The best insurance in 2022

Do you need to insure a car or motorcycle? Are you thinking about accident insurance, but you don’t know if it will pay off? Are you afraid that you will not be able to repay your mortgage or provide for a family in the event of illness or injury?

We will not only answer these questions with advice and a selection of the best insurance companies and comparators. In the current tests, we evaluated a lot of insurance policies, from which we selected the best…

Car insurance

Motor third-party liability insurance, which is most often referred to as compulsory liability, is a legal obligation of the motor vehicle owner. It applies to motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds, e-bikes, and other machines that we plan to operate on public roads.

As part of the tests, we have selected the best compulsory liability you can buy today. We compared a lot of insurance companies and we also looked at insurance comparators. In addition to the selection, we will help you orient and understand the whole issue. We explain the limits of insurance benefits, we pay attention to insurance prices, bonuses, additional insurance, or the possibility of canceling compulsory liability.

Accident insurance

While arranging compulsory liability is required by law (it is therefore mandatory), accident insurance is (mostly) voluntary. Compulsory liability covers damage to others, while accident insurance will also cover the damage incurred by you. For example, if you buy a new car, a quality crash is definitely worth considering.

However, accident insurance also includes additional insurance. Some insurance companies offer coverage for damage caused by natural disasters and other accidental influences that can be difficult for the driver to influence. Our comparison selected the best insurance companies and comparators. We evaluated a lot of the most important things and services.

In addition to choosing the right insurance company, you will learn when it is appropriate to arrange accident insurance, how it ranges in price, what are the limits, how the insurance is when traveling abroad, what it covers, and a lot of other information.

Are you thinking about arranging accident insurance, but you don’t know which insurance company to choose and what to look out for? In this case, look at accident insurance.

Life and accident insurance

Having life and accident insurance can have a major impact on a person’s life.

In our comparison, we selected the best insurance companies and insurance comparators. At the same time, we paid great attention to explaining the whole issue. We emphasized the fact why such insurance is arranged, what types of insurance are covered, what risks are covered, how to set up such insurance individually, how much it costs, whether there are exceptions, etc. At the same time, we will explain important terms such as insurance events and indemnity.

Not only that, you will learn about this in our current life and accident insurance article.


Liability insurance is most often referred to as crap insurance. Like some other insurances, this insurance is often overlooked. At the same time, you can rest for a few hundred crowns a year.

Liability insurance will protect you from sudden expenses caused by your carelessness. It covers a lot of common situations that happen today and every day. Specifically, let’s name the heating of neighbors, a collision on the bike, the loss of things to the employer, careless handling of something at work, etc. Thanks to the insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about paying – the insurance company will pay for the damage.

In our test, we compared a lot of insurance companies and insurance comparators, from which we chose the best ones. The article also includes important information, from which you can read something about types and limits, co-participation, supplementary insurance, etc.

Fool insurance does not cost much money. If you are thinking of arranging it, we recommend liability insurance.

Home and real estate insurance

You can insure not only yourself (see nonsense insurance above), but also your property and household. Such insurance can compensate you for the huge damage caused by floods, fire, tornadoes, theft…

We found ourselves between insurance companies and comparators in the framework of detailed reviews. In the end, we selected the best insurance companies and one comparator that we can recommend in a detailed evaluation. The article includes a lot of useful information about the correct setting of the insurance, prices and limits, rules, deadlines, and other difficulties.

Home and real estate insurance will take you to great insurance companies, where it will pay off.

Travel insurance

If necessary, travel insurance can cover the costs associated with treatment abroad. In addition to surgeries, hospital stays, treatments, and medicines, a properly concluded insurance policy can cover the costs incurred in transporting you back to the Czech Republic. Travel insurance will cover the differences between the health insurance of different countries.

During the comparative testing, we selected the best insurance companies, for which it is definitely worthwhile to take out travel insurance. In addition to insurance companies, we also dealt with comparators. The current article also deals with essential information, among which you will learn how travel insurance works, what are the limits, what everything covers, what parameters play a role in concluding the contract, what to look out for before negotiating, etc.

Believe that travel insurance is not complicated and can protect you from huge expenses. The current article will help you with your selection.

Dog and cat insurance

Czechs are lovers of dogs and cats. There is no point in arguing that these pets deserve proper care. But not all breeders know that they can have their pets insured. A quality insurance policy for a dog or cat remembers its health and unexpected situations.

We compared a number of insurance companies, from which we selected the 3 best. Some insurance companies offer quick negotiations, others think of high benefits, and others are able to Insure more pets under one policy. Whether you have a dog or a cat, we will advise you on choosing an insurance policy and explain important terms.

The current article devoted to (not only) dog insurance will shed light on everything. Those interested can read detailed reviews of individual insurance companies, which include – among other things – important pros and cons.

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