Guide to Using Google Drive for Business

Digital documents, images, and many other types of files or data used in the computer environment are among the sine qua non of working life in today’s conditions. Many files needed in both e-commerce and other sectors are stored and shared digitally. In this way, the necessity of getting lost among the paper piles to reach the sought documents is eliminated, and the file transmission is carried out much faster.

This technology, which necessitates the transfer of working life to computers and the internet, is generally used with various software. The first of these is Google Drive. So, what is Google Drive, a service launched by one of the most important companies in the digital world?

What is Google Drive and What Does It Do?

“What is Google Drive?” A short answer can be given to the question: They can achieve file storage and synchronization service. With this service offered by Google, files can be stored on the Internet, shared with other users, and different devices can be synchronized with each other. This and all the other features the app has are available to both individual users and businesses. The main advantage of Google Drive is that it makes itself felt in business life. Employees of the company using this application can access the files they need from any point on the internet with their personal accounts in line with the permission given to them. . This feature is extremely important in terms of the continuity of corporate functioning, especially in today’s world where remote working is becoming more and more widespread.

The second question that comes to mind after “What is Google Drive?” is: How to use Google Drive? This service can be used with a web interface that can be accessed via an internet browser. In addition, Google Drive is also available in application format. The application in question can be easily used by downloading it to computers using Windows and macOS operating systems.

There is also a mobile version of the app for both Android and iOS-enabled smartphones and tablets. For Google Drive download, simply enter your operating system’s app store or Google’s website. In order to use the latest version of the application, which was developed by adding new features over time, in other words, to update Google Drive, you must enter the same addresses. Drive, which was opened for use in 2012, has become one of the most important parts of  Workspace, the service pool developed by Google for businesses.

Is Google Drive Safe to Use?

“What is Google Drive?” for business Positive responses to the question may not be enough. Because the security of such cloud storage systems is of primary importance for companies.

As it is known, Google is one of the most important brands in the internet world. Such a big brand supports all its products with the highest security measures, as it will not risk its image and reputation in any way. Therefore, you can take advantage of the conveniences of the Google Drive service without worrying about it. At this point, it is worth noting that; Storing extremely sensitive personal and identity information not only in Drive but also in all internet-enabled programs is risky to some extent. In other words, it would be a good decision not to store and share such information and data when using Drive, as in other applications.

Is Google Drive For Business Paid?

Every Google account opened provides the user with 15 GB of Drive space free of charge. In other words, as soon as you create a Gmail account, Google Drive is available to you for free. This can be considered an ideal method for small businesses. Thus, “What is Google Drive?” You can use the basic features that can be considered as an answer to the question. However, this storage space may be insufficient for medium and large-sized companies due to the growing file sizes and increasing video and image quality today.

You can choose the most suitable one among the paid Google Workspace plans to avoid problems such as lack of space while using Drive, and also to benefit from other services.

Who Should Use Google Drive?

Google Drive; It can be used by anyone who wants to send, store or share files. However, when we approach the subject from the perspective of businesses and working life, we can easily say that the application has turned into a serious need.

“What is Google Drive?” for business The answer to the question is more important than individual users. Because with this service, in-house file sharing becomes much easier. Deciding to open Google Drive makes business processes run much more smoothly.

Besides sharing, Google Drive is also very functional in the backup. Today, a lot of data and information is available through digital documents rather than physical ones. If we think that this trend will get stronger in the not too distant future, it is certain that storing files on the internet will become a necessity. Drive also draws attention by meeting this need in the best way.

As a result of all that we have said, we can say that the use of Google Drive has now become a serious need for businesses. Those who prefer to use external hard drives for data storage, and e-mail for file sharing; When meeting this application, can easily see how practical the process actually is.

Google Drive is just as important to businesses as social media channels like Twitter. With the Twitter for Business setup guide, you can learn how to use this application in the most efficient way. Similarly, the Facebook Business Manager guide offers a lot of important information about the paths you can take for your business on this social media platform.

What are the Advantages of Using Google Drive for Business?

Although it makes it easier to store and send files to individual users, “What is Google Drive? In line with the answer to the question, it can be said that this application shows its main advantage for businesses. We can list the advantages that Drive offers to companies as follows:

  • This application allows you to upload files to the so-called cloud areas on Google’s servers. Thus, employees or other partner institutions can easily access the necessary files whenever and wherever they want.
  • Thanks to the Google Drive survey creation feature, the opinion of the employees can be obtained practically on any subject.
  • Different people can work on the same file simultaneously.
  • Company data can be stored securely on the internet.
  • It is not possible to share large files with e-mail and messaging programs. In such cases, Google Drive file sharing is an extremely practical solution.
  • Office equivalents come with Drive. These programs are; make it possible to create text, table, or presentation files extremely easily.
  • Google Drive is also an ideal tool for photo backup and upload. It facilitates the sharing of photos and other large files among employees, especially for businesses operating in areas such as e-commerce, where visuals are dominant. Therefore, Google Drive offers a very practical use to the user in terms of photos.
  • All employees in a business may not be required to access every file due to their job and seniority. The Google Drive access permission feature helps to easily regulate this situation.

What are Google Drive’s Storage and Features?

Free Google Drive storage is limited to 15GB. While this may seem like a sufficient amount at first, you may need more space as the amount of data you need to store increases over time. You can purchase more domains on Google One for a fee. In addition, with Google Workspace membership plans, you can get more storage space and take advantage of other services offered to businesses. You can find the membership plan prices per user, per month, below.

  • Business Starter: 30GB of storage per user. Price: 27 TL
  • Business Standard: 2TB of storage per user. Price: 58 TL
  • Business Plus: 5TB of storage per user. Price: 108 TL
  • Enterprise: Unlimited storage. You can contact the sales team for the price.

For detailed features and detailed information about these plans, you can check Google’s website. Apart from all these, Drive also offers many different features that make business life easier. “What is Google Drive?” Here are some specific features that make the basic storage and sharing attributes even more useful :

  • Google Drive voice typing is one of the most functional features of this service. It is highly functional, especially for basic texts that you need to write in a short time. For this feature, which is used in both Google Docs and Google Slides, it is sufficient to click “Voice typing” from the “Tools” menu of the relevant program.
  • Google Drive is also an ideal tool for contacts backup. In this way, you can easily reach the people registered in your phone book, even if you change the device you use. You can easily do this by installing the mobile Google Drive application on your phone.

How to Backup in Google Drive?

It can also be used for Google Drive backup and sync operations. In this way, you can back up not only the contact information in your contacts but also all the information on your mobile device by uploading it to Drive. How to do this depends on the operating system of the device.

After downloading the Google Drive application for iPhone, you need to tap the menu icon in the upper left. After entering the menu, you must select “Backup”. You can easily perform this operation by clicking the “Start Backup” button on the screen that opens.

For Android devices, the process is not much different. Tap the elimination button, symbolized as “plus” in the Drive app, and then tap “Install.” Then you can complete the backup by selecting the files and folders you want.

How to Download Files in Google Drive?

You can continue to work in environments where you are offline, that is, where there is no internet connection, by downloading the files you can access via Drive to your computer. The move you need to do for this is quite simple. Simply right-click on the file you want to download in Drive and select “Download” from the pop-up menu. Download time may vary depending on file size and internet connection speed.

What Are File Limits in Google Drive?

A shared Google Drive space can contain up to 400,000 items. Here, the items are meant; files, folders, and shortcuts. Individual users can upload 750GB of files per day to Drive. Users who exceed the limit must wait a day before they can upload a new file. In such cases, the ongoing uploads are allowed to be completed. Also, files larger than 5 TB cannot be uploaded to the Drive.

Google Drive download quota is an occasional situation when using this service. Viewing or downloading the same file by too many users may trigger Google’s abuse measures. In such cases, a limitation is imposed on that file. In order for the file to be accessible again, it must wait for 1 day.


The Docs section of Google Drive, which we can liken to Microsoft Word or Docs, has been developed in a way that best meets all your text writing needs. You can download the files you create by converting them to popular text formats such as DOCX, PDF, and RTF.


Sheets, globally known as Sheets, can be thought of as the Microsoft Excel version of Drive. You can easily create tables without any extra installation with this program, which has many basic features offered by MS Office.


Drive also lets you create presentations with the Slides app. You can easily convert the files that you have prepared and edited with this program to PPTX format that can be opened in Powerpoint.

What Types of Files Can Be Shared on Google Drive?

Another question that comes to mind after “What is Google Drive?” is about the types of files that can be shared. With Drive, any file can be easily shared and stored. There is no limitation in this regard. You can share the uploaded files directly through the application, or you can send them to the relevant people through other programs using the Google Drive link creation method.

How to Upload Files and Folders to Google Drive

Uploading files to Google Drive is an extremely easy process. When you enter the program or the web interface of Drive, you can easily perform this operation by clicking the “Install” button at the top right. This method is the same for all file formats and folders. Google Drive video upload is also done in this way.

It is also possible to delete uploaded files and folders. For Google Drive file deletion, simply right-click on the file and select “Remove”.

How to Sync Google Drive?

Google Drive synchronization is performed with the Google Drive Desktop software used on computers. When you run this software for the first time, you will see a screen where you can select the folders you want to synchronize. After you make the necessary selection, the next step is to determine which folder on your computer to back up the files in Drive. At this point, you can choose to back up every file in your Drive account, or you can limit the process to only certain folders. You can synchronize the folders you want after the software is opened. To do this, right-click on the relevant folder and select “Sync this folder” under the Google Drive tab.

When you do this, the files installed in Drive are downloaded to your computer, and the files on your computer are uploaded to Drive. In other words, your computer and Drive are paired. Then, you can easily access the changes you have made on both sides, both on the computer and on the Drive. It has been stated that the question “What is Google Drive” can be answered by saying that it is a synchronization tool. You can easily activate the synchronization feature of the application in this way.

How to Use Google Drive Account?

In order to use the applications included in the program, you must first open a Google Drive account. After this process, which can also be defined as Google Drive creation, you can start using your account. Google Drive will prompt you for your username and password every time you sign in if you don’t save your account information.

Step 1: Go to

You can use your Drive at You can perform the operations you want by entering this address in your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Upload or Create Files

To upload files to Drive, you must first click on the “New” button in the upper left corner. When you click this button, upload and creation options will appear. You can easily upload files or folders saved on your computer to Drive from here. Similarly, you can create new folders or file types such as documents, spreadsheets, slides, and forms using the same menu.

Step 3: Share and Organize Files

You can share the folders you have created or uploaded via Google Drive by entering the e-mail addresses of the people. In addition, you can organize files by transferring them into folders for easier access later.

How to Use the Mobile Google Drive Application?

People who want to use this application on their mobile devices must first install Google Drive. For this, you can make the relevant search on your phone’s app store.

Step 1: Open the App

After the installation, the icon of the application is located on the screen of your phone or tablet. You can open the application by clicking this icon.

Step 2: Upload or Create Files

Creating and uploading files on mobile is not much different than in the web interface. This time, the “Install” button appears only as a plus sign. This button is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Share and Organize Files

The three-dot symbol, which means “Options”, is used on mobile for sharing and similar actions that you make with the right button on the web. By touching this icon in the upper right part of the file, you can easily perform Google Drive sharing and many other actions from mobile devices.

How to Create a Shared Drive for Business

“What is Google Drive?” While looking for an answer to the question, we stated that this application provides many benefits for businesses. For this, a Shared drive is created, including people within the business. For this process, first of all, go to Google Drive and click on the “Shared drives” button. Then select “New” and specify the name of the field. Shared Drive is now available for your business.

For the “Shared drives” button to be active, the Google account you use must be associated with a company, school, or group. In other words, you cannot perform this operation with a free account that is only open for personal use. To create a shared drive, you must have an individual or enterprise-level Google Workspace subscription.

Add Members and Set Access Levels

The authority to add members to the fields belongs to the users in the administrator position. Each new member added is defined as a “content manager”, but access levels can be changed later on by folder or file. This is one of the key issues among Google Drive features for businesses. In this way, people at different levels can be authorized to edit, comment, or just view files.

Adding Files and Folders

Add folders and files to a shared drive; may be performed by administrators, content administrators, and people classified as contributors. This process is basically the same as for individual Drive accounts.

Managing Files and Folders

Persons in the position of “manager”, “content manager” and “contributor” can manage files and folders in order to organize the functioning within the enterprise in line with their level. Thus, files and folders can be moved from individual to common area, deleted, or rearranged.

Sharing and Collaborating on Shared Drives

“What is Google Drive for business?” The question can be answered through these two features called item sharing and collaborative work. Google Drive collaborative means that users with access to that file can work simultaneously. Changes made to the file are also visible to other users at the same time. By using different file types in this way, it is possible to collaborate and exchange ideas on various topics.

Google Drive sharing is also an extremely important feature. With this feature, who can access which files or folders can be easily arranged. This makes it easier to share work and ensures that employees can only access the sections related to their duties.

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