Know the difference between natural and artificial stone

Jewelry always brings beauty and sophistication to a person’s look, but also a lot of curiosity. One of the most frequent curiosities among Brazilians is whether the jewelry stone is natural or artificial.

This is because the jewelry universe has grown a lot in recent years and options for manufactured stones have emerged, not just those extracted from nature. The beauty of the two is so evident that it is often difficult to tell the difference between them. 11 Occasions You Should Take Your Wedding Ring Off Your Finger

That’s why we created this post to clarify your doubts and show the types of stones for jewelry, check it out!

How to know the difference between natural and artificial stone?

Differentiating between natural and artificial stone is one of the great skills of jewelry lovers. The person being able to differentiate, for example, a natural diamond from a synthetic one shows how he understands the subject. This is because these artificial gemstones have many similarities with natural ones. The World’s Most Precious Stones

However, with a closer look — and even with the use of magnifying glasses — it is possible to differentiate the two, especially with regard to brightness, durability, and, of course, a rarity. Check out some differences below; Black Diamond: Properties, Carat, Colour, Sizes & Shapes


When it comes to this aspect, the shine of natural stones is usually more intense. Therefore, the idea is to test against the light to identify its strength.


Artificial stones are less durable than natural ones. In the case of a diamond, a tip to know if it is real is to rub it against something resistant, for example. The real diamond will not be damaged… the artificial stone… yes! E-commerce Site Design Trends That Will Draw Attention in 2022


Natural stones are limited in nature, not least because they take millions of years to form. So, natural stone jewelry tends to be more expensive and valued than artificial ones.

What are the types of artificial stones?

Artificial stones are those formed in laboratories, therefore they are manufactured to order. Some seek to imitate natural stones but do not have the characteristics mentioned above.

The main man-made stones are zirconia and also some other crystals. Zirconia is an example of how an artificial stone can also have its value, with unique shine and qualities. What are the Leading digital professions?

What are natural stones?

As said, natural stones are those found in nature, without any kind of influence from man. Some of them may be of mineral origin, while others have their organic appearance. In the first case, we have:

  • Diamond;
  • Emerald;
  • Jade;
  • Ruby;
  • Sapphire;
  • Opal.

Already of organic origin, that is, animal, nature has among the most famous the pearl, extracted from oysters, amber, and coral.

Blue Diamond

Which is the best option: natural or artificial stone?

Natural and artificial stones are part of the jewelry universe, so there is no better option. This depends a lot on the intention of the person who is going to buy it, however, it is important to understand the differences so as not to buy jewelry with artificial stone, thinking it is natural, for example.

Etsy, for example, works with the manufacture of jewelry with both types of stones, zirconia, diamond, and several others. In addition, the jewelry has the Amagold certificate, which attests to the quality of the material used in the manufacture of the piece. Is the Apple Watch 7 waterproof?

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