Making E-Cards: Creating online greeting cards

Create a fun and unique eCard suitable for any occasion with our magnificent collection of graphics and images. Have fun while you design your e-Cards, and let the people you send your e-Cards have fun when they receive your cards.

Create perfect eCards for any event

For special holidays, events or just when you want them to be surprised and happy, send your loved ones online loving eCards you created with Canva’s DIY ecard maker! With over a million stock images, graphics, illustrations and hundreds of professional eCard template designs suitable for all occasions, you no longer have to worry about going to the store at the last minute and finding the perfect card. Create your own eCard with Canva!

Get on the Canva design train with no graphic design experience or skill and create amazing designs with just a little imagination and creativity!

How to prepare an e-card

  1. Open Canva

    If you’re a new user, sign up for Canva using Facebook or Google. If you’ve been here before, log in to your account and search for the “e-Card” design type. To get started, open a new page.

  2. Find the right template

    Browse templates for each eCard style theme. Find the perfect template for you by adding keywords that match your mood, colour scheme, and style to narrow your search. Simply click on the template you want to start designing.

  3. Experiment with features

    In the Canva library, you’ll find millions of photos, images, icons, stickers, illustrations and other graphics to make your card stand out. Apply photo filters or use the animation tool to make materials slide, roll or rise on the page.

  4. Personalize your card

    Make your card as unique as the person who is expected to receive it. Upload your own images and photos to make your design more personal. Choose a colour scheme and background combination that matches your friend or family member’s personality.

  5. Save and share

    Download and save your card as JPG or PNG. Share via Facebook, Instagram or email in just a few clicks. Return to your design at any time and make any necessary adjustments.

Surprise others with your eCard and yourself with your creativity

Remember the joy of receiving a card on your birthday, on special holidays or sometimes on ordinary days, and spice up your sender’s day by creating your own eCard. Create a loving Mother’s Day card with your mother’s favourite colours and flowers, design a delightful birthday card for your child or send a fun e-Card to your best friend!

Creating online greeting cards

With Canva’s drag-and-drop, easily customizable interface, you can use your own photos to make your eCards even more special and personal! Plus its 100% free. You can also choose from 1 million high-quality images, graphics, and illustrations on Canva. While some of the images are free, premium images are only charged at $1 per image.

Choose from high-quality, ready-to-use eCard templates

Canva has a wide selection of professional eCard template designs created and ready to use by our expert team of designers. All you have to do is select a template and start designing by dragging and dropping the components you want into the template.

Want to create many designs from a single template? Don’t worry, you can use the same template as many times as you want so you don’t have to start designing over and over again. Every single design you create in Canva is saved on your homepage so you can access your design anytime, drag and drop new images, text and effects that you’ll use in the new version of the design, or create the entire design from scratch.

Share your eCard in many ways

Once your eCard is ready to be sent to its recipient, you can send your card in many different ways. When you hit the Share button in the Canva menu bar, you can email your ecard or share it directly on your social media page.

Want more options? You can choose to download your eCard as a JPG or PNG image or print it as an impressively high-resolution PDF. You can also choose to send your e-Card using traditional methods.

How to create a good eCard?

Make your eCard stand out on the screen with stunning images, photos and other graphics. Keep the text short but make sure it’s punchy. The best eCards are designed to be sent via email or social media, so make sure your card has the right dimensions and resolution.

How can I convert a photo to eCard?

To eCard with a photo you’ve already found, start with an eCard template and choose a background. Then simply upload the photo or drag and drop it into your design. You can create a collage with several photos, or keep it simple and settle for a single image.

What size should an eCard be?

Since you’ll be sending your eCard online, you’ll want to choose a size that looks good on multiple platforms. Therefore, the standard eCard size is approximately 600 pixels wide by 450 pixels long. These dimensions display well on mobile devices and in email inboxes.

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