The Best 2D Games on Steam

Steam has seen the birth of many 2D games over the years. Here is an overview of the best of them.

For many people, there really is nothing better than a good 2D game. They are unique, exciting, and, more often than not, incredibly adventurous. Sure, they might lack a bit of depth compared to their 3D counterparts, but they more than makeup for it with great graphics, amazing storylines, and marvelous mechanics. Plus, there are hundreds of games to choose from. Learn how to stop unwanted messages

However, among all these wonderful 2D games, some stand out from the rest. These are the ones that most of you will never be able to forget and that you end up coming back to again and again. Simply put, these games are two-dimensional masterpieces and must-haves for any avid PC gamer. Top Money Making Games

2D games are taking the gaming world by storm, and many indie titles are leading the charge. They stole the hearts of gamers and brought with them an incredible number of fans and new players to the genre. So if you’re looking for a new 2D game that will get you hooked, look no further than these masterpieces.

The Best 2D Games on Steam

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Best 2D Games on Steam

Guilty Gear Strive

This relatively new game received rave reviews and was even nominated for the 2021 game awards. However, it is somewhat lucky to be in the 2D category due to its hybrid 2D/3D graphics.

Nonetheless, this game is an absolute joy to play and is truly faithful to its predecessors, while being a bit more beginner-friendly than other Guilty Gear games. The controls are relatively easy to pick up and the graphics are simply stunning. If you are a fan of fighting games, try this one.

Super Meat Boy

Many consider Super Meat Boy to be the game that started the indie revolution, inspiring and giving confidence to scores of budding developers who started with little more than an idea and a dream. One can wonder whether this is really the case or not. Either way, the game is damn good and manages to be as challenging as it is simple. BMW unveils anniversary M3 and M4: with the festive interior, stylish colors, and limited edition

It may not look very difficult at first, but completing a Super Meat Boy stage may take countless attempts due to the fiendish placement of the many deadly obstacles. One thing that won’t cause too many deaths, however, is the game’s wonderful controls, which are some of the tightest to ever feature in a video game. With enough practice and perseverance, you should be able to finish this wonderful 2D title and come out with a real sense of accomplishment. List of PS5 games with 120 FPS support


Inside follows a boy who finds himself in a doorway lit by a gang of brainwashed people.

Inside follows a little boy who finds himself at the center of a dark project. He must escape, lay low, solve puzzles and try not to become what the people around him already are.

This 2016 game was a hit with critics and gamers alike, mostly due to its intriguing visuals, beautiful soundtrack, and eerie atmosphere. However, despite its creepy appearance, it is a pleasure to play and experiment with. At its core, it’s a puzzle-solving platformer that engages, shocks, and thrills to the very end.


Billing itself as the perfect sci-fi sim for all Firefly, Dwarf, and Dune fans, Rimworld is a management sim where you can build, manage, grow, and watch relatively simply drawn characters live their lives in this interesting world.

The game itself is adorable and undeniably addictive, you’ll find yourself watching the hours go by as you fully immerse yourself in this wonderful game. Or maybe it’s the simplicity and ease of play that lets you sit back and have fun. Either way, when each playthrough is as unique and exciting as the next, a few hours in this unique world will let you see why this game has the rating it does. 250+ Catchy, Unique, and Stylish Names For Online Clothing Store

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is an absolute classic, which doesn’t get the rating many fans think it deserves. Nevertheless, this game absolutely deserves to be ranked as one of the greatest 2D games on the market today.

The hand-drawn artwork is enough to give Hollow Knight an 87 rating, but this game has so much more to offer fans and new players alike. Ultimately, Hollow Knight is a stunning adventure game with music that will immerse you and soothe your soul at the same time. The controls are relatively difficult, but once you get used to it and fully enjoy the game, it will become one of your favorite titles.


Speaking of classics that everyone loves, this marvelous game has captured the hearts of millions. After its latest update, many new fans and seasoned players returned to Terraria.

It’s not just the rankings that prove Terraria is a game worth checking out, it’s the mods, artwork, controls, and gameplay that will appeal to anyone interested in a bin adventure. 2D sandbox. It’s one of those games that you know will never get old or boring. You can get lost in Terraria, and thanks to the many updates, you’ll never run out of things to do, bases to build, and bosses to fight.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Without the success of other indie games like Castle Crashers and Limbo, the world might never have had the chance to experience Moon Studios’ fantastic debut title, Ori and The Blind Forest. It was the success of the aforementioned games that ultimately encouraged Thomas Mahler to quit his job at Blizzard Entertainment and found, together with Gennadiy Korol, the fledgling game studio.

Their first installment is one of the most visually impressive games of the decade, with its vibrant colors and individually crafted backgrounds a real feast for the eyes. The other elements of the game are equally well done and combine to create what can only be described as a jaw-dropping experience.


With over a million copies sold and countless award nominations, Celeste is one of the true indie game success stories of recent years. Most of the game was created by a team of just four people, while the foundation on which the final version was built was laid in just four days as part of a Game Jam event.

The 8-bit art style might not be to everyone’s taste, but for older gamers, at least, it’s a welcome reminder of a bygone era. That said, the color palette is much bolder than some 2D games of yesteryear and really helps bring some of the game’s beautiful settings to life. The game controls well, has a wonderful soundtrack by Lena Raine, and offers plenty of challenges without ever seeming too unfair.


Limbo is the story of a life, a life and a death, a life and a death.

Limbo is the type of game where you die on multiple occasions, but nonetheless, it’s a relatively short game. That’s not to say it’s not significant, though the ending might feel it on the first pass. It’s the kind of game that requires a few separate tries to really appreciate what’s going on, but it’s still unique and enjoyable to play.

Like Inside, Limbo has a dark and spooky atmosphere, with moody lighting and simplistic designs. However, it’s more of a dark puzzle platformer that constantly trolls you as you struggle through the world of Limbo to save your sister.


Everyone knows Cuphead, so it’s no surprise that he got a score of 88, as infuriating as that might be. Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game that pits you against countless challenges with boss fights. Which, while frustrating, is incredibly rewarding when you succeed.

What makes this game so special is the beauty and quality of its graphics, the creators have used the same techniques used in the 1930s. They used traditional hand-drawn animations, wallpaper watercolor, and original jazz recordings. It’s a must-play game, but it will be incredibly frustrating.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Published by Xbox, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps is the sequel to the beloved game Ori And The Blind Forest and is living up to the craze. What might initially draw you in are the stunning visuals it features. It’s soothing and beautiful and will enchant anyone who plays it.

However, it’s not just the visuals that make this game deserve such a high score. As many fans have already said, this game is moving and can leave you feeling empowered and in need of some tissues. So if you’re looking for an emotional and engaging experience, look no further.


When it comes to Metroidvania-style platforming, it doesn’t get much better than Guacamelee. It may not be terribly long, but it more than makes up for it with its tight combat, gorgeous soundtrack, and eye-catching graphics. Plus, the game is sprinkled with fantastic humor that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

The Super Turbo Championship Edition is arguably the best way to experience all that Guacamelee has to offer, although the sequel is equally impressive for those looking for a more modern title. The quality of life updates it brings definitely improve the formula, even if for some reason it’s not quite as charming as its predecessor. If you love word games and like to have fun, look no further because you will find plenty to enjoy here.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is another extremely famous game but unlike any other. Rather than a platformer or a puzzle, this is a relaxing farming game with secrets, twists, and a variety of stories everywhere you look. It tells the story of an office worker, unhappy with his life when he inherits his grandfather’s farm, who runs away to live a new life closer to nature.

You can breed animals, grow crops, explore mines, and even start a family, all in this adorable and mind-blowing game. It is worth trying.


This 2D base-building game doesn’t sound as exciting as it really is, but there’s so much to do. Many gamers claim that the game pulls you in and doesn’t let go. It’s an addictive, enjoyable, and endless game, exactly what one expects from a game like Factorio.

Arguably one of the best things about Factorio is the wide range of mods available. They spice up the game a bit if you’ve exhausted the available gameplay, or just want to make your life a little easier.

World Of Goo

World Of Goo is a fun, time-wasting construction game. It’s a fun and somewhat difficult game that forces you to think but not to the point of becoming frustrating, which explains its high rating.

Unlike Limbo or Inside, it’s a happy and fun game with great mechanics and a wide variety of levels. It seems that this game is timeless as it was released in 2008 and it remains popular, however it just got an update which acts as a remastered version showing that players could get new levels to enjoy more ten years after its release.


This time- and reality-altering puzzle platformer will get anyone’s mind working at full throttle, all while having fun. It has an interesting style that you don’t see in many 2D games. It is drawn in a painterly style that is both impressive to look at and extremely unique.

It draws you in and keeps you hooked as you find ways to survive the puzzles that lie ahead, making this game extremely enjoyable and an experience not to be missed. What is perhaps the best thing about Braid is that he is very forgiving. If you don’t like or can’t solve a puzzle, you can just move on and solve it later, so less stuck on a stage and more play.


Although it’s been around for over a decade, Spelunky is still going strong. That’s largely thanks to its simplistic visuals and wonderful game mechanics that have aged like a good bottle of wine. It’s a game that played a huge role in popularizing the roguelike genre and was a big hit with gamers and critics upon its release.

There are a couple of issues here and there in the way the spelunker controls itself, but those are just minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things. With a little practice, you’ll easily get used to these little quirks and then you can focus on all the game has to offer. It’s a pretty short game after all, but the procedurally generated stages make it infinitely replayable.

Spelunky 2

The first Spelunky ushered in the roguelikes we know today and its sequel is no different. It’s fun, new, and often quite challenging, but that doesn’t take away from the fun.

It’s worth noting that this game is extremely similar to its predecessor and can get extremely frustrating, but just like Cuphead, that only makes winning that much sweeter. Spelunky 2 is a simple rogue-like platformer that will frustrate anyone who plays it; yet, when it comes to stepping away from the game, you’ll only think of him.


Fez takes the 2D design and flips it on its head while maintaining the retro look everyone knows and loves. The game explores Gomez, a 2D character living in a 2D world until the existence of a mysterious 3D world is revealed. Gomez must navigate this new world and find out what awaits him.

What makes Fezso worthy of its rating is how it combines both genres while still being a 2D game. It’s something you’ll have to check out for yourself, but reviewers and fans love this game and how cute it is.

Mark Of The Ninja

With its award-winning animations and hand-painted environments, Mark Of The Ninja is a stealth platformer that resembles Terraria in structure. However, he is so much more than that and so different in his style of play.

This game is one of the best 2D experiences out there. It combines lore with tension and buffs, it uses stealth and tactics so well that it feels like there’s an unlimited amount of ways to take down an enemy, making it a complete experience. unique. Critics and fans alike can’t find fault with this game, so give it a try and it could change your gaming life forever.

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