How to create a catchy brand slogan?

Creating a catchy brand slogan helps you increase your brand awareness while creating your brand image in the eyes of consumers. One of the brand features that highlights successful companies is having a brand slogan that is compatible with the work they do. So, what are the factors that make these companies and their slogans successful? In this guide, we will share the answers to this question.

How to make a catchy brand slogan?

Keep it short

It is important that your brand slogan is short so that it is catchy. You need to keep your message under 10 words. Having a message longer than this will make it harder for the slogan to be memorable. You can shorten your message with different alternatives or abbreviations.

Ensure continuity

It is important to maintain your continuity by using this slogan in your work and sharing it on different channels in order to ensure your brand’s image and establish institutionalism. You can also use this slogan in your logo. In addition, by using a brand slogan at the end of your videos, you can identify your brand and your slogan, and you can keep it in the minds of consumers.

Focus on what makes you different

You need to develop a slogan focusing on what makes your brand special and unique. You can highlight your differences from your competitors, find the message that best reflects your products or your vision, and turn it into your slogan. Sharing your differences or your vision will also affect your brand’s image.

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Think long term

When you create a brand slogan, you should not forget that you will use it for many years. When this slogan is identified with your brand, it is important that your message reflects your image and vision in the long run, as consumers will remember you with this message for many years to come. Since you cannot constantly change this slogan, you must determine a slogan that will reflect your identity in the long run.

Be original

Being original is also important in this process. Resembling the slogans of other companies, you can be accused of counterfeiting and harming your brand image. For this reason, it will be a more correct approach to create an original identity and give a message while creating your brand slogan.

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By examining the slogans of other companies, they can examine what kind of message they give; In particular, you can see what kind of identity the rival companies have created by looking at their slogans, and you can work on how to differ from them and give an original message.

Consider your target audience

When preparing a Mara slogan, it is important to keep your target audience in mind. Giving a message that will appeal to your target audience, that they will adopt and feel close to will also make your slogan more memorable.

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Highlight your slogan in your posts

In addition to continuity, take care to emphasize your slogan regularly in your posts, videos, images, and on your website. Thus, by making your message appear more, you can stay in the minds of consumers more.

Add to your logo

When the brand slogan and logo go hand in hand, the memorability increases. By adding your brand slogan to your company’s logo, you start to gain a place in the minds of consumers with this message in the initial brand positioning and promotion efforts.

Examine your competitors

Examining the brand slogans of your competitors will both give you some ideas and enlighten you on what kind of patterns you should stay away from in the name of originality. By researching the competitors in the sector and their slogans, you can make a list of them and then do your analysis for your own slogan.

Frequently asked questions about the brand slogan

Why is the brand slogan important?

The brand slogan is important in many ways. By differentiating your brand from other companies, it helps you to stand out from the competition, and also helps you increase your brand awareness. It is important because it helps you to make your brand image and brand positioning, as well as show the values ​​your brand gives to consumers.

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Examples of successful brand slogans

Let’s share some of the successful brand slogans here.

  • ACE: hostile to stains, friendly to laundry
  • Audi: Power under control
  • Banvit: the sun of flavor
  • Beko: A world brand
  • Biskrem: If I give you a Biskrem
  • Burger King: Fire is calling you
  • Coca Cola: the taste of life
  • Dove: Try it, feel the difference
  • Garanti Bank: Another wish?
  • Gillette: Best for men
  • Life: Water is Life
  • Ipana: White teeth, confident smiles
  • Future: The Address of Comfort
  • Future: The Address of Comfort
  • Lassa: Sturdy Lassa
  • McDonald’s: Nothing like McDonald’s
  • Nescafe: There is an invitation in its scent
  • Pepsi: ask for more
  • Pirelli: Power without control is not power
  • Rejoice: Wash and Get Out
  • Sütaş: Natural flavor
  • Tefal: Whatever you have, you have it
  • Tema Foundation: Turkey should not be a desert
  • Turkcell: Life is Beautiful When Shared
  • Uğur: Uğur deep freezer

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