Gua Sha Which Stone Should You Buy?

As Gua Sha Stone family, Many brands manufacture various natural stone masses, facial massage tools, Gua sha and natural stone jewellery.

Each natural stone actually has unique properties that can benefit your skin in different ways. In this article, we have prepared a guide that can help you choose the most suitable natural stone for your skin as a Gua sha stone. Please note that this article is only a guide and when choosing a natural stone it is important to choose the stone that appeals to you the most. How to Activate and Charge Rose Quartz Stone?

What does the Gua Sha stone do?

Generally, face roller and gua sha are used to help massage the skin and relieve puffiness. Face rollers are refreshing and calming. Aids lymphatic drainage and skincare product penetration. It is also very easy to use.

Gua Sha stone
Gua Sha stone

What is the difference with face rollers?

Gua sha natural stone; It helps to relieve tension and shape the face. It increases lymphatic drainage and promotes blood circulation and penetration of skincare products. As with face rollers, various natural stone options are available for Gua sha. Corsair Introduced A Gaming Laptop With A Touch Bar Like A Macbook

When choosing Gua sha, which is the favourite of many professionals with its flawless gliding on the skin; make sure you choose one with many different angles and lengths on the sides. In this way, the same stone; can use on different parts of your face such as your jawline, cheekbones and under the eyes. Dimensity 1050 5G, Dimensity 930 5G And Helio G99 Chipsets Introduced For Smartphones

What are Gua Sha stones?


  • Energy: It was used as a cleansing and longevity stone in ancient China. It has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties for blemish-prone skin.
  • Chakra: Heart chakra
  • Effect on the skin: It fights acne and blemishes with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Which skin type: Oily and acne-prone skin

Black Tourmaline stone

  • Energy: It is believed to reconnect the spirit and the world and provide deep psychic protection. It is a naturally magnetic stone.
  • Chakra: Root chakra
  • Effect on the skin: Increases blood circulation and helps reduce puffiness and sagging skin.
  • Which skin type: Normal, oily, sensitive

Crystal quartz stone

  • Energy: Considered a master healer, believed to raise positive energy and intentions.
  • Chakra: Crown chakra
  • Effect on the skin: It is compatible with all skin problems with its harmonious effect on the skin.
  • Which skin type: Normal, combination, dry, oily, sensitive

Rose quartz stone

  • Energy: Stone of unconditional love. It nourishes the individual. Essi has been used as a mask to reduce wrinkles and blemishes since Egypt.
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Effect on skin: It can both relieve inflammation and nourish tired skin. Therefore, it is especially suitable for combination skin.
  • Which skin type: Normal, combination, sensitive, blemish and acne-prone skin

Amethyst stone

  • Energy: Believed to increase the clarity and concentration of the mind, this natural stone was often associated with commercial success and royalty in ancient times.
  • Chakra: Third Eye Chakra
  • Effect on the skin: It is a fortifier for tired, dull-looking skin. It is believed to be particularly good at reducing wrinkles between the eyebrows because of its connection with the third eye.
  • Which skin type: Normal, dry, sensitive

Gua Sha Stone is like exercising your face!

A high-quality gua sha, when used regularly, gives your face the same effect as exercising. Start by cleansing your skin and adding a moisturizer or serum to your face and neck, as this technique can help the skin absorb its nutrients completely. So, how to use gua sha in the most correct way? iPhone 14 Pro leaks and rumours — Everything we know so far

  1. Starting at your neck, place the protruding edge of the tool on your skin and start gliding upwards gently.
  2. Hold the curved side of the instrument against your face and gently slide it up and out for 3-5 minutes, starting from the neck, jawline, chin and around the mouth.
  3. Next, comb your cheeks and glide gently from under your eyes, over your eyebrows, and from your forehead to your hairline.
  4. Helping to release tension in your muscles, gua sha provides a meditative practice that many find relaxing.

By moving the skin in this way, you can “exercise” your face and help it fully absorb the nutrients in your products. Add gua sha to your skincare routine a few days a week for best results and notice your skin glowing…. What are the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21?

Frequently asked Questions

Does gua sha stone dissolve the jowl?

Gua sha or face roller does not have an effect like jowl melt. However; It helps tighten the areas that have lost their elasticity as it increases blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and accelerates blood flow. Thus, your jowl area will have a tighter and more collected appearance than usual. Google Pixel 7 Pro New Tensor chip and Android 13

How to use gua sha stone partitions?

Concave side; It is most ideal for use on larger areas of your body. It is used to shape the neck, shoulders and spine.

Double curved side; promotes blood circulation under the eyes, cheeks and cheekbones. Because the slit versions are smaller, they are especially ideal for the jawline line. Those with toothed edges; stimulate fine lines and wrinkles. It is used from the chin to the cheeks, temples and forehead. Samsung Galaxy A73 5G with 108MP camera launched

For the eyebrows, those with a pointed convex edge can be preferred.

Can Gua Sha stone be put in the refrigerator?

When gua sha is used on the face; It can tighten inelastic facial muscles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and aid lymphatic drainage. You can cool it by keeping it in the refrigerator for a while before using it and increase the feeling of relaxation it gives. If you use it in the morning, you can keep it in the refrigerator overnight. However, avoid storing it in the freezer to avoid unexpected effects. How to unlock your iPhone with a mask using your Apple Watch

Where to buy Gua Sha?

Gua Sha stone can be found in many places today, including in cosmetic markets. However, to ensure that you are purchasing the right product, it must be purchased from trusted places and natural stone stores. With their rich natural stone collection, as Stones sellers, they bring their customers together with quality Gua Sha massage tools. Apple Watch SE 2 (2022): Everything you need to know

Can Gua Sha stone be washed?

Before and after use, it is best to use a microfiber cloth to wipe the stone. This will prevent any bacteria from spreading to the skin. But every two days, you need to do a thorough cleaning. The first beta version of watchOS 8.7 arrives: How to install watchOS 8.7 on your Apple Watch

How to clean gua sha?

  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth first to get rid of any residue.
  • Fill a small bowl with warm water and add some mild liquid soap. Mix and wet. Soak in water for 10 minutes.
  • Remove soap by swirling it in water. However, do not wash in running water. Gua sha is very delicate, so you need to be very gentle.
  • Dry with a paper towel.
  • You are now ready to use.

If it makes a squeaky noise before use, you can apply a small amount of oil to the edges. This will make the stone movement smoother and prevent noise. The New MacBook Pro 2022 with M2 could be coming soon

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