Moonstone Properties, Benefits, Colors

Moonstone, which has been valued as a precious stone and used in jewelry making since the first civilizations, was used effectively, especially by the Romans. Moonstone (also known as Moonstone and Mother Earth Stone) is usually found as translucent white. It also includes reflections in orange and blue colors.

Moonstone Properties

Its structure, also known as a rainbow, scatters blue sparkles when held up to the light. Just like the surface of the moon… Although it looks like an opal in appearance, its color and the blue color it reflects are unique to itself. It is a type of feldspar with a blue glow. It is in the same group as Labradorite, which is as luminous as itself.

Having a hardness of 6 – 6.5, Moonstone is of medium hardness and should be handled delicately. Otherwise, it is a stone that can be easily damaged. Also, Read – Aventurine (Star Stone) Properties, Benefits, Colors

You can use moonstone as jewelry or as a decorative element in your home. It is most beneficial to touch your skin when used as jewelry, but it also shows its effect if it is in your pocket.

It is used for the lower abdomen, solar plexus, and heart chakras. Moonstone, named after the rumors that it reflects the brilliance of the moon, has emotional stabilizing qualities. It regulates the daily rhythm of the body. When used with sunstone, it is balanced and its effect is increased.

The main places of extraction are Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma, America, Germany, India, Tanzania, and Mexico.

Moonstone Benefits

  • Moonstone helps a person to get rid of emotional tension and accept their feelings.
  • Moonstone is a source of healing, especially for women. It keeps the reproductive system healthy and balances the estrogen hormone. Women who want to get pregnant can have this stone with them.
  • It is said to facilitate childbirth, and relieve labor pains.
  • It ensures that women’s monthly periods are regular.
  • It also has benefits during menopause.
  • When you are overreacting and anxious, moonstone stabilizes you and makes you sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  • It provides emotional balance and is good for the ego.
  • It mutually increases the feelings of compassion and sympathy between you and people and brings sympathy to the person carrying it.
  • It makes lovers more passionate.
  • It strengthens intuition and communication.
  • It is the stone of those with low stars. It is effective against the evil eye.
  • It is good for cramps, and leg and back pain.
  • It is effective against gluttony.
  • It strengthens the lymph system.
  • Moonstone is good for those who suffer from insomnia, provides a comfortable sleep, prevents bad dreams, and is good against sleepwalking.
  • It positively affects brain functions and gives mental clarity.
  • It helps in removing toxins.
  • It helps dieters because it gives a feeling of satiety.

Moonstone Colors, Hardness, Places of Extraction

Specific weight2.56 – 2.80
Chemical Formula and GroupK, Al, Si(O) and Feldspar
ColorsTranslucent, white, blue, orange
Places of ExtractionBrazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma, America, Germany, India, Tanzania, Mexico

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