Selenite Stone Meaning, Properties and Benefits

Let us find out about Selenite Stone’s Meaning, Properties, and its Benefits with Meditation, History, and Spirituality. Also, check out How To Tell If Selenite Stone Is Real? Read more below!

What is the Meaning of Selenite Stone

Selenite is a very powerful crystal with a high vibration that cleanses the aura of the person and the environment and purifies the energy. Jade Stone Properties and Benefits

It acts as a shield against evil energies.

Properties of Selenite Stone

  • Selenite, due to its purifying and cleansing effect, cleans both the body and the bad energies in the person’s environment. This is why it is often used in healing and energy work.
  • Again, due to its purifying feature, working with this stone brings balance and order to the person.

Benefits of Selenite Stone

  • As it is associated with the crown chakra and the third eye, it strengthens one’s spiritual side and intuition.
  • It is a high vibration stone, so it is recommended to be used while meditating.

How To Clean Selenite

It is recommended to clean the crystals before use and at regular intervals. Thus, you can clear the energy of the stone. There are certain methods to clean the selenite stone:

  • You can purify your crystal by burying it in the ground and leaving it overnight.
  • You can purify your crystal with the help of incense.
  • You can purify your crystal in sunlight.

Benefits and Effects of Selenite Stone on the Body 

  • Due to its purifying effect, it clears the aura; It provides mental and physical balance.
  • It is good for the skin.
  • It regulates the menstrual cycle in women.

Use of Selenite Stone 

  • We mentioned that since Selenite is a powerful purifier, it cleans both the environment and the aura of the person. It will be very effective to use a piece of selenite stone as a decoration to purify the bad energy in your environment.
  • Meditating with this stone is also very useful in terms of strengthening intuition.
  • It can also be used to purify tarot cards and other crystals.

How To Tell If Selenite Stone Is Real

There are two effective methods to determine whether natural stones are real: temperature and heating. Which Natural Stones Should Not Be Put In Water

Natural stones are cold at room temperature due to their structure, but fake or painted stones are warmer. 

Selenite Stone

In heating, which is another method, we can determine whether the color of the natural stones is real or artificial by exposing them to some heat. Post-painted stones will gradually release the dye.

Selenite and Spirituality

Selenite is a water group stone, associated with Pisces and Cancer in the zodiac. Therefore, it strengthens intuition and spirituality. What is Sugilite Stone? What are the Benefits of Sugilite Stone?

Is Selenite Washable? 

Since the hardness of selenite stone is not high, it melts when left in water. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash it.

Stones Compatible with Selenite

Selenite can be used with all stones as it is a stone with a very high vibration. Using it with other crystals will raise the vibration of selenite. The combination of selenite and amethyst is recommended especially for spiritual and spiritual development. Sodalite Crystal: The Stone of Intuition and Spiritual Protection

Meditation with Selenite

Since Selenite is associated with the crown chakra and the third eye, meditating with this crystal is very helpful in strengthening intuition. It activates the chakras.

History of Selenite Stone

Selenite is named after the moon goddess Selene in Greek mythology. 

The history of this crystal dates back to Ancient Egypt. It has been used for decorative purposes throughout history. It is especially important that the windows in the Basilica of Santa Sabina in Rome are made of selenite stone, not glass. Which Natural Stones Should Not Be Put In Water

It has been used decoratively in many cultures because it is both visually and spiritually effective.

Where to Find Selenite

Selenite is usually mined from Mexico, Canada, and Morocco.

Why Selenite Stone Cracks

Since some crystals are more sensitive in structure, they may be vulnerable to impacts and break more easily. Sometimes, the crystal is loaded with so much energy that it cracks or splits into two because it cannot withstand the energy load. Rose Quartz Stone Features and Benefits

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