Natural Stones Best Suitable for Grief, Sorrow & Sadness

Natural stones, which have been used for centuries as both jewelry and ornaments for healing, help people to overcome many emotions that they have difficulty coping with. Grief, Sorrow & Sadness are among these emotions. The healing energies of natural stones can be effective against compelling feelings of grief and sadness. Which Natural Stone Is For Taurus?

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal that is supported in dealing with feelings such as grief, loss, and sadness. Since ancient times, it provides relief from broken hearts, sadness, shame, and guilt feelings that we bring from the past. While protecting the person against emotional crises; radiates energies that support features such as love, forgiveness, and tolerance. It brings self-love, beauty, and openness of heart. It helps you to become a more compassionate, compassionate, and calm person. Rose Quartz Stone Features and Benefits


Carnelian is a powerful crystal that can also balance negative emotions such as grief and sadness due to its ability to balance energies. Connected with fire and blood throughout history, this crystal connects with the strength and courage within you, helping to reduce the accumulated anger and grief. It helps you to take firm steps forward by making you have a more positive outlook on life. Natural Stones and Properties by Zodiac Sign



Amethyst is a powerful crystal that protects you with the energies it emits during times of stress and anxiety. Amethyst, which has been used as a symbol of nobility throughout history, is also often preferred for people who want to develop spiritually, as it strengthens intuition and purifies the mind. While the amethyst crystal helps to clear your thoughts, it also protects you against the obstacles that may come your way to move forward. It is a special crystal that gives calmness and comfort, so you can stay calm even in the most stressful and difficult moments. Amethyst Meaning, Properties, Powers, Price, & Jewelry

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