Russian situation ends up bankruptcy Google in the country

The Google company gave its workers the option to change divisions or leave their jobs. Russia’s war against Ukraine is wreaking havoc on the country’s economy. Many companies have left the country and others are closing their doors. Google, for example, will stop operating in Russia, and most of its services will no longer be available in the country. Although the company has previously announced its intentions, the fact that it goes bankrupt will be the ultimate test.

The situation in Russia seems unsustainable

The situation appears to have been unsustainable for the company, especially after the Putin government seized its funds, according to Reuters (Via: Genbeta). In this way, the financial problems of its Russian division, payment to employees, manufacturers, and suppliers, and the impossibility of operating in its offices, among other causes, have been sufficient reasons for the company to abandon the vast majority of its services in the country.

Google signs its bankruptcy in Russia, although it keeps some of its free services

As confirmed by a company spokesperson to The Register, Google Russia has published a notice of its intention to declare bankruptcy. Apparently, the company gave its workers the option to change divisions or leave their jobs.

The vast majority of members of the Russian subsidiary chose to move to Dubai, according to The Wall Street Journal. Workers began moving in March, shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Unfortunately, those who choose not to change divisions will be unemployed.

Although the relationship was already strained between Google and the Kremlin following its government’s request to remove certain YouTube videos described by Russia as “pro-Ukrainian propaganda”, the company eventually gave up, abandoning its operations in the country. Google follows many other companies that have already abandoned operations in the country.

Russian situation ends up bankruptcy Google in the country

A good number of foreign companies had to leave the country after the tensions and sanctions imposed, hampering their business. Russian users have not been able to purchase any services or apps from Google Play for some time because the billing system in the country has been disabled.

Reuters reported that the company had been anticipating its own bankruptcy since March 22, due to an inability to pay its workers and other financial obligations. Likewise, although these operations have ceased, the company has promised to keep its online services free, such as search and email services, YouTube, Maps, etc.

Unfortunately, until this war is over, the Russians will suffer heavy losses in their country. Isolation feels right for the Russian people. And, digital isolation, seems to be the most emphatic.

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