the right to disconnect
  • Be careful not to discriminate against teleworkers in favor of employees who work on-site
  • Remain extremely vigilant regarding the isolation of remote employees

3. Employment 2023 regains all its dynamism

Despite worrying predictions during the first confinement, the French economy has not collapsed. It even bounced back surprisingly. Five great stealth games not to be missed

According to the latest data from the Banque de France, the 2023 economic crisis will not take place even if the start of the year shows some signs of slowdown due to supply difficulties and the arrival of the Omicron variant. The banking institution provides

  • GDP growth of 6.7% in 2021 then 3.6% in 2023;
  • Economic growth of 3.6% for 2023.

Among the main trends in the labor market, let us highlight the new momentum of business optimism. An Odoxa survey, published in January 2023 indicates that:

  • 69% of TPE bosses say they are confident about the economic situation of their company;
  • 75% of companies plan to relaunch previously paused development activities.

However, this good economic health does not prevent major tensions in the labor market. Still, according to the Banque de France, 52% of companies are experiencing recruitment difficulties, one of the main labor market trends. For its part, the recruitment firm Michael Page reports tensions in the sectors of:

  • IT
  • Law Supply Chain
  • The BTPs
  • Engineering
  • Services

4. Companies will have to define a real teleworking strategy

For many employees, working remotely in experimental mode has been painful, synonymous with disorganized and endless zoom meetings, emails at odd hours, or even a lack of space or equipment for teleworking Despite everything, the majority of employees also appreciated the comfort of working at home.

  • According to the annual Malakoff Humanis Barometer, 86% of teleworkers want to continue teleworking. The ideal number of telework days per week would be 2 days.
  • A study by the company Qualtrics estimates that in 2023, 35% of employees could leave their company if they are forced to be face-to-face full-time

Two years after the start of the pandemic, it is incomprehensible not to put in place a real remote work strategy for employees. Among the measures, companies could notably:

  • Ask employees about their wishes regarding the number of days of telework
  • Include remote work in the collective agreement
  • Leave the choice to those who prefer 100% face-to-face
  • Train managers in remote management
  • Offer a bonus to buy ergonomic equipment (chair, computer screen, telephone headsets, etc.)
  • Allocate an annual lump sum for massages or osteopathy or physiotherapy sessions.

5. Job 2023: avoid “The Great Resignation” at all costs

For many employees, the health crisis was a great moment of questioning with the desire to leave their job, their region, or even retrain. For the youngest, these last few months have profoundly changed their relationship to work. One of the main labor market trends is the refusal of younger generations to sacrifice everything for their careers, in the name of sacrosanct productivity and success. A new Star Wars game has been announced

  • In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has established that 4.4 million American employees left their jobs in July 2021. For some economists, this unprecedented phenomenon is similar to a general strike to protest against low wages and working conditions.
  • Germany accounts for 6% of resignations linked to Covid
  • Great Britain: 4.7%
  • The Netherlands: 2.9%

In its study the Talent shift, Korn Ferry even anticipates a colossal shortage of 85.2 million qualified employees in the world by 2030 if nothing is done. Netflix is ​​making a series of the hottest sci-fi game of recent years

6. Establish a corporate culture based on the “employee” experience

If France only lists 2.3% of resignations, we absolutely cannot ignore the recruitment problems experienced by many sectors and which preceded the health crisis.

The company will have to consider the means to be deployed in the medium and long term to retain its talents other than with a sushi menu on Fridays in the canteen. 5 interesting things to know about the 2022 Call of Duty

To stem this growing disaffection, companies will have no choice but to make it a priority to ensure the growth of their business.

If the approach of companies is mainly based on their “customer experience”, market tensions will now force them to integrate into their strategy, the “employee experience”, one of the main trends in the labor market.

7. The employee rebellion for 2023?

Another main trend in the labor market is the fed up with Western employees. A phenomenon is all the more surprising as it emanates from the United States, the epicenter of capitalism, not really known for listening to wage demands.

Several events send a strong signal about this paradigm shift:

  • March 2021: an internal Goldman Sachs report reveals that junior bankers can no longer bear to work 100 hours a week punctuated by inhuman pressure and verbal abuse. Unsurprisingly, the report leaked on social media forcing the bank to take preventive measures.
  • October 2021: McDonald’s employees go on strike to denounce the multinational’s sexual harassment and violent practices.
  • November 2021: Amazon workers go on strike in 20 countries to demand better working conditions
  • January 2023: Starbucks employees form their first-ever union to protest working conditions during the pandemic

8. The 4-day week will no longer be taboo

Hybridization allows companies to be more flexible and therefore daring. In the United States, experts believe that the experimentation of the 4-day week could become permanent in some companies.

In Europe, Iceland and Spain have already successfully tested the 4-day week. In a study that lasted 4 years and was carried out in Iceland on a sample of the working population, researchers found a better rate of productivity and an improvement in well-being. Symptoms of yeast allergy: 8 signs of yeast allergy

In France, some companies are trying the experiment to understand how to articulate the volume of work differently. See you in 2023 to see if the phenomenon that interests 60% of French people will be among the main trends in the labor market.

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