Mental disability and work: rights, procedures and advice

According to the Pierre Deniker Foundation, more than one in five French working people presents with distress leading to a mental disorder. If you have a mental disability, know that you can work thanks to the measures put in place to help you. 5 things that have changed in the employment of people with disabilities

Psychological disability or mental disorder: definition

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental disorders represent “ a set of illnesses involving mental states (thoughts, emotions) but also dysfunctional behaviors and social relationships ”.

These include depression, anxiety, bipolar, addictive disorders, eating disorders, extremely intense personality, and temporary or permanent pathologies.

Working with Mental Illness: What the Law Says

If you suffer from one of these pathologies, you have the possibility of having your disability recognized as defined by article L5213-1 of the Labor Code. How to choose life insurance: Types of life insurance

Indeed, “Disability is a physical, sensory, psychological or intellectual deficiency leading to total or partial incapacity, in a given work situation (…) A disabled worker is considered to be any person whose possibilities of obtaining or keeping a job are actually reduced as a result of the alteration of one or more physical, sensory, mental or psychic functions. »

You should also know that since the law of July 10, 1987, private and public companies and administrations with 20 or more employees have the legal obligation to employ employees with disabilities up to 6% of their workforce, under penalty of financial penalty. Insomnia and Its negative health consequences

RQTH approach for mental disorders

To obtain Recognition of the status of a disabled worker, you must request the RQTH application form available on the websites of the CAF or the Departmental House for Disabled Persons on which you depend and which will study your request, accompanied by certain supporting documents.

Obtaining the RQTH – valid between 1 and 10 years and renewable – gives access to certain rights and advantages which, according to Agefiph, secure the professional career and allow you to be recognized for your skills and your ability to work not for your disability.

Be aware, however, that an employee with an RQTH has no legal obligation to inform his employer and the latter cannot legally initiate a dismissal procedure due to a disability. What is Logo Integration? What are the advantages?

But if you choose to inform him, he can ” trigger mechanisms and financing to facilitate your continued employment, your daily work through, for example, a job adjustment, a reduction schedules, training “.

Professional integration of people with mental disabilities

If you are a job seeker

If you are a job seeker, you can benefit from the skills employment path (PEC) which, according to the Ministry of Labor, is based on the “ employment-training-accompaniment triptych ”.

Your disability can give you easier access to civil service, rehabilitation, re-education, or professional training courses.

To guide you in the best possible way, you can call on Cap Emploi advisers, who specialize in the professional integration and job retention of 100,000 disabled people each year.

You can also apply to companies adapted to mental disabilities. These “ordinary” companies mostly employ disabled workers, in suitable conditions. E-commerce Site Design Trends That Will Draw Attention in 2022

If you are employed

If you are an employee, you can turn to the occupational doctor as well as your general practitioner. Internally, you can contact the personnel department or the disability referent, the staff representatives, the works council, or the CSE.

More broadly, Agefiph also offers services and financial aid (subject to conditions) to access training, facilitate recruitment, create your own business or keep your job.

You can also ask to benefit from the supported employment system set up by the public services.

Depending on your disability, you can evolve in an ÉSAT, “ a structure that offers people with disabilities a professional activity and medico-social and educational support”.

It should be noted that this type of structure welcomes people whose work capacities do not allow them to evolve in an ordinary or adapted company.

Find the ideal employer with a mental disability

The French state takes special care of people who have taken the RQTH process. Many companies also put inclusion at the heart of their corporate culture: mental disability and work are now perfectly compatible.

In order to find the job and the employer that really suits you, bet on job offer platforms committed to the diversity of talents and their inclusion. At Job Seekers, we’re committed to finding the job that’s right for you: start by creating your free candidate profile and then apply to all of our online offers!

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