How to find a job in a disability-friendly company

Since February 11, 2005, the law for equal rights and opportunities, participation, and citizenship of disabled people stipulates in particular the obligation to employ disabled people for companies with at least 20 employees. Unfortunately, the objective of 6% of the company’s total workforce is not always achieved. Here are some suggestions to save time and find a disability-friendly business. Mental disability and work: rights, procedures, and advice

Establishing a company’s commitment

A disability-friendly organization must meet the criteria defined by standard NF X50-783. The reference tool includes 62 recommendations ranging “  from accessibility to information to the recruitment of disabled people, including the layout of the workstation, career development and even the accessibility of premises  ”. While some committed companies publish their commitment on their website, it is also possible to assess their involvement in Mission Handicap on Other tools exist to ensure that the company you are interested in is handicap-friendly, such as the Corporate Diversity Charter signed by 3,750 companies, the diversity label, owned by the State, or the CSR (Responsibility Societal of Companies). Adapt also publishes the Guide to committed companies, while the National Union of Adapted Companies is the only directory that lists adapted companies in France. 3 Applications Increasing In Recruitment Processes

Identify handicap-friendly sectors

Some professional sectors are particularly committed to their disability mission, motivated by the desire to make their profession known and to inform about the various employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Among them, we can cite the public service ( Emploipublic-handicap ), digital ( ), mass distribution ( ), and the pharmaceutical industry ( ) or again the hotel industry ( www.handi-hotellerie ). Moreover, the national union of hotel restaurateurs cafe tiers caterers (GNI-SYNHORCAT) has set up a Disability Mission to advise companies, and support them throughout the process of raising awareness, recruiting, integrating, or retaining people with disabilities. 5 things that have changed in the employment of people with disabilities

Find jobs online

In its 2018 report “Business commitment for the employment of disabled workers”, France Strategies estimated that the unemployment rate of disabled workers is twice as high. Currently, 5.7 million people of working age (i.e. 14% of 15-64-year-olds) had a disability in France in 2015. Hence the importance of visiting sites that offer job offers for disabled workers. This is the case with Job, Handicap-Job, Handi-CV, and many others… How to Create an Awesome Slogan

Participate in recruitment fairs

Organized from November 19 to 25 by Adapt, the European Disability Employment Week ( SEEPH ) allows the candidate to identify the companies taking part in this event. There is also the Hello handicap fair, the Handi2Day fair, the Job H’Academy of the FACE Foundation, and even the ” Mardis du Handicap “, recruitment days that put people with disabilities in direct contact with large companies. The positions offered to relate to engineering, IT, telecom, sales, logistics, and support functions.

Seek advice from specialist associations

In addition to Adapt and Agefiph, other associations work for the professional integration of disabled people. Handipole offers an agenda of trade fairs in Ile de France, useful contacts, and an integration and training section. Atharep promotes the employment of people with disabilities in public research organizations, universities, and more generally in the public service. Cap Emploi, a national network of 118 specialized placement organizations, in addition to Pôle Emploi, helps to hire people with disabilities in private or public companies. With its French bimonthly, Handirect disseminates practical information and deals with current events and substantive subjects. I need an editor: Where and how to hire a video editor safely and quickly? (2022)

Finally, regularly visiting the 1st employment and disability blog in France, Talenteo, is an excellent idea for obtaining advice and keeping up to date with the systems put in place by companies to promote the professional inclusion of people with disabilities.

Turn to specialized recruitment firms

You can also call on firms specializing in the recruitment of people with disabilities, such as DéfiRH or EPITH. They publish job offers but also help companies in the process of recruiting and raising awareness of their employees about disabilities. They know how to guide candidates according to their profile, in particular by offering work-study contracts, an excellent solution for professional integration.

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