Postcard Marketing Ideas: 12 Effective Uses of Postcards

For small business owners, coming up with new ways to promote themselves can be a real challenge. Postcards are a proven marketing technique for building awareness, boosting sales, or attracting more customers.

You can provide information about your company such as your logo, opening hours and contact details. They’re also effective marketing tools, and if you’re creative, how you use them can make a real difference. Discover on this page 9 different ways to use postcards to stimulate the activity of your company and increase its notoriety.

9 ideas for using postcards for your marketing:

  1. Add a coupon or promotion.
  2. Note appointments.
  3. Communicate your news.
  4. Promote a product.
  5. Thank your customers.
  6. Make it indispensable support.
  7. Tell your story.
  8. Create a referral program.

1. Add a coupon or promotion.

Voucher for a gift, discount on their next purchase… Add a promotional offer on your postcards to bring your customers back. Why stick to standard discounts? Create postcards for your customers’ birthdays and birthdays: the more personal your cards are, the more they will promote their loyalty!

2. Write down appointments.

Leave blank space on one side of your cards to note client appointments or other important dates. Whether you are a hairdresser, groomer or landscaper, distribute reminder postcards to mark the spirits with your brand and remind your customers of their appointments in an elegant way.

3. Communicate your news.

Are you opening a new establishment? Are you changing the opening hours of your store? Are you offering a new product or service? For all your ads, bet on postcards! And to grab attention, create bold graphics and eye-catching text.

4. Promote a product.

Postcards are excellent information carriers. Feature the specifics of a product or collection on one side of the postcard, and invite your customers to pick one up as they leave, even if they haven’t made a purchase. Preparing an order online? Slip one of these cards into the package: your customers will be delighted to receive a little extra attention.

5. Introduce your team.

Does your business employ several people? Present them to your customers! Place their photo on one side and personal information on the other. And with a bit of humor, it’s even better! Boutique, restaurant, service company… Whatever your activity, your customers will be delighted to be served by familiar faces and to know a little more about the employees who regularly help them.

6. Thank your customers.

There’s nothing more personal than a handwritten message. Why not use one side of your postcards to thank your customers? Send them a card by mail following a purchase or reservation of a service, or slip one into their remote order to add a personal note.

7. Make it an indispensable medium.

Create original postcards to give your customers a reason to keep them. As a restaurateur, you can, for example, share your homemade cocktail recipe on the back of your card. If you’re the head of a clothing brand, share fashion tips on a postcard or create labels that stand out for being big. What’s important is that you design useful marketing materials for your customers to post on their refrigerators instead of throwing them away. Do you want to communicate practical information about your product? Add the instructions for the use or maintenance of a product on a postcard. Your customers will display it for reference at any time.

8. Tell your story.

Do you want to share essential information about your business, such as its history? Postcards have the ideal format. Present your brand values, the beginnings of your company, or its mission in order to show your customers a more personal aspect of your brand (yes, yes, there is a person behind this one! ).

9. Create a referral program.

Referral programs promote word of mouth. Why not use postcards to get people talking about you? For example, when someone makes a purchase, give them a promotional postcard that they can in turn give to a friend. If that friend makes a purchase, reward the original customer with a gift or discount.

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