iPhone 12 battery life: How to improve the battery of the iPhone 12?

The battery of the iPhone 12 has a spectacular duration. It gives you for the whole day, whatever its use. Still, you may want to maximize those hours. At GemSleek we have some very simple tricks to make your iPhone 12 battery last longer.
Who is the first to keep up with you? Your iPhone. There are many factors that influence the performance of the iPhone 12 battery. First, you have to know how your iPhone 12 battery works.

How is the battery of the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12  battery is a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery has no “memory”. That is, you can put it on charge for a while, then remove it from the charger, and minutes later put your iPhone back on charge.

iPhone 12 charging cycles

The iPhone 12 battery works through charging cycles. For you to understand: A charge cycle is when the battery reaches 100%. If you charge the iPhone 70% in the morning, and 30% at night, the sum is 100%, which would count as a single charge cycle completed.

This means that you can charge your iPhone when you need it. Without having to wait for it to run out to “spend only one cycle”, or keep it always charged so as not to spend it.

How to charge iPhone 12?

In addition to following the next tricks to keep your iPhone 12 battery in the best possible condition, you will find it very useful to read our article on the perfect chargers for this iPhone model. This way you will know how to charge the iPhone 12 without damaging it using the appropriate accessories.

How to charge iPhone 12

How to increase iPhone 12 battery life?

Now that you know the right accessories to charge iPhone 12, we give you a series of tips to preserve the health of your battery and charge your iPhone in the best possible way.

  • Update the Software. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Updated software helps extend battery life.
  • Turn on low power mode if your battery is low. Settings  >  Battery  >  Low power mode .
  • Disable background updates. You can disable them in  Settings  >  General  >  Background refresh. It is one of the most noticeable settings when it comes to lengthening the battery life on your iPhone 12.
  • Check the applications that constantly search for your location. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Restrict the location in the Apps that you do not need to be located.

Learn more about iPhone 12 battery care

  • Contrary to popular belief, leaving your iPhone charging overnight doesn’t negatively affect your battery’s health.
  • Avoid continually closing Apps in the background. Many times it costs more to start them from scratch than to return to an already running application.
  • We explain how to know the health status of your iPhone battery and how to improve it. Do you think your iPhone 12 battery has worn out? In the following blog on changing the iPhone battery, we help you confirm if it is time to replace your battery.

And very importantly, don’t get obsessed with this topic! You have an iPhone 12, it is one of the best iPhones out there. What more can you ask? Follow these tips on how to charge the iPhone 12 and take care of its battery, and now you can really enjoy your iPhone throughout the day.

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