How can I make my Linkedin profile attractive to stand out?

For years social networks are no longer just a leisure tool and have become part of the business world. Although in some way, all networks are used for this purpose, Linkedin is a business-oriented network.

Present in more than 200 countries, Linkedin, when used correctly, is excellent for business expansion and customer prospecting. If you or your company still don’t know how to stand out on LinkedIn, know that you could be missing out on incredible opportunities. How to use a chatbot in your sales and promotion strategies?

Present in Brazil since 2011, after 10 years in the country, Linkedin has reached the mark of 50 million users. Known as a social network that focuses on business, from the search for new job opportunities to customer prospecting, Linkedin has transformed the market.

It may seem a bit rude, but Linkedin was never intended to promote friendships or contact with family members. For this, there are already other social networks.

On Linkedin, the focus is on prospecting customers, interacting with people in your niche, relocating to the market, or advertising vacancies. So, if your personal profile isn’t geared towards this, you’re starting off wrong.

And those who don’t focus their company’s profile on the same goals may be losing money.

Linkedin is a diverse social network, which allows contact with professionals from all areas. Lawyers, salespeople, journalists, engineers, writers, doctors, and many other professionals are there.

Whether inexperienced people, starting their careers or those who already have years of experience, exchanging experiences and with similar goals. How To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Business: Why Is It

Anyone who believes that because it is business-oriented, Linkedin is not interactive is wrong. There are filters, video presentations, like buttons, congratulations on new achievements, etc. Everything that helps not only in prospecting customers but in brand positioning.

Currently, you should use LinkedIn to get more visibility, interact with professionals to hire talent, and publish relevant content within your market to become a reference for your target audience.

Also, there are groups within the platform, which allow the expansion of knowledge of your niche.

With this plethora of resources, even so, your customer can find you and not be enchanted by what they see on your profile.

But how do I prepare the ground and make my profile attractive before starting to stand Out to clients? That’s what you’re going to learn from now on. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

Linkedin and its link to digital marketing

As a direct social network, Linkedin is one of the best platforms to invest in digital marketing in favor of your business. Most of its users are there looking for B2B (business-to-business) relationships, which in Portuguese means something like business to business.

Strategies must be designed to add value to brands and also to provide information that captivates and retains the public.

Several companies integrate sales teams and marketing analysts into their pages so that the strategies used are accurate. If positioning is important on personal profiles, on company pages the relevance is even greater.

The company’s tone of voice must be defined and maintained so that the brand’s positioning is just one.

According to the way the company’s Linkedin profile is managed, the company’s other social networks can also take advantage, since, while prospecting customers, they may be interested in visiting its website, blog, and other networks. Lead Prospecting: What is it and How to Do It

Many companies end up investing in Linkedin Premium as a way to intensify customer prospecting and add connections more freely. In this format, you can send private messages to people in positions that really matter to your company and create an initial relationship with them.

With the Premium plan (Sales Navigator), you can access statistics, which allow for better management and lead generation on the social network.

As with Facebook and Instagram, your ad can also go through your future customer’s timelines and spark their interest in a more genuine way.

Through advertisements, it is possible to establish even more direct advertisements, according to who your company wants to reach that moment (target audience).

How to set up your LinkedIn profile? 

Even in the face of the enormous popularity of Linkedin in Brazil, many users still make mistakes that can harm the profile’s reach. Or worse, make it look unprofessional.

It might seem simple to create a profile and make connections, and it really is.

However, with a few steps, it is possible to transform your profile into an excellent business card and ensure effective customer prospecting.

When creating your personal profile, choose a photo that looks professional, no party, beach, or travel photos.

Leave these photos only for your other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t forget the quality of the photo, it makes all the difference. Think about the image you would like to see on other profiles that would inspire confidence. And if it’s your business profile, use a good logo maker to create a logo and use it in your photos and LinkedIn posts. Why is Social Media Important for a Small Business?

Then put your key data in the headline. In this field, the idea is to insert your professional experiences, especially the current one and the name of the company. If you are an expert in any area, be sure to cite it. Use your main keywords!

Finally, detail your career and the experiences that have brought you to where you are. When you get to your current position, pay more attention to this issue and talk about the activities you carry out. Courses, lectures, and other qualifications are also welcome.

With your profile ready, it’s time to establish connections on Linkedin. It is through these connections that your profile will be seen, which is essential in prospecting for customers.

According to your profile, the platform also indicates people you might want to add or companies and personalities you can follow.

As you start adding people to your network, your profile starts showing up to other users. Especially the ones you have connections in common with.

These connections are called 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections. They are those that are directly linked to you, those that are linked to someone directly linked to you, and, finally, those that are part of the network of someone who is in your network, respectively.

As stated earlier, such Linkedin connections can be established both in Brazil and abroad. Which makes several companies stand Out customers and investors in all corners of the planet.

The more connections you or your business have, the greater the chances that your profile will be seen by more people and reach different profiles.

The more people are on your social network, the easier it will be to keep up with market changes and updates that can make a difference.

In case you still don’t have many connection suggestions, Linkedin allows your email contacts to be added to your network.

With an established network, you can think about the content and relationship you want to create and maintain. Which is extremely important to generate trust in your future customers. Digital Prospecting: What is it and how to do it

In order for your prospecting on LinkedIn to be efficient, you need to know the audience you want to reach. Also, keeping your profile up to date is more than necessary.

Here are some of the top tips to generate valuable content on Linkedin and keep your audience interested in your profile/company:

  • Choose your post type: There are two main post types on this network. It is possible to post normally in your feed, with more direct and simple content, with a limit of 1300 characters. Or, post longer articles, with no character limit, with more in-depth topics, based on studies and research. Also, you can post photos, videos, links to other social networks, anything that adds something to those who are following your profile.
  • Don’t post anything: often, content can seem extremely relevant, but it doesn’t talk to your audience and doesn’t collaborate with customer prospecting. So it might not be worth posting it. Always share content that is really relevant to your audience.
  • Pay attention to the content: keeping your profile updated is very important, this generates interactions and engagement. However, feeding your feed with any post will not bring good results. It is often more beneficial to just interact with other profiles than to post something that has no value.
  • Think about who gets the content: putting yourself in your future customer’s shoes is critical. Insert images, videos, infographics, links, etc. Thus, it will be possible to expand the information and make the content more pleasant. Even if it’s the best content, with difficult language and few visuals, it can get boring.
  • Use resources: in addition to groups, messages, and connections, use links or summaries to help you stand out to customers. Invest in rich content and take your audience to your other networks, such as Youtube channels or blogs.

Extra tips

To make your prospecting on LinkedIn even more effective, before making connections, think about companies that could be potential customers.

Use the platform’s search page to find them, filters can help you.

According to the tone of voice established for your company, it will be possible to decide how your first contact with the future customer will be.

Tip: Don’t get straight to the point. Don’t want to sell first. Build a relationship with correct speech and get more chances to captivate your audience before offering a solution.

Before sending the messages, it might be interesting to first get noticed. Initiate contact in a subtle way, visiting the profile of the company or person you are interested in maintaining a connection with. Your visit will appear in notifications and the profile visited will know of your existence.

When visiting the profile, interact with content that you find interesting and relevant. Liking, commenting, or sharing demonstrates affinity of thoughts and interests.

Finally, establish the connection by sending a request. It is not necessary to do all these steps on the same day. That way, you or your business won’t seem desperate to stand Out to customers on LinkedIn. These movements make the interaction more natural and less mechanical.

Becoming a reference is not something that happens overnight. With the number of users, companies, or people connected to this platform, one can imagine that the competition is great.

However, starting with an optimized profile, quality content, and some marketing strategies, your profile will soon be noticed. Consistency is something that makes the difference. After all, it’s no use establishing thousands of connections, prospecting for customers, and not continuing to work continuously.

If you want to grow your business and you’re not on LinkedIn yet, know that you’re wasting time and precious customers.

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