Google certificates that can be useful in digital marketing

If you are interested in digital marketing Google certificates or want to improve yourself in your career journey in this field, we have collected some free Google certifications for you!

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate

If you want to step into the world of digital marketing, you can join the Digital Marketing Fundamentals training prepared by Google Digital Workshop. In this online training, a total of 40 hours; You can get training on creating a digital presence on the internet, managing websites, managing digital assets of businesses, understanding customer behaviour, using search engines, and SEO. As a result of the training, you can basically gain skills in business strategy creation, content marketing, display advertising and e-commerce.

Google Analytics Certificate

Google Analytics training is divided into two for beginners and advanced users. If you are starting to learn Analytics, you can take introductory training first. In this training, there is information such as what Google Analytics is used for, how it works, reporting data and analyzing the created campaign. In order to take the certification exam, in addition to basic education, advanced education must be completed.

Google Ads Certificates
Google Ads Certificates

Advanced education; is aimed to gain skills such as data collection, processing and data structuring. In addition, details about using advanced analysis techniques and creating a more effective marketing strategy by retargeting them are also shared.

Google Ads Certificates

Google Ads certifications are especially important for those who aim for a career in digital advertising. If you want to improve yourself in the field of digital advertising, you can attend related training. This training; includes topics such as creating search campaigns, display network strategies, video advertising, and creating shopping ads. Those who acquire the relevant certificates gain the skills to create these campaigns and measure their success. The Google Ads certificates you can obtain by completing the training are as follows;

  • Google Ads Search Certificate
  • Google Ads Display Network Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification
  • Google Ads Apps Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification

Google Marketing Platform Certificates

In order to obtain Google Marketing Platform certificates, it is necessary to have experience in the field. The relevant certification exams are for people who have real-life experience using Google products. If you are experienced in using Google products and want to highlight your marketing skills by obtaining certification, you can take the relevant tests. The certificates you can obtain if you are successful in these tests;

  • Campaign Manager Certificate
  • Creative Certificate
  • Search Ads 360 Certificate
  • Display&Video 360 Certification

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