Interim contract or CDII: All you need to know about this type of contract

Discover the temporary CDI called CDII, a hybrid contract created in 2013 which allows a temporary worker to become an employee of the temporary agency that employs him.

The temporary CDI, what is it exactly?

An Interim Permanent Contract is an employment contract between an employee and a temporary work company (ETT), known as a temp agency. What is an interim manager and what are his missions?

The system created with the aim of securing the career paths of temporary workers, makes it possible to ” combine the flexibility of temporary work and the security of permanent contracts ” explains Sébastien Collard, Regional Director at Synergie, a recruitment firm that has seen a 78% increase in CDIIs signed in 2019.

Thus, a person who has entered into an interim CDI can carry out interim assignments one after the other, for an indefinite period.

The employee on a temporary CDI is often recruited by the so-called temporary agency, which sends the employee to a third-party company called the “user company”.

Missions can also be longer and thus last up to 36 months compared to 18 months for a traditional temporary worker. If no duration of availability in the “user company” is stipulated, the said mission can therefore last up to 3 years. 4 benefits of working as a temporary worker

Between his various missions and according to their length, the person who has signed this type of contract will have “periods of intermission”, that is to say, forced leave.

The benefits of CDII

According to data from the Interim and Recruitment Observatory, companies in the branch have to date signed more than 50,000 CDIIs. Working mainly in the industrial and logistics sectors, 77% of these temporary employees say they are satisfied with their experience. More than betting on the interim, why not try the CDII? The temporary jobs that are recruiting

According to Sébastien Collard, the employee in CDII will enjoy the same following advantages as a person in classic CDI:

  • Job security;
  • The contribution ;
  • Access to training;
  • A salary reassessment;
  • An increase in skills;
  • Any other EC benefits and other aids.

But the temporary CDI also gives access to other advantages, such as:

  • Priority on missions;
  • The possibility of being recruited by the company at the end of his mission.

The disadvantages of the temporary CDI

Note, however, that the CDII has certain disadvantages that people on a classic interim contract will not encounter, such as:

  • In the event of resignation from your CDII, you must respect the same notice as an employee on a permanent contract;
  • No compensatory allowances for paid leave between missions;
  • No end-of-mission allowance;
  • No waiting periods between two missions for the same position and which follow each other.

The elements of the temporary CDI and the provision contract

There are therefore two types of contracts to sign: one with the temporary agency, your CDII, and one with the company in which you will do your assignment, the contract of provision. Why create your own digital marketing agency?

What the CDII must stipulate

If you are about to sign an interim CDI with an ETT, make sure that it clearly indicates:

  • Working time and its conditions (night, on-call)
  • The type of assignments
  • The geographical scope
  • The length of the trial period
  • The promised minimum monthly remuneration

What the contract of provision must indicate

Then, according to the mission that will be proposed to you, a new contract will be established with the company that welcomes you. Certain specific points must be included, the same as for an assignment contract submitted to a traditional temporary worker:

  • The reason for hiring an interim person
  • The minimum duration of the mission
  • The specificities of the position, in particular, related to the potential risks for the employee
  • The minimum qualifications required
  • Work schedule
  • Compensation (fixed and variable if applicable)

How to access the temporary CDI

Before signing a CDII, the temporary work agency demonstrates a certain caution, in particular by hiring the candidate as a temporary worker at first.

“ We have more formalized interviews and tests, we carry out reference checks. We send the candidate on several missions before passing him to CDII ” says Sébastien Collard.

The employee of the temporary work agency is therefore assigned as a traditional temporary worker at first and “ if he corresponds to the profile of the position, he is informed about the mission, the risks linked to safety, the necessary PPE. The mission is renewable twice and he is remunerated under the same conditions as the employees of the company where he is missioned”. 16 Jobs That Will Be Taken From Us by Technology in 20 Years

Employability and training of CDIIs and temporary workers

Interim: recruiting to train better

Along with the creation of the CDII, the FSPI (Funds for securing temporary careers) was set up to increase the employability of temporary workers.

“ The Fund collects 10% of the remuneration of temporary workers on permanent contracts to be able to pay them when they are on intermission. This guarantees them a minimum salary calculated on a percentage of their last mission and according to their status: a minimum wage for a worker, a minimum wage + 15% for a supervisor, and a minimum wage + 25% for a manager. The FSPIs also collect 0.5% of the total payroll of a temporary agency on all the temporary workers it delegates. This sum is then used to finance the training of CDIIs ”.

Because one of the assets of the CDII is based on the rise in skills during intermissions, assimilated to effective working time, which makes it possible to calculate paid leave and seniority.

“One of the CDII’s objectives is to offer training so that temporary workers increase their employability, particularly in terms of skills demanded on the job market. This also allows the temporary employment agency to retain and invest in employees over the long term” concludes Sébastien Collard on this subject.

CDII and interim, a boon for young people

The job market can be a path strewn with pitfalls for young people without a diploma, but according to the Regional Director of Synergie, temporary CDIs have not been affected by the overall decline in market activity.

The training axis is also a significant asset for a population that is sometimes remote from employment. At Synergie, a young person without qualifications will find a CDII with the best missions, skills development, and special monitoring. Moreover, a large part of our staff is between 25 and 35 years old. It’s an excellent opportunity to strengthen your professional experience thanks to the plurality of assignments ” concludes Sébastien Collard. What is an interim manager and what are his missions?

Are you looking for a temporary CDI or other temporary jobs?

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