I need an editor: Where and how to hire a video editor safely and quickly? (2022)

Videos are increasingly important for digital marketing actions in a company. Therefore, hiring a professional video editor is essential for the materials to be delivered with quality and speed.

If this is what your business needs, then you are in the right article. Here, we will help you to know where you can find it and which format is ideal for your company. 

Let’s start with options where you can find these professionals. There are two modalities to choose the one that best fits your objective: freelance or CLT. Here, we are going to present some website suggestions that you can hire a video editor.

Hire a video editor on freelance platforms

Currently, there are many platforms available in the market for companies to hire freelancers

And they have professionals of all kinds: developerscontent writers, and graphic designers, among others. Some even offer the possibility of setting up your remote squad.

Hiring via freelancer platforms is ideal for those looking for speed and cost-effectiveness. In addition, some help with indications of professionals who best fit the profile you are looking for or allow you to hire directly.

The great advantage of hiring through the platforms is that through them you can already find a high volume of freelancers prepared to meet your needs.

By intermediating the contracting and charging a fee, you guarantee the security that you will receive the contracted service and with the quality you need.

The amounts charged by a freelance video editor may vary depending on demand size and complexity. However, on average, this professional can charge between R$150 and R$400 per video, with an average duration of 10 to 15 minutes. Remember that the difficulty level can decrease or increase this value.

Hiring a video editor through freelance platforms is ideal for those who are looking for a professional for a specific job, in the short term or have a high volume of demands and need to scale their video editing with several professionals.

Next, learn a little about three of the top freelancing platforms you can hire a video editor on.


The crowd is a platform that connects companies and agencies with marketing, technology, and communication professionals.

This connection is made through two services that we provide: Direct Connection and Remote Squads. Quickly explaining, they work as follows:

  • Direct Connection: one-off and recurring jobs. Crowd connects the client to the remote professional and the freelancer performs the work with the contractor.
  • Remote Squad: multidisciplinary remote teams to develop clients’ marketing and technology projects, with agility and efficiency.

Our differential is that Crowd offers the curation of remote professionals. That is, we study your goals and needs and curate the freelancers that best fit your needs. Thus, we guarantee the choice of the best professionals for the proposed work.

Payment is made through the platform and passed on by Crowd to the freelancer.

99 Freelas

99Freelas is a platform where you publish your vacancy for free and the freelancers themselves send their proposals. Unlike Crowd, it doesn’t curate professionals, it just has a system of nominating vacancies based on what freelancers know how to do.

In this way, you are the one who evaluates the proposal and analyzes the history, feedback from other clients, and the candidate’s portfolio. Then comes the interview stage to choose the one that will meet your need.

The platform has more than 1.2 million freelancers and 64,000 completed projects. Payment for the service can be made by credit card in up to 12 installments, online debit, or bank slip. In addition to these means, you can also opt for PagSeguro or PayPal.


Workana offers a model similar to that of 99Freelas. Thus, it also does not have the curatorship of professionals.

On this platform, you advertise the desired service for free. From there, freelancers submit proposals to choose the best one for their project.

Workana has a base of more than 2.5 million freelancers and an average of 30,000 projects per month. Through it, you can make payment by credit or debit card, PayPal, Mercado Pago, or Payoneer.

In addition to these platforms we mentioned, you can also hire video editors through Upwork or Fiverr.

Hire video editor on job sites

If your desire is to hire a fixed video editor and by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) model, there are many sites that help you find this professional.

Through them, you publish the desired vacancy, analyze the CVs and profiles of candidates and carry out the selection process. 

This hiring model is ideal for those who prefer to have a professional allocated in the company.

The salary of a CLT video editor, according to the website Vagas, varies between R$1,505 and R$3,021. The average salary of this professional in Brazil is R$ 2,125.

Job sites offer some benefits for companies looking to hire video editors. Through them you can:

  • Describe the position: roles, salary, benefits, and requirements.
  • Receive applications: if the professional fit the vacancy, he sends his resume through the website.
  • Make the selection process: some sites offer test steps, such as profile analysis, and logic, among others, to assess the skills of the professional, before proceeding with the selection.

Below, we’ve selected the top three job sites you can use to hire a CLT video editor. Check out!


InfoJobs is one of the largest recruitment sites in Brazil. Currently, it has a base of more than 45 million registered CVs, 1 million daily visits, and 25 thousand new candidates per day.

To find the professional best suited to your needs, the site offers:

  • Free registration of vacancies, but with ad limitations.
  • Receipt of CVs through the platform.
  • Selection of candidates that best suit the desired profile.
  • Optimization of project management by monitoring the results of selection processes.

The site also offers paid packages for companies that wish to publish more jobs than the free plan.


Catho is an online recruitment site, present in the market for more than 20 years, which offers several options for advertising vacancies for companiesCurrently, it has more than 7 million registered CVs and 84,000 new ones per month.

For companies, Catho offers some service options for recruitment, such as:

  • Agile selection process and exact professionals for the search.
  • Specific hiring of professionals with disabilities.
  • Search online salaries and benefits according to position, region, company size, and field of activity.
  • Agility in the selection process with searches for professionals already tested in specific skills.
  • Promotion of premium vacancies, with ad visualization enlargement.
  • Disclosure of free vacancies without ad limitation.
  • Evaluation of candidates with questions online.


VAGAS.com is a company that has been in the market since 1999 and is one of the most traditional in Brazil. It has more than 900 thousand accesses daily, 100 thousand openings per year, 3 thousand client companies, and 15 million registered professionals.

On the site, you can count on several tools for you to hire the ideal video editor for your business. Are they:

  • Video interview tool.
  • Behavioral assessments.
  • Careers Portal.
  • Recruitment and selection software.

Unlike the other CLT hiring platforms mentioned in this article, VAGAS.com does not offer free advertising.

In addition to these examples that we talk about here, you can hire the video editor CLT through Indeed, Trabalho Brasil, and Empregos.com.br.

I need an editor: how to hire the ideal video editor for my project?

For many entrepreneurs or marketing managers, video editing can be a more complicated part of content production.

The reasons can be several. You may just not like it, consider it a very difficult task, lack the necessary knowledge, or lack the time.

If these points fit your current scenario, then it’s time to entrust this service to an expert. So, you can focus on strategic tasks for your company while the videos are edited by experienced professionals.

Now that you know the options of freelancing platforms and job sites to hire a video editor, it’s time to choose the ideal person for your project.

This is a delicate process and must be done very carefully. After all, you are looking for a professional who brings results to your business, right? 

At this moment of choice, it is necessary to understand some essential points so as not to make hiring that will generate regret.

As we already talked about, you can hire a freelance or fixed video editor. However, it costs nothing to reinforce which model will be ideal for your project. To help you in this mission, we have separated some important tips for you:

Freelance video editor

The freelance remote professional is usually hired to do a specific job. 

That is, you send the complete material and references for the edition you want. At the time of negotiation, you can agree on a number of revisions, if necessary, to reach the expected result.

Hiring freelance video editors have its perks. Two of them are:

  • More experience as they have a bigger workflow.
  • Delivery of the service in the shortest time.

One thing you need to know is that you can easily find freelance video editors available in the market. However, it can be more difficult to close a deal multiple times with the same person. This is because, as we said, these professionals have many simultaneous jobs.

Another downside of freelancing is that the amount you pay can be higher than what you would pay a fixed editor. However, it is important to note that this is not a rule and will depend on the professional you want to hire.

Fixed video editor (CLT)

If you need the professionals allocated within your company to meet a continuous demand for video production, the fixed video editor may be the right choice. 

For that, you need to define your professional criteria. That is, hiring an experienced video editor or training a person from the ground up. Both paths have advantages and disadvantages, some of them quite obvious.

The experienced video editor, for example, will deliver any kind of work you want, from seamless transitions to excellent visual effects. Also, it won’t take up so much of your day. However, this type of professional will hardly accept a low salary.

On the other hand, an inexperienced video editor won’t cost you that much, but it can take up many hours of your routine. After all, he will need to be trained. And this step by step is not a very easy task.

Regarding the fixed video editor, one of the benefits is that, over time, it adapts to the editing style you like the most and delivers increasingly personalized work.

Regarding the disadvantages, one of them is that the fixed editor may take a little longer to deliver the service. Of course, this is not a rule for everyone. However, unlike the freelancer, he works only for you and already has a guaranteed salary.

Another downside is that video production must be constant. After all, you have a fixed cost and you don’t want the professional to be idle.

As you can see, there are several possibilities to hire a video editor these days. The important thing is that you don’t miss the opportunity to create content for the internet and make your brand appear.

If the freelance professional fits more with your demand, know that it can be a safe and reliable alternative to help accelerate the development of your marketing or technology project.

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