Rhodochrosite (Aura Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

What Does Rhodochrosite Stone Mean? The word rhodochrosite is derived from the Greek word meaning pink colour. The reason why the stone is given this name is that it is usually found in pale pink colour. In addition to being known as the aura stone, it is also known as the Inca Rose in some regions. It is among the natural stones that are loved for their effects and properties and have become more popular in recent years.

What Does Rhodochrosite Stone Mean?

Rhodochrosite stone, which is composed of minerals, is an energy stone. It is among the natural stones that are highly valued in mineralogy. Its discovery dates back to 1938. Even though it is called an Inca stone because it was removed from the Inca grave, official sources use the names Rhodochrosite, Rhodochrosite or Rhodochrosite. It is a stone that can express different meanings according to its characteristics and should be used specifically for the person.

What Does Rhodochrosite Stone Mean

Rhodochrosite Stone Formation

Rhodochrosite is formed together with oxidations occurring in manganese deposits. Like other natural stones, it is underground and completes its formation process here. Due to the chemical reactions it enters, there may be differences in the colours, sizes and patterns of the stones. For this reason, although rhodochrosite is known as pink or red, it can also have brown or yellow colours in rarer cases.

Due to the magnetic effects underground, vibration feature occurs in the rhodochrosite stone. This feature helps the stone to transform energy. The stronger the vibration, the stronger the effect and properties of the stone. In this regard, Rhodochrosite does not gain any ability after completing the formation process.

Where Does Rhodochrosite Stone Occur?

Rhodochrosite can be extracted from many countries because it is widely available. The largest reserves are countries rich in natural stones such as Argentina, Africa and South Africa. It is also possible to extract it from Germany, Peru and America. Some stones extracted from these regions are beautiful enough to be put in museums.

Rhodochrosite stone, which is very popular, is not mined in Turkey. However, since it is sold, rhodochrosite can be reached in many cities. Some of the imported stones are processed and some are sold as natural masses. It is one of the natural stones that can be used easily because it will have the same characteristics regardless of where it is extracted.

Considerations While Taking Rhodochrosite

It is very important to be careful when purchasing rhodochrosite stone. It should be noted that the desired product is in the normal price range and that the shopping is done from reliable places in case of selling fake stones. If possible, information about the stone should be obtained before or during shopping. It should be avoided to take stones that are not known how to use or for which adequate care is not taken.

It is very important to love the Rhodochrosite stone to be bought. If the wearer does not like Rhodochrosite, the bond will be weak. This may cause a decrease in the effects of the stone on the person or the environment. Also, Rhodochrosite is not suitable for mass use. The stone must be used completely personally. However, since it will affect other people in a crowded environment, it will be sufficient to have the event in one person in the household.

Rhodochrosite can be used to heal the chakras and zodiac signs it is compatible with. Similarly, it can be preferred to protect mental health or to cure physical diseases. However, before taking it, attention should be paid to which areas the stone is good for and whether it will meet the needs of the person. If it is not suitable for the needs, it would be more appropriate to use another natural stone.

How to Tell if Rhodochrosite Is Real or Fake?

Rhodochrosite stone impresses people with its beautiful appearance and valuable features. Therefore, it causes fakes to be made. It is very important for those who have not used natural stone before or who want to buy rhodochrosite for the first time to check whether the stone is real or fake. Otherwise, it is possible to pay very high prices for a painted paving stone and to suffer moral damage.

Rhodochrosite, as it is an energy transformation stone, evokes a feeling of coolness as soon as it is touched. It is in a cold state under normal room conditions. People who have important information about stones can understand whether the stone is real or fake by looking at their behaviour under the light. Also, since it usually has pink and red tones, being in a unique colour can indicate that the stone is fake.

Breaking a part of the rhodochrosite stone will soon prove to be fake or real. Although the internal and external structures of natural stones are the same, serious differences are seen in imitation stones. For this reason, if the broken stone has the same appearance as the inside and outside, it is understood that it is real. It is also sufficient to hold the stone on fire and to examine the reactions it shows in a few seconds. If there are conditions such as melting, colour change, burning or peeling, shrinkage, and spilling on the outer surface, it indicates that the stone is fake.

What are Rhodochrosite Stone Properties and Effects?

Rhodochrosite is a mineral stone in the triangular crystal system and in the carbonates group. Rhodochrosite stone, which has a Mohs value between 3.5 and 4, has a perishable structure that can be broken easily. For this reason, it is mostly sold in natural masses and used less in accessories. It can be used for many years as long as it is protected from impacts.

Rhodochrosite can be used for various purposes as it harmonizes with the chakras and zodiac signs. It usually helps the person to calm down and makes it easier to manage crisis moments. Protecting mental health makes it more difficult to catch depression and similar depressions. Since its healing effect is also valid on the aura, it improves the energy emitted by the person.

One of the most important features of rhodochrosite is that it can change the energy in the environment or on the person. This change takes place when negative energies move away and are replaced by positive ones. In addition to its spiritual and physical protection, it has various effects such as calming the mind and facilitating focus. If it is used regularly, it will make you feel many known or unknown benefits.

Rhodochrosite Stone Usage and Usage Areas

There are some situations that should be considered in the use of rhodochrosite stone. No other person should be allowed to touch the stone as it must be used individually. If someone else touches the stone, energy maintenance must be performed and the stone must be purged of that individual’s energy. Otherwise, different energies will mix with each other and Rhodochrosite will not give the desired effect to its real user.

Rhodochrosite stone used in energy studies is not a material used in industry because it is costly. It is more suitable for personal use. This is related to the properties of the stone as well as its price. It is mostly preferred to be used in activities that calm the person, relax and remove negative energy such as meditation and yoga.

Rhodochrosite stone is also included in alternative medicine because it has healing effects. However, this situation is not very common due to the late discovery of the stone. Thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing effects, it helps to prevent many ailments and heal diseases. However, since it does not guarantee treatment on its own, it is recommended not to be used without the advice of experts.

Rhodochrosite Stone Ritual

Rhodochrosite is most often used in rituals, apart from meditation and yoga. This is because it has an effect that helps one achieve one’s wishes. It helps to get a response in a short time by balancing the energy in carefully performed rituals and making it easier for the person to focus. It is possible to use it in many areas such as abundance, love, family, friendship, energy, and personal transformations.

In rituals performed with rhodochrosite stone, an environment where the person will feel comfortable should be preferred. At least one Rhodochrosite stone should be included with the items needed for the ritual. If it is to be used together with other natural stones, care should be taken to ensure that all stones are compatible with each other, and if there is an incompatible stone, it should be removed from the environment. Touching the stone or holding it in the compatible chakra area helps to complete the ritual in a better way.

Which Chakra Is Rhodochrosite Compatible With?

Rhodochrosite, even indirectly, regulates the work of all chakras and prevents them from closing. However, since the properties of the stone are similar to the heart chakra, it is considered compatible with this chakra. Generally, when rhodochrosite is placed on the heart, it makes the chakra work better. Therefore, it is possible for it to be preferred by people with weak heart chakras.

The heart chakra can be thought of as the centre of emotions and feelings. In cases where it does not work, the person does not know how to feel and constantly makes mistakes due to his intuition. In his working state, he can control his emotions, so he takes actions that feel right not only emotionally but also logically. It also helps to find true love and soul mate.

The heart chakra, opened using rhodochrosite, is responsible for maintaining the health of the heart and all organs and tissues in that area. If a person’s heart aches for no reason and feels like their heart is tightening, it may be due to poor chakra functioning. When work is done on this chakra together with yoga and meditation, the complaints will end over time. In addition, if there is a disease that can be treated, it accelerates the healing process and helps the person to regain his health.

Compatible Bushes of Rhodochrosite Stone

Rhodochrosite stone, which is compatible with Leo and Scorpio signs, can be used by all humanity. However, since it can directly meet the needs of Leo and Scorpio signs, it works in harmony with these signs. When used for the first time, it provides a correction of the negative feature of each sign. In cases where it is used regularly, it increases the quality of life by showing other mental and physical benefits.

Leo and Scorpio owners are courageous and self-confident people. For this reason, they always want to feel powerful and to hold the command. They work constantly to achieve their goals and when they are successful they feel complete. If these situations are not experienced, if people feel incomplete and inadequate, they can use Rhodochrosite to reveal the power that exists within them.

Rhodochrosite, which affects all zodiac signs, also heals the houses or planets where the lion and Scorpio signs are in one’s natal chart. It prevents the negativities experienced in retro movements from seriously affecting life. It also offers the opportunity to feel the hard aspects of the planets in a lighter way. Thus, it shows that the individual is not afraid of astrology and that when he finds a source of healing, the planetary movements are not bad.

Rhodochrosite Stone Benefits and Disadvantages

  • It beautifies and heals one’s aura.
  • It makes the first impression left on people better.
  • It has a protective effect from the evil eye and similar negative energies.
  • It is a natural pain reliever for severe headaches.
  • It prevents the recurrence of diseases.
  • It makes it harder to get sick thanks to its immune-boosting effect.
  • Increasing the focus, it provides dedication to the work done.
  • It helps the individual to express himself more comfortably.
  • Prevents destructive behaviours in relationships.
  • It helps the process of getting over the pain of love.
  • It protects heart health and makes circulation more regular.
  • It prevents sudden changes in blood pressure and sugar.
  • It helps to be calmer on emotional ups and downs.
  • It helps to create a sleep pattern and make nighttime sleep better.
  • It keeps spiritual values ​​alive as they should be.
  • It provides better repair of bones and tissues.
  • It nourishes the soul and reveals the power within the person.
  • It teaches not to give up and perseverance always wins.
  • It is good for situations such as boredom and reluctance.
  • It protects the person from malicious people and harmful friendships.

Where to Put Rhodochrosite Stone at Home?

Rhodochrosite stone can be used in many rooms of the house. Especially natural stones, which are in the form of natural mass or trinket, can be used just like a decoration product. In this way, help can be obtained from both the energy and visuality of the stone. It can be used without any problems when placed in high and safe places in houses with children and animals. Since it is a fragile stone, it should not be left in places where there is a risk of falling.

Although rhodochrosite is usually kept in bedrooms, it can be left in other rooms depending on the purpose of use. Especially if it is desired to have an effect on more than one person, it is more accurate to place it in common areas. It should be taken into account that it is placed in a visible way. It should be placed inside cabinets and drawers by wrapping it in a soft cloth only when not in use. In addition, it is possible to have Rhodochrosite stone in offices, workplaces, cars or bags.

Where is Rhodochrosite Stone Sold?

Rhodochrosite stone, which is usually sold on the internet, can also be sold in stores or in various shops. If the shopping is done from a reliable place, it will be difficult to encounter fake stones, so shopping should not be done from unknown places. Even if it is not a hard-to-reach stone, it may not be found everywhere because it is not popular enough. It would be better to go shopping after doing enough research on this.

Where is Rhodochrosite Stone Sold

How Much is Rhodochrosite Stone Price?

Rhodochrosite stone, which is slightly more expensive than other natural stones, does not have extreme prices. In this regard, it is possible to find a Rhodochrosite stone suitable for one’s budget. Because some stones look very beautiful, their prices can be quite high. However, since all stones have the same effects and properties, the appearance of the stone is only important for aesthetic pleasure. Since the design, models, size of the stone or the purpose for which it will be used directly affect the prices, there is no specific price range.

Rhodochrosite Stone Care and Cleaning

Regular care is very important for Rhodochrosite, which is known for its effects on the aura. It cannot show the desired effect because it will carry the energy of a few people on stones that have never been taken care of. In addition, due to the negative energies accumulated in it, it may become unable to work adequately. This may create the impression that the stone is old or no longer working, but after it has been taken care of, it will feel like it is being used for the first time.

When caring for the rhodochrosite stone, natural substances that will not spoil the structure of the stone are needed. Soil or water can be used for this. You can also get help from handmade natural incense, candles or other natural stones that do not contain chemicals. It is sufficient to keep the stone in water or soil for about half an hour. Spreading incense on the stone or leaving it next to a burning candle or other natural stones will have the same effect.

Interesting Facts About Rhodochrosite Stone

Although rhodochrosite was discovered in 1938, it is a stone that has been used for centuries. The first place to be discovered is a cemetery belonging to the Inca Empire. It is known that it was used by the Incas because it was found in a processed form. Although it lost its popularity afterwards, the value of Rhodochrosite has been recognised, especially in the last 10 years. For this reason, it is exhibited in museums, collected by collectors and used in daily life.

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