How to Unblock YouTube Videos Where You Live

YouTube is one of the most popular media platforms for watching movies, TV shows, and music videos. You can find just about every video imaginable there. The number of media on YouTube is impressive. You can learn how to make a quiche there for a minute before enjoying a comedy.

Sometimes people get the dreaded “This video is not available in your country” message. Viewers want to watch blocked YouTube videos. People don’t know how to access it. If you live in a country where censorship is the norm, or if you go to a school that has blocked access to the platform, you should not be discouraged. Viewers have a choice of accessing these videos. We need to know how to get there. Discover why diamond is so valuable and precious

Why does the platform tell me that the video is not available?

Content blocking on YouTube normally happens for two reasons: the owner of the content cannot make it available in the country where you live due to licensing rights issues, or the video does not comply with the local laws of the country where you live. We must not lose hope. There are ways to access or bypass YouTube blocked in your country. We will examine these possibilities.

Create an account and sign in to YouTube

Yes, it’s as simple as watching unblocked content. As some videos on YouTube have an age restriction, you need to have your own YouTube account. Any user aged 17 and over can create an account without having to obtain parental consent. The age limit does not prevent many young people from creating an account.

Once one has created an account and logged in to YouTube, one can try to watch the blocked video. This is the method used by many students to unblock the platform at school. If you already have a valid Google account, you can log in for free at any time. Start by creating a Google account and logging into YouTube that way.

Download VPN to Watch Blocked Content

If the first way does not work, one can try to download the VPN to watch the blocked video. It is the most reliable way to unblock content, as this software can change user location and encrypt data traffic. You should be able to find a free VPN that works with the device you’re trying to watch the video on, but a paid VPN offers better personal data protection. Best VPNs for Mac in 2022

How to Unblock YouTube Videos Where You Live

Once you have downloaded the VPN to your device, choose a country with less strict rules regarding what you are watching and let the VPN load. The VPN tricks the internet into thinking the user is somewhere else and allows access to blocked videos on YouTube. Also, check VPN extensions on Chrome and Mozilla. These will eliminate the need to download it to the device. Youtube Guide for E-Commerce Companies

Change Blocked Content URL

Each YouTube video has its URL which indicates if it can be seen in your country. The IP address corresponds to the country where the user lives. By attaching the URL and IP address, the platform can identify whether you can watch certain content. By modifying the URL of the blocked content, it is possible to circumvent this system.

First, one should try to view the video on the device. If you can’t see the blocked content, you have to look at its URL and find the section that says “/watch?v=” in the URL.

It will be followed by a bunch of characters that can be ignored. Just replace “/watch?v=” with “/v/” and try watching the video again. After doing this, one should be able to see the content. It is recommended to copy-paste the URL into a text document and modify it before plugging it into the browser. 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Please note that this method may not work in the YouTube mobile application.

Use a proxy server to watch unblocked YouTube

Like VPNs, there are many proxy servers that you can use to watch content blocked in your country. It works the same by changing the IP address so that it looks like you are watching the content from another country. The biggest difference between a proxy server and a VPN is that the latter provides additional encryption protection. If you don’t care about privacy and security, a proxy server will work fine. Proxy servers are easy to use, and instructions for use can be found on the internet. How to Attract More Customers on the Internet

Try to download the video that was blocked by YouTube

In most cases, one can download a YouTube video to their computer or device. If this is not possible, there are websites and software that can help obtain the content. Download one of these apps and then copy and paste the blocked video URL into the app.

Google as a proxy is another way to unblock YouTube online

If one can watch the video in the United States, then one can use this medium to watch the content blocked in his country. Open the Google Chrome browser to the following URL: Once it’s open, copy-paste the blocked YouTube video link into the input box, select your language, and then open the Google-generated link for you. Now we can see previously blocked content.

Use the Hooktube alternative app

If one needs to bypass regional restrictions or age limits to be able to watch YouTube, one can use Hooktube. It’s a streamlined interface that lets you watch YouTube videos without all the features that tend to be annoying. Just go to Hooktube, paste the YouTube video title into the search bar, hit enter, then open the video. You can also send the video to Hooktube by replacing the “you” in the YouTube URL with “hook”. What Are HTTP Status Codes? What are their meanings?

We are ready to watch YouTube unblocked

Don’t let restrictions keep you from enjoying your favorite videos on YouTube. There are many options to choose from, with VPN being the safest and Hooktube being the easiest. Try these different ways to unlock video content to see what best suits your needs.

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