How to Create Stickers for Printing and Messaging Apps

How to make your brand work 24/7 without much effort? Eye-catching stickers are a way to draw attention to your business and expand its reach. Best of all, a sticker is a cost-effective promotion tool that won’t cost you much. Read on to find out how to create eye-catching stickers to use in both the online and offline world!

Stickers: types and benefits

Printed or digital, stickers have huge marketing potential that your business can take advantage of. Let’s see how custom stickers can be useful for your brand.

  • Stickers are captivating. Whether online or offline, your business has just seconds to grab a customer’s attention and pique their interest. When time is of critical importance, companies rely on visual marketing for immediate effect. Custom stickers with unusual images, vibrant colors, or funny mascot designs are a great way to get the attention of potential customers.
  • Stickers bring your brand to the spotlight. Stickers can say a lot about your brand personality and help customers remember your business. Always use your branded stickers on packaging, in instant messaging Apps, and at all other customer touchpoints.
  • Stickers encourage loyalty. Stickers can improve customer experience. Do you have many product categories on your site? Put different stickers on them to make it easier for users to browse your catalog! Use your stickers as a bonus and distribute them with every order your customer place. Create your own branded sticker pack for social media and messaging apps. These seemingly small things can go a long way in terms of building a connection with your customers and encouraging their loyalty to your company.
  • Stickers make your audience grow. Make your customers your brand ambassadors. How to do this? Too easy! Offer your audience cool stickers with your brand for them to put on laptops, phone cases, backpacks, etc. Also, create sticker packs for Telegram, WhatsApp, and other messengers. It’s a surefire way to reach more people and showcase your brand in a different, receptive way.

How to make stickers with your brand

How do you create unique stickers that are visually appealing and tasteful? Do you need different sticker packs for online and offline use? Let’s clear up these and other questions about the complexities of sticker design!

Create a concept

Roughly speaking, a concept is the main idea your stickers have in common. Since you’re creating stickers to please and entertain your target audience, it makes sense that your designs match your customers’ interests, values, and needs. To better understand your audience, answer the questions below.

  • What do you know about your customers’ interests? What communication style do they prefer? What mood do they gravitate to? Which movies, series, books, and memes are their favorites?
  • What do you hope to achieve with your stickers? Draw attention to your brand? Make your customers laugh? Cause a viral effect?
  • What do you expect customers to do/think/feel when they see your stickers?
  • Where are you going to put your stickers? How do you want your customers to use them?

Based on your answers, make a list of images, characters, quotes, etc. to put on your stickers.

If you are creating the design for stickers that will be used both online and offline, make sure it has the same visual style in both cases of application. Consistency is one of the keys to a successful brand.

Choose the right colors and fonts
Source: by Patswerk

Choose the right colors and fonts

Simplicity is the #1 rule when creating stickers and any kind of design. The message contained in your sticker should be immediately clear and direct. Check out the fundamental rules to follow when designing a sticker.

  • Focus on graphics (a photo or illustration) rather than text. If you still want to include text, make sure it’s a short text.
  • Prefer vibrant colors and voluminous, easy-to-read fonts.
  • Use your company logo, colors, fonts, and patterns. With Gemsleek, creating a visual identity for your brand is very easy! It will only take a few minutes!

Provides more information

Encourage people to learn more about your brand by adding your website URL, social media pages, QR code, etc. on your stickers. But be careful, don’t make this information distract from the main content.

How to Create Stickers Messaging Apps
Source: by Benjamin Oberemok

How to Create Stickers Messaging Apps

Most instant messaging apps allow users to upload their own stickers. Let’s see how you can do this in three of the most popular messaging apps.


Since you cannot design the stickers directly in Telegram, you will need to design them in advance elsewhere. Use graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop or free online services like GIMP. Here are the basic requirements for Telegram stickers:

  • PNG file with transparent background;
  • Maximum resolution: 512px x 512px.

To add a sticker pack to Telegram, use the chatbot created exclusively for this purpose. Click “Send Message” and follow the instructions.


Users can create and edit their stickers directly on Viber. Take a look at the requirements:

  • Maximum resolution: 490px х 490px;
  • A maximum number of sticker packs: 20 (maximum 24 stickers each).


To add stickers or stickers to WhatsApp, it is better to use special builders like Sticker Maker. Using this app, you can create up to 30 stickers and send them to WhatsApp with just one click.

How to make physical stickers and prepare them for printing

There are two most common ways to make stickers for printing:

  • Graphic editors. Using Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, you can create beautiful stickers from scratch yourself.
  • Online services. Adobe Spark, Canva, and other services have an impressive range of sticker templates. Choose the design that suits you best and fits your brand and customize it as you wish.

Before printing your stickers, here are a few things you need to consider.

  • Size and format. The format you choose for your stickers depends on where you are going to use them. Most companies opt for conventional shapes such as circles, triangles,s, or squares. These geometric shapes can be easily arranged on a sheet of paper.
  • Material. Most stickers are printed on paper or vinyl. When choosing the ideal material for your stickers, think about where they will be used. If there is a risk of your stickers being exposed to moisture (when used on backpacks, product packaging, etc.), opt for synthetic materials. Also, be sure to choose a material that is very sticky so that your stickers will stick to the surface for a long time.
  • Resolution. A sticker’s resolution must match or exceed its actual dimensions. If you still don’t know the exact size of your future stickers, save them in vector format. In this way, you can change the dimensions at any time without losing quality.
  • Color scheme. Printed materials use the CMYK color standard. If your sticker files are saved in RGB, don’t forget to convert them to CMYK.
  • Bleeding. Leave an area for the bleed (about 3 mm) beyond the edges of the stickers. The bleed will be trimmed during the sticker cutting process, ensuring your artwork remains intact.


Stickers are a simple promotion tool, but that’s not why they aren’t effective. A sticker can be easily adapted to your business needs. To get the most out of a sticker with your brand, be sure to:

  • Come up with a concept for your stickers based on your audience’s interests and hobbies;
  • Put your brand on your stickers by inserting your logo, company colors, patterns, mascots, etc.;
  • Create custom stickers using one of the methods described in this guide;
  • Use your stickers where your customers can see them and encourage your customer to use your artwork.

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