How to Create an Awesome Gift Tag

People hand out personal and corporate gifts all the time. Give your gift a personal touch with a personalized tag! You can self-create a beautiful tag, also known as a tag, to put on your gift package in minutes! In this quick guide, you’ll find tips on how to make a unique custom label, how to determine the best format, what material to use, and which design programs to use to bring your creative ideas to life!

Why do companies use gift tags?

A gift tag is a small tag where you can make an attractive composition of visual elements like a small text, image, or logo. In the business world, these tags are usually attached to the gift package or to the gift itself that the company gives to its partners or customers. In doing so, the company pursues a number of important purposes.

  • Tags personalize the customer experience. Would you like to build an emotional bond with your customers in a subtle and unobtrusive way? Add their name to the label or create something custom. If, for example, you own a pizzeria, you might want to tag each pizza box. The tag can have a fun prediction (like fortune cookies), a joke, or even a meme. Such a nice gesture is a surefire way to make your business stand out from the crowd and win over new customers. 
  • Custom labels differentiate your brand. Tags with your company name, logo, colors, and fonts give your brand a more professional look and make it easy to remember. Adding something as small as a custom tag with your brand identity can turn an ordinary gift into something spectacular. 
  • Personalized labels show you have good taste. To be attractive and easily identifiable, your tags should have something that catches the attention of the recipient and those around them. It can be unusual material, unique shape, or custom design. If you’re worried about how to make your wedding invitations stand out, we recommend enhancing them with a label. In it, you must include a monogram. Create a beautiful monogram logo in just a few clicks using Logaster ‘s online service!

How to make a beautiful gift tag

When working on your label design, keep in mind why you are doing this.

Theme and style

Depending on the theme, personalized gift tags can fall into several categories. 

  • Labels designed for a specific time of year (Spring, Autumn, etc.) or national holiday (Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc.);
  • Labels dedicated to family parties and business events such as birthdays, weddings, press tours, product launches, etc. 
  • Neutral tags that can be used for any occasion throughout the year.  

When talking about the style of your etiquette, it’s important to consider your purpose and target audience. 

  • Goal. Determine what you want to achieve with your label. If you want to make a lasting impression on your potential customers, use your brand images, colors, patterns, etc. If your ambition is to strengthen a bond with your existing customers, you need to present a personal message that resonates with them. 
  • Target Audience. Be guided by your customers’ personal preferences, interests, and needs. If your target audience is passionate about crafts and handmade things, they will certainly appreciate labels made this way. To win over ardent travelers, create a series of custom labels featuring the world’s most popular sights. 

Design Elements

Your label can contain text, a pattern of shapes, a photo, an illustration, or any other visual content. Since the tag is usually small in format, avoid making the common mistake of overloading it with too much information. Make sure your label is simple and clean. Add 1 to 3 elements. Highlight only one of them.

  • Your text must be concise and perfectly readable. Fill in the blanks “From” and “To”. Add a short quote or your company slogan.
  • Image or photo. Avoid using fancy images with lots of small details unless you want your label to look like a smudged smudge.
  • If you’re using other graphical content (patterns, frames, stickers, etc.), make sure it’s minimalistic and easy to understand.


The most common shape of a gift tag is a rectangle with beveled angles. Opt for the traditional way or use some of the creative ideas and tips below!

  • Design your label in the shape of a certain object related to an event (eg a Christmas tree for Christmas) or your business (take a look at this stunning beer mug-shaped label made by a craft brewery);
  • Make a folded tag if you want it to look like a miniature greeting card. That way, you will have more space for your creative endeavors.


Paper, cardboard, leather, wood, fabric, metal… Choose the material that best suits your objective and pleases your target audience.


There is no standard size for a gift tag. Based on the dimensions of the item your tag will be attached to. If your gift is small, the ideal size for the tag is 2.5 x 5 cm. For a medium-sized gift, a 6 х 8 cm tag is enough. If your gift is very large, choose a 10 х 22 cm tag.

Top programs to create a gift tag

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of ​​creating a gift tag yourself. This task can take less than 10 minutes. A smart online design service can take care of this task for you!


Use Canva for free to create a gift tag from scratch, or take advantage of a mind-blowing template catalog. Templates can be searched by theme, color, and style. Choose the best template and edit your graphics, text, color palette, etc. until you are satisfied with the result.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark also offers free professional templates that can be sorted by purpose, color, and even mood. The service allows you to customize any template by changing its text, fonts, images, and dimensions. As for images, you can upload your own or choose one from Adobe’s library.


This site offers 44 tag and label templates that can be customized for you to attach to your gift package. Here you have amazing stickers for birthdays, new year, graduation, wedding, and other events. To customize the selected template, you first need to download it to your device.


Illustrator offers a wide variety of tools for creating good-looking labels from scratch. Click File > New. Choose the shape and set the size of your label. Paint the shape with the desired color. Add text and graphics. Done!

Microsoft Word

Start Microsoft Word and create a new file. To choose the best shape for your label, click Insert > Shapes. In the next step, add the desired image and text.

How to print your gift tags

If you want your custom labels to look good both in print and on-screen, there are a few points you need to consider.

  • Dimensions and format. If your label file has a low resolution, the image you are going to print will be blurry and pixelated. Always use vector format files (EPS, SVG). A vector image can be stretched and resized without losing quality.
  • Color scheme. RGB is the color standard used in digital displays (TV, web images, etc.). The CMYK standard is used for printing. Before sending the file with your tag to the printer, don’t forget to convert it to CMYK.
  • Bleeding. Remember to leave blank space around the edges of your label. That way, when the printed image is cropped, your design will remain intact.
  • Graphics equipment. Before placing an order with the printer, ensure that it can meet all your needs in terms of material, format, and colors. If in doubt, ask them to print a test sample.

Final considerations

A personalized tag is a simple and cost-effective way to add a nice touch to your gift, draw attention to your brand, and leave a good impression on the gift recipient. Use one of the many design programs to bring your creative ideas to life! Don’t ignore a custom tag, as you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your brand awareness and drive customer loyalty.

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