Lapis Lazuli (Mental Cleansing Stone) Meaning, Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

The other name of Lapis stone, which has the feature of calming the mind, is a mental cleansing stone. It helps the person to get rid of negative thoughts and obsessions. It prevents making mistakes because of the emotions felt by enabling them to act more logically.

Lapis is a natural stone that has blue hues and has been in use for many years. It is responsible for ensuring the flow of energy in nature. Larimar (Relaxing Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

What Does Lapis Stone Mean?

The name of the Lapis stone in foreign sources is Lapis Lazuli. The Turkish equivalent of these words, which are of Latin and Persian origin, means blue stone. It got this name because it has striking blue tones. Since there is a harmony between its appearance and meaning, the name of the stone is attributed to it. In addition, its dark blue color is known as night stone among the people.

Lapis Stone Meaning

Lapis Stone Meaning

Thanks to its rich mineral structure, Lapis stone has many benefits. It is a natural stone tasked with giving positive energy to people and nature and purifying them from negative situations and thoughts. They are considered secondary minerals because they are grown alongside other mines. Due to its widespread availability, it is among the natural stones that were used daily in the past and extracted from some historical artifacts. What is Afghanite? Properties, Benefits, Colours

Lapis Stone Formation

Lapis stone, which can be considered a rock or stone, takes a very long time to form. This period begins when magma rises to the surface and ends after millions of years. With many physical and chemical reactions, the unique properties of Lapis stone are formed. Many minerals have an effect on the formation of Lapis stone.

Considered a stone that calms the mind, Lapis developed this ability during its formation. Thanks to the magnetic factors it is exposed to, its ability to vibrate has begun. Thus, by directly interfering with the energy flow, it makes it possible for the mind of the person to calm down and be purified from negative energies.

Where Does Lapis Stone found?

Lapis, a common stone, can be mined from different parts of the world. It is a natural stone that can be extracted from different areas of Afghanistan and Argentina, although primarily from the USA, Italy, and Russia. Since it is mined in large masses, it is relatively easier to shape and process than other stones. However, since it is a soft stone, it is only passed by experts. The stones found in Turkey are also real Lapis stones imported and offered for sale.

Things to Consider While Buying Lapis

Many of the features that should be considered when buying natural stones are common. First of all, the shop where you shop must be reliable. In order to buy real Lapis stone and to return and exchange it in case of problems, it is necessary to go to quality stores. In online orders, contacting the sellers and completing the shopping prevents many problems. What is Lapis Lazuli? What it is used for? Where it is Found?

Lapis is one of the stones that are special to the person. For this reason, the stone should be used only by the owner, and if someone else uses it, energy cleaning should be done. Purchasing popular, always-on models helps to better observe the effects of the stone. In addition, in models with more than one stone, it should be examined whether the Lapis stone is compatible with other stones.

How to Tell if Lapis is Real or Fake?

In order to benefit from all its effects and features, the Lapis stone must be real. If the Lapis stone is fake, it will only serve as an accessory or ornament. Since it cannot interfere with the energy balance, it will not be different from paving stones. For this reason, it is necessary to know the ways to distinguish the real ones from the fakes of Lapis stone.

The best way to distinguish lapis stone from fakes is to break the stone. Breaking is not recommended for accessories sold as a single piece, as it may render the accessory unusable. If there is a multi-piece product, it is sufficient to break one of the stones. It can be considered as real if its interior and exterior colors are in the same shade of blue.

People who have used Lapis stone before or natural stone experts can understand that the stone is fake even just by touching it. It can be distinguished from fakes as it is colder than normal in room conditions, and its brightness and the weight of the stone are unique. In addition, the examinations to be made in university laboratories can prove that the Lapis stone is real or fake. 10 Most Common Types of Crystals | And What They’re Used For

What are the Properties and Effects of Lapis Stone?

Lapis stone is usually found in a translucent or opaque form. It is not a pure substance because it contains many minerals, especially calcite, sodalite, and hoynite. Although blue colors predominate as a whole, there may be golden yellow or white patches. Lapis, one of the soft stones, is between 3 and 5 on the hardness scale.

The most important effect of lapis stone is on energy flow. It has a balancing effect as it removes the negative energies of living things and nature from the environment. For this reason, it allows both the user and nature to stay away from stressful situations and maintain their order. If it is in an irregular environment, it creates its own unique order by making new beginnings. What is Natural Stone? How Are Natural Stones Formed?

In addition to its psychological effects, it also has many physiological effects. The foremost of these is to protect the body’s health and facilitate the treatment of existing diseases. It supports the development process of pregnant women and babies. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, preventing the person from catching many diseases.

Lapis Stone Usage and Usage Areas

Today, with the increase in demand for natural stones, the usage rate of Lapis stone has increased. It is often involved in accessories, carvings, and the making of decorative items. It is preferred because it adds color and elegance to the exterior design of various boxes. Especially when natural stone is taken as a mass, it is placed in various areas to clean the energy of the environment.

Since lapis stone is considered a soft rock, it is relatively easy to process. For this reason, Lapis stone, which has been shaped and turned into objects, can be found in historical artifacts. Today it is featured in mosaics, vases, beads, clothing, and accessories. There are also Lapis stones, which are turned into facial massage tools.

Culturally, the use of Lapis stone is more. Especially among the public, it is known for its positive effects on human health, both psychologically and physically. Thanks to this information transferred from past times to the present, the Lapis stone is found in the fields of psychology and alternative medicine. In any case, it should not be used for treatment purposes unless approved by the doctor.

Lapis Stone Ritual

Rituals are performed about one’s wishes or matters that one wishes to complete. In the meantime, it is very popular to get help from natural stones that affect energy such as Lapis. Depending on which ritual is performed, it is possible to get help from other stones or items besides the Lapis stone. Lapis stone makes rituals more effective because it clears the energy of the person and the environment. Best Natural Stones for Empaths

Although lapis stone is effective in all rituals, it should be used especially in rituals that help the person to calm down. Cleansing the mind, the forgiveness of the past, and clearing energy creates a maximum effect in areas. In addition, since it is one of the natural stones that can be used in sleep problems, rituals related to the subconscious can be done.

Which Chakra Is Lapis Compatible With?

The development of some characteristics of the individual is related to the working state of the chakras. Also, some of the physical problems can be caused by the chakras not working properly. Lapis improves the throat and crown chakras, which it is compatible with, and heals the problems that occur in these areas. It also has a general effect, as it generally clears all the chakras.

When the throat chakra is not working well, it causes more communication-related problems. It creates problems such as lack of self-confidence, inability to express oneself, and conflict in bilateral relations. As energy flow will be provided with lapis stone, these problems will come to an end. It can also be used as a treatment tool for throat diseases, vocal cords, and neck disorders.

Since the crown chakra is a chakra located in the head area, it primarily causes discomfort in that area. In cases where it does not work adequately, diseases related to the skull, five sense organs and the brain may occur. Since energy flow will occur thanks to lapis stone, the healing processes are accelerated. It is also possible for the person to feel better mentally.

Compatible zodiac signs of Lapis Stone

As with the chakras, there are zodiac signs that the Lapis stone is compatible with. In particular, it directly affects the Sagittarius sign, which is in the fire group. Therefore, if a Sagittarius owner is going to use natural stone, one of their priorities should be Lapis. Since it will suppress the bad aspects of the Sagittarius sign, it prevents the person from staying in negative situations thanks to the sign.

The unreliable, uncontrolled and overly relaxed behavior of some Sagittarius signs can cause problems in society. Lapis stone ensures that these negative thoughts disappear from the first time it is used. It shows that the person is actually reliable, controlled, and responsible. Since it will break prejudices, it has the feature of strengthening social relations.

One of the effects of lapis stone on the Sagittarius signs is to end indecision and enable the individual to act more clearly. It makes it easier to find new ways out, especially for those who are caught between emotions and logic. It helps to maintain resilience and provide crisis management in the face of unexpected events.

Lapis Stone Benefits and Harms

  • Lapis stone, which stands out with the benefits it provides to psychology, has a strong calming effect. It is possible to use it as a natural antidepressant. Making it easier to overcome fears and cope with anxieties, ensures that the person stays strong all the time. It alleviates the lasting effects of past or present events.
  • It is the task of Lapis stone to regulate the night sleep of children and babies. Especially thanks to its effect that protects from nightmares, it makes it easier for them to sleep soundly throughout the night. Thus, it prevents discomfort and chronic crying during the day. There are also significant reductions in the workforce of caregivers. It also makes very stagnant children more energetic and ends situations such as being introverted.
  • Lapis stone is a natural stone that gives mental clarity. Especially when used by employees and students, it is possible to get high efficiency from short-term studies. It has effects that facilitate memorization and help to understand the logic of the subjects. Thus, it ensures that all information is stored in permanent memory and prevents forgetfulness.
  • Lapis stone, which has effects on communication, especially helps bilateral relations to continue in a healthy way. It develops the skills of the individual to express himself and to understand the other person. It prevents discussions that will occur due to misunderstandings. In addition, it prevents many fights that may occur due to jealousy and anger, making relationships last longer.
  • Lapis stone has the effect of regulating blood circulation. In this way, it allows the blood to flow more cleanly and prevents the formation of vascular occlusion. By regulating the pulse, it prevents tachycardia. Since it will keep the blood pressure constant, it prevents the person from feeling sluggish. In addition, regulating the functioning of hormonal systems prevents many diseases that may occur in the body.
  • Lapis, which cleans the internal organs, removes harmful substances from the body faster. Thanks to this feature, it helps to get rid of addictions such as smoking and alcohol. It prevents respiratory diseases and liver diseases. In addition, it has the effect of accelerating the treatment of ongoing diseases in this area. It is possible to see many psychological and physiological benefits when used with the advice of a doctor.

Where to Put Lapis Stone at Home?

Lapis stone, which has a striking appearance with its different colors of blue, is suitable for use in homes. Especially the stones taken as natural stone mass can be easily placed in any environment. Thanks to its natural appearance, it cleans the energy of the house while being used as a decoration product. It is suitable to take place in houses designed with coffee tones and arranged with black and white elegance.

The area where the lapis stone will be placed should be high against the risk of breakage. Especially at home with small children, hard-to-reach places should be preferred because it is a soft stone. It can be kept in all rooms provided that it is not placed in closed areas. For this reason, room selection can be made according to the effects expected from the stone.

Sleep patterns can be kept in bedrooms for personal rest and relaxation feeling. It is possible to place it in living rooms and halls in order to preserve the peace in the family and to end the fights. Bringing abundance and abundance, Lapis stone can be placed on kitchen shelves without a lid. After it is placed in the most suitable room for the person, it will have an effect on the whole house.

Where is Lapis Stone Sold?

Lapis is a type of rock commonly found in nature. Therefore, it is available for sale in many places. Depending on how the product will be purchased, it can be found in antique shops, accessory stores, and gift shops. In addition, some products decorated with Lapis stone are sold in stores where decorative products are sold.

Natural stone vendors sell Lapis stone over the internet. It is possible to reach Lapis stones, which have various designs according to one’s taste, from anywhere in Turkey. In addition, since there are more product types, online shopping options for natural stones are more commonly preferred.

Lapis Stone Price

Since it is not a rare stone, the prices of Lapis stones are at the same level as common stones. Since it has many positive effects, its moral value is higher than its material value. Thanks to the models that can be found in every budget, it is a stone that anyone can obtain. Prices may vary depending on the store where it is sold and the size of the stone.

Lapis Stone Care and Cleaning

Lapis stone, known as the night stone, needs maintenance and cleaning at certain intervals. Cleaning is only about the outer surface. For this reason, it is possible to remove dirt with the help of a damp cloth. In order to avoid irritation, it should not be interacted with chemical substances and should only be cleaned with water.

In the care of lapis stone, help can be obtained from soil or a running water source. Since it is a soft stone, it should not be buried in the ground, it should only be kept in it. In the meantime, getting sunlight or moonlight helps it to be purified from negative energies more easily. In addition, when it is kept under a running water source, it removes negative energies from itself thanks to the fluid water.

Lapis stone, which is personal, is affected by the energy of other people. For this reason, care should be taken for stones that someone else has touched or used for a long time. Stones whose energy is not cleared can cause the person to feel distressed, disrupt their sleep patterns, and become aggressive. After it is taken care of, it continues to show its old positive effects.

Interesting Facts About Lapis Stone

Especially the dark blue colors of lapis stone are quite remarkable. In the past, it was used as a jewel by individuals in the ruling class. For this reason, it has been found in historical artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian period and in the tombs of the pharaohs. There are also accessories made of Lapis stone, which have survived from ancient times.

Lapis is one of the natural stones used extensively in the Ancient Roman period. It was thought to be a talismanic stone due to its bright and dark colors. Preferred by psychics and magicians, this stone was believed to protect and purify the soul from evil. For this reason, people with psychic powers would protect themselves by keeping Lapis stone with them all the time.

Reminiscent of the sky with its dark blue colors and natural appearance, Lapis stone nourishes the skin and makes the person look younger. By purchasing Lapis Natural Stone Massage Tool, you can purify your skin from negative energies due to stress.

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