How to Attract More Customers on the Internet

Check out Amazing Tips to Attract More Customers on the Internet and Put It into Practice to See Your Business Grow More and More.

If you want to attract more customers on the internet, but don’t know how to read this content until the end.

Throughout this article, we will show you step-by-step how you can win new customers through the Internet. Through these tips, you will be able to increase your customer portfolio, make new sales and strengthen your company’s branding. How to Grow Your Business on the Internet?

So, if you want to know strategies capable of leveraging your business exponentially, read carefully.

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Internet Potential for Business

First of all, before we talk about the main strategies you can use to position your business on the Internet and gain more customers, it is very important that you know the potential of the Internet for business.

In this case, we believe that, currently, the internet is the best way to leverage a company. Through the strategies that we are going to go through here, you will be able to reach a target audience in a segmented and scaled way. How to Generate More Leads for Your Small Business?

Thus, in the physical world, through traditional marketing strategies, we can say that this would hardly be possible.

So, even if you advertise in large media, you can’t segment the audience that will see your content, the same doesn’t happen on the Internet. How to Advertise on the Internet with Little Investment?

That way, through ad creation and content marketing strategies, which is something we’ll talk about later, you can make your business appear to a selected audience.

As a simple example, let’s say you have a makeup company. In this case, with the strategies that we will pass on, you will be able to show your company and your products only to an audience that likes makeup, in this case, your target audience. Google Ranking Factors: The 200+ Google Ranking Factors

However, it is important that you understand that these strategies are only possible because of Digital Marketing. But calm down, if you still don’t know what digital marketing is, don’t worry, we’ll talk about it in the next topic:

What is Digital Marketing?

Throughout this content, know that we will talk a lot about “Digital Marketing”. By the way, this is a term that has been growing a lot in recent times and that, for some people, is still very confusing.

However, don’t worry, understanding what digital marketing is and how it works is very simple. Starting with the concept, as the name implies, digital marketing is nothing more than marketing strategies aimed at the digital market. What is Marketing Myopia? Definition and Examples

Thus, in the same way, that there are marketing strategies in the physical world, such as the use of billboards or TV ad campaigns, there are marketing strategies aimed at the internet.

By the way, you’ve certainly been impacted by thousands of digital ads, even though you often don’t even realize it.

If you’re a person who accesses YouTube frequently, for example, you’ve probably been through an ad for 5-15s before the video you want to watch.

Even though it often seems like something boring, that ad was made based on a digital marketing strategy. At this point, you may be thinking, “But why did that ad appear? Nobody should click on that”

Because our behavior is often different than expected, we end up believing that everyone behaves the same way, but it is not so. If before starting the video you pass an ad and skip it, know that this is your behavior.

At the same moment, another person can identify with that ad, for a variety of reasons, and end up clicking on it. If this ad was made by a company, that person’s simple click could end up making them a customer of the advertiser.

Check out the Best Tips for Getting Customers on the Internet

Based on the explanation we gave in the last topic, you managed to understand what digital marketing is and even ended up knowing an example of a strategy involving this type of marketing, right?!

Well, at this point, it is of paramount importance that you understand that making ads online is just one of the strategies you can follow to get customers on the internet.

With the Internet, there are countless ways for you to capture new customers and strengthen your brand’s branding. So, in our opinion, the ideal thing is that you see a wide range of strategies and start to see which one might be the best for you.

There is no right or wrong strategy, it all depends on your niche and the characteristics of your target audience. So, test each of the strategies that we will show you below and see which one brings the most results for your company.

Once you find the ideal strategy, focus on it and leverage your results.

01. Instagram

The first strategy for you to get customers on the Internet works through Instagram. That’s right, the social network.

Nowadays, a lot of people still believe that Instagram is just a social network, but that’s not it. Of course, depending on your goals, it can continue to be just another social network that exists.

However, for companies and professionals in general, this simple social network can become an excellent vehicle for attracting new customers and strengthening their brand.

Instagram has countless new users and huge traffic every day, so if you manage to make good use of this audience and position yourself in the right way on this social network, you will be able to leverage your customer acquisition.

In this case, to use Instagram as a new customer acquisition mechanism, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Create an account and configure:

In the first step, you must create your Instagram account and configure it. At this point, many people may be thinking that it is easy to create an account on this platform, and it really is. The big difficulty is in configuring it.

First, you will have to transform your account into a business account, in which case you will have to select which type of company your business fits.

  • Photo, Bio, and Link

After that, you must put your business logo as a profile picture, fill in the bio and add a link.

In the bio, the ideal thing is that you make a call to the link that will be positioned. In this case, you can put something like: “Check out our website now and take advantage of our promotions:”

So, if you are going to use a bio of this type, you must put the link to your website in the “Link” tab of your profile.

  • Contents

Later on, we will talk more about what you should post on your profile to attract customers, which is what we call Content Marketing.

However, at this first moment, you must understand that the logic behind social networks lies in the fact that you produce content that catches the attention of your target audience.

In this case, your content must be attractive to people who may end up buying your product or hiring your service. But don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about that yet, in the seventh strategy we’ll show you more about how you should produce this type of content.

02. Google My Business

Leaving a strategy that demands more time and attention, which is the case of Instagram, and moving towards a more practical strategy, which can be executed quickly and which, if done well, will also bring quick results, we will talk about Google My Business.

For those who still don’t know Google My Business, this is a Google tool that allows business owners to register their businesses and start having a digital presence.

In the case of this tool, you can register all the main information regarding your business, such as:

  • Address
  • Opening hours
  • Photos
  • Contact phone

With this, whenever someone searches for your business, they will be able to see all this information through the Google My Business tab and thus will be able to see your address and other important information.

Another important point is that, if your business is well-positioned on Google My Business, you still manage to appear for certain search terms.


So, for you to understand better, let’s say you own a bookstore and want more people to find your business.

With that, you registered your bookstore on the Google My Business platform and uploaded photos and other important information. After that, you spent more time “feeding” your company profile with content, posts, and other images.

Unlike that, its main competitors did not invest time to register on this platform and configure it. So, if you’re one of the standouts in your market, you’ll often show up when someone does a related search.

As an example, suppose your bookstore is located in Morumbi. In this case, if your business is one of the only ones in the region with a Google My Business registration and with a good configuration, it may end up appearing when someone searches for “Livraria no Morumbi”

This is one of the best ways for you to get traffic to your business organically, in this case, without having to invest.

Thus, for those who have a physical business, we consider it essential to configure Google My Business well.

03. YouTube

Having a YouTube channel is another incredible strategy that involves content production and that can leverage your customer acquisition.

As with social media, many people still see YouTube as an entertainment platform, but it can be much more than that.

With YouTube, you can produce videos and, depending on your content, reach thousands of people. The best thing is that there is no cost for you to post videos on the platform, so you can grow without having to invest.

For companies, YouTube can serve very well as a capture tool and showcase for their products and services. In this case, you can make your YouTube channel a showcase for you to present the main benefits and solutions that your product/service brings to the customer.

However, make no mistake, this platform is not just for companies. If you are a professional or salesperson, you can also expose the products you sell on YouTube.

By the way, in recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of real estate sellers who are using YouTube as a tool to attract new customers. In their case, they record videos presenting the properties, showing every detail, and end up making people interested in that property call them.

Thus, through the exposure of the product (property) on YouTube, they are able to find interested customers. This strategy works for any market and can help you capture countless customers on the Internet. It’s really worth a try.

04. Partnership with Influencers

Partnering with digital influencers is another strategy that can help you leverage your customer acquisition.

Today, with all this rise of the Internet and social media in general, more and more digital influencers are gaining power. With this, we can see that many of them are already creating their own brand to advertise their products.

In the case of influencers, there is a logic behind it. In this case, what makes a person start following a particular influencer is the fact that the person wants to have that same lifestyle.

When people start wanting to have and do the same things that influencers do, they really become influenced. For the business world, this opens up a huge opportunity.

Depending on the market you work in, you can hire digital influencers to talk about your business to their audience.


As an example, let’s say you own a beauty salon.

In this case, you can find digital influencers in your city who produce content related to beauty, makeup, and self-care, and thus close a partnership.

In this way, the partnership would work as follows:

  • Advice

First of all, you will need to get in touch with the advice of this influencer who has an audience that fits with your target audience. For this, we recommend that you go to the profile of this influencer and find the email that she leaves for contact.

Thus, this email is her advice. So, just write an email asking if the type of partnership you will propose is something that interests the influencer. If it’s interesting for them, they’ll answer you.

  • Closure

If the type of partnership interests the influencer, you will move on to closing the ad. Thus, it is very important that you see if the chosen influencer has a good engagement.

  • Disclosure

After closing the partnership with the influencer, she should make the disclosure. If your business is physical, you can invite the influencer to go to the establishment and record there.

In this salon example, you can ask her to go to your salon and record a video talking about the services your establishment provides. With this video done, she will post it on social media.

The important thing here is that you understand that, regardless of your niche, you can do this type of marketing strategy. If your business is digital, you might as well ask the influencer to record a video talking about your product and leave a link for people to access your website.

The logic behind the strategy is the same and it works for any type of business. By doing this, you will be able to capture many customers and sell a lot.

05. Segmented Ads

Now, for those who have the capital to invest and want to leverage the capture of new customers, we believe that the segmented ad strategy is the best.

Of course, this is a more complex strategy that requires an investment, but if you can do it right, you can greatly leverage your client portfolio.

In this case, among the main ad creation platforms we have today, we believe that Google ADS and Facebook ADS are the best.

  • Google Ads

Starting with Google, through it you can create different types of ads, whether for the search network, Google Shopping, website banners, etc….

Each ad template works well for a certain objective. If you have an e-commerce, for example, perhaps the best strategy is Google Shopping. In this case, you can create an ad with a photo of your product and its price.

So, whenever someone searches for that product, your ad will appear among the first. With this, if the person clicks on it, they will go to your e-commerce, where they can complete the purchase.

This is a widely used strategy that brings incredible results. To get a sense of its magnitude, the main retail companies in the country use Google ADS as a way to sell more and, depending on the market, attract customers.

  • Facebook ADS

Leaving Google and moving to Facebook ADS, we are now going to talk about how you can advertise on Instagram and Facebook.

As we said at the beginning of this content, nowadays social networks are very high. In this way, creating online ads is a good way for you to take advantage of this social media “hype” and capture more customers.

With Facebook ADS, you can create ads for both Facebook and Instagram. In this way, through these ads, you can both sell your products/services and capture leads.

For those who want to capture leads, we believe that the best way to do this is through a capture page. But calm down, later on, we’ll talk more about what a capture page is and how you should use it.

Now, it is important that you understand that through the Facebook ad platform you can create online ads and make them appear to your target audience.

06. Capture Page

Thus, complementing the online ad strategy, through a capture page you can capture customers in a practical and intelligent way.

About the capture page, it is a page with a form. In that case, you will throw the traffic from the ads to this page and there your leads will fill out this form.

In the case of the form, it is based on 3 pieces of information: Name, Telephone, and E-mail.

Having this information, you can get in touch with your leads and make sales. In most cases, the capture page gives something for the lead to give their information.

In this case, that “gift” for your leads could be an e-book, infographic, or some other content that interests your potential customers.

This is really a strategy that can greatly enhance your customer acquisition. It’s really worth testing.

07. Content Marketing

Therefore, as the seventh and final strategy, we will talk about structuring content marketing.

In this case, as we have already highlighted in the Instagram strategy, in order for you to have visibility on social networks and be found easily, you will need to create content that interests your target audience.

Therefore, our recommendation is that, even before creating your profile on social networks, you reflect on what your potential customers will want to see on your profile. So, understanding what they want to see on your profile, you can come up with ideas for content to be posted.

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