Robotization: is your job threatened?

Like the industrial revolution of the 19th century, automation and robotization are aimed at increasing productivity and freeing up some tedious jobs. A logical consequence of this digital revolution is the disappearance of certain jobs. Studies on the subject are scrambling: the OECD thinks that 9% of jobs in its 21 member countries can be automated. The McKinsey firm estimates that work automation could affect 60% of jobs worldwide by 2030. For its part, the Sapiens Institute has measured the impact of digital on employment and predicts the disappearance of 5 businesses, i.e. 2.1 million workers. For this, the study was based on two criteria: the tasks called into question by technology and the sectors whose workforce has decreased over the past 30 years. The main labor market trends in 2023

Bank and insurance employees

Although the banking sector is one of the leading private employers in the country, its workforce nevertheless fell by 39% between 1986 and 2016. The massive digitization of banking services and the emergence of online banks are shaking up the traditional model of branches for the benefit of specialized agencies. The firm Sia Partners also estimates that 12% of bank branches could close by 2020 while less than 20% of customers go to a branch once a month. The Sapiens Institute predicts the end of the profession of banking and insurance employees between 2038 and 2051. Everything you need to know about remote working

Accounting employees

After experiencing an upturn between 1986 and 2004, the number of accounting employees fell by 23%. A phenomenon that can be explained by the outsourcing of the profession and the wave of digitization via intelligent software capable of performing accounting tasks without human intervention. Pôle Emploi also cites an English study which suggests that in the long term, the probability that “  accountants will be replaced by robots is 95%. It is one of the ten most exposed professions with related professions in payroll, sales management, finance  ”. For its part, the Sapiens Institute estimates that the profession of accountant will have disappeared between 2941 and 2056. 16 Jobs That Will Be Taken From Us by Technology in 20 Years

Executive secretaries

This is a veritable administrative revolution: personal digital assistants are said to be making the job of office automation or management secretary obsolete. Not to mention the service providers who offer their customers the possibility of calling on them on an ad hoc basis. The number of employees has fallen by 26% in 30 years, the profession should die out between 2053 and 2072. 5 Cryptocurrencies that can help make money in 2022

Cashiers and self-service employees

The number of automatic checkouts has been steadily increasing for several years. It is therefore hardly a surprise that the cashier – classified among the difficult jobs according to Dares – is one of the first victims of robotization. Since 2004, the numbers have continued to decline (-15%) and the think tank is betting on its disappearance between 2050 and 2066. What are the Leading digital professions?

Handling workers

Like cashiers, handlers are among the 5 most difficult jobs for Dares. Since 1986, the workforce has fallen by 17%, the largest drop linked to the appearance of technologies allowing the movement of heavy loads, such as robotic handlers used in the warehouses of e-commerce giants. The study cites Baidu as an example. “  The Chinese e-commerce giant employs 60 robots in its warehouses, which can each carry up to 500 kilos of goods, working non-stop. They have allowed a productivity increase of more than 300%  ”. While the sector still employed 675,000 people in 2016, the profession is set to disappear between 2071 and 2091. How to Increase Employee Engagement?

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