Get Ready to Build an eCommerce Site in 10 Steps

It’s time to set up an eCommerce site! Internet shopping, which has increased intensely with the pandemic, has also increased eCommerce initiatives. In fact, there is never such a thing as the right time for eCommerce. Any time you decide to start is the right time! Online shopping is not a craze, it is increasing as a result of your need and will continue to increase. Anyone who works in a salaried job or cannot find what they are looking for in a job and wants to earn money, at some point, turns to eCommerce initiatives. Who knows, maybe it is the right business eCommerce network. So, is it easy to set up an eCommerce site? How to set up an eCommerce site? Here is a 10-step guide to building an eCommerce site from scratch: TOP 15 Marketing Tips on Google

Select Products and Product Groups

To do eCommerce, you must first determine what or what you will sell. You should know that you can sell almost anything on the Internet. You can sell products from food, cosmetics, clothing, medical, cleaning, pet shops, toys, souvenirs, and every conceivable sector. Those who want to establish eCommerce first determine the product and then the sales channel, the two most important stages at the beginning. Google Ranking Factors: The 200+ Google Ranking Factors

Determine eCommerce Platform

What is an eCommerce platform? An eCommerce platform is a special software where users can navigate, create an order basket and buy something as they wish. Every shopping site needs a stylish, functional, practical, and fast site with specific features. Since the platform you will choose will also be the face of the site you will install, it is imperative that you choose an advanced platform.

At this stage, the platform you choose should provide you with services such as inventory – stock management, creating a campaign, displaying the trade from all sales channels, automatic calculation, determining the payment method, and online live support. Platform pricing should also offer your additional needs, such as determining the theme of the site and adjusting its mobile optimization. The management panel with advanced features to set up an eCommerce site makes all your work easier.

Find Your Audience

The target audience is very, very important in eCommerce. If you don’t know who to sell products to, you will lose a lot of time and money until you are successful. After you decide to do eCommerce, you should find your target audience and get to know them. Since your target audience and the products, you will sell will shape your website, it should be considered one of the first steps, and an action plan should be created. Online Top Selling Products List in 2022

The basic questions that will help you determine your target audience are as follows;

  • What is the age range of the people I will sell products to?
  • What are the occupational groups of the people I will sell products to?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are they interested in?

Every answer to these questions is the factor that will make you successful. Your customer profile makes it easier to market your product. At this stage, you may also want to set up an eCommerce site for an audience you already know, instead of creating or knowing an audience from scratch. For example, if you are a student, you can set up a platform that targets students. How to Grow Your Business on the Internet?

Get Domain for Your eCommerce Site

To set up an eCommerce site, you must undoubtedly have a website name. When searching for a website, that is, a domain name, you should find a subtle name for the product and industry. Since your site name will also be your brand name, it is useful to choose a catchy, unique, and practical name. If you already have a brand, check if this brand’s domain name is empty and if it is, take it.

We would like to give you some information that will take you one step ahead when buying a domain: SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization, is a digital work that is necessary for you to rise in all other search engines, especially Google, after starting eCommerce. Having your domain name SEO compatible gives you an advantage. You can find the perfect name with keyword research. Another thing you can do when searching for names is competitor analysis. B2B Lead Generation: How to get the right leads

Create Social Media Accounts

Every shopping site has an account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and similar social media platforms. All of these platforms make your brand visible, strengthen your interaction with the customer, support your brand image, help you spread to large masses, enable you to participate in trends, and increase your sales. Instagram is perhaps the most important social media area among these platforms.

Instagram gives you a place where you can showcase your products, open a store and sell directly. You should make a strategic content broadcast for your social media pages and stay up to date. You must provide high-quality photography, compelling text descriptions, and strong communication. This is how you should support the social aspect of your business to set up an eCommerce site. Do not forget that you will grow your target audience in this way and you can advertise on social media with economical budgets. Selling on Instagram: How to Sell On Instagram

Make sure your site is secure

Security in eCommerce sites is very important in all respects. You should take all necessary security measures and integrate them into your site so that both you have a sustainable site and your customers can pay safely. Everyone who intends to shop on the Internet first asks if the site is safe.

The methods you can apply for security in eCommerce are as follows;

SSL Certificate: SSL certificates are a special system that stores transactions and passwords within the site. It must be found on a reliable eCommerce site.

3D Secure: The 3D Secure system, which enables secure payment, sends a password to customers’ phones while making payments and ensures that the password is entered into the system. This method ensures the safety of customers.

Trust Stamp: This stamp, which is not very well known but owned by eCommerce companies, makes it white that the site protects the rights of consumers and gives confidence.

Establish a Company to Become a Taxpayer

When you want to sell under a brand on an advanced eCommerce site on the Internet, you should establish a company. One of the necessary conditions for establishing an eCommerce site is a company. Generally, a sole proprietorship is established and an online business is initiated. At this stage, you can determine what kind of company you will establish by examining all types of companies. When opening a company, be sure to examine tax exemptions for eCommerce. For example, tax exemption is applied as long as the revenue amount does not exceed 220 thousand TL.

Design Your eCommerce Site

Anyone who wants to set up an eCommerce site is recommended to focus on the design part of the job. The visits and movements of the target audience, who will shop from the site, should be considered and a functional design should be preferred. So, how should the eCommerce site design be, and what should be considered? Here are the details;

  • The design colors of eCommerce sites should be compatible with the brand identity. Color harmony should be observed in every platform, from social media to site design.
  • An eCommerce site must work fast. The user experience should be considered in the site design, and the same care should be given to each page. There should be a flawless operation in every detail, while the visitor is examining the product categories, opening the product page, looking at the features of the product, adding the products to the cart, making the payment, in short, until the work on the site is finished. The site should definitely load fast and help the user in every way.
  • The site should have basic pages such as an about us page, FAQ page, and contact page. The texts on these pages should be neat.
  • The payment screen must be secure. This page is one of the important pages that will make you sell. When many visitors want to pay for the products they have added to their basket, they give up at the last stage. Because the page creates suspicion in the visitor as a result of bad and untrustworthy design or management. The payment page must be carefully designed.
  • In general, the site should be designed to make it easier for users to navigate. Users like simple, clutter-free, easy-on-the-eyes, simple, and fast designs that don’t jump out from everywhere. To set up an eCommerce site, you should pay attention to all these design details and show that you care about the customer.

Agree with the Cargo Company

While managing everything meticulously to set up an eCommerce site, do not forget to make an agreement with the cargo company. The cargo company plays a role in the fast and safe delivery of your products, increases the customer experience, and supports satisfaction. Customers always attach importance to speed, they are pleased with the product that comes quickly, and they definitely indicate this in the product evaluations. Even if the cargo is late or the product is damaged, even if it is not the fault of the brand, it may cause negative returns and may decrease your sales.

Prepare Digital Marketing and SEO Studies

Digital marketing is important for all small – medium-large businesses, brands, and institutions that sell products and services on the internet. Digital marketing is the most effective method to stand out in the endless competition in the digital world, to stand strong, and most importantly to reach the target audience.

SEO, which is among the digital marketing strategies, helps you stand out in all searches that users will make on the internet. For example, you have an eCommerce site that sells stationery products. If you want them to come to your site when the customer searches for “black ballpoint pen” or “reasonable price agenda”, you should have SEO work done. With SEO compatible product content, SEO compatible blog posts, you can rank on the first page of search engines and increase your sales.

Establishing an eCommerce site is not just about uploading products to the site and waiting for customers. It is necessary for you to respond to the needs of your customers and to appear in their searches. When SEO is applied ideally on the entire site, it shows its effect over time, increases site traffic, and helps your branding.

Additional Suggestions to Make Your Business eCommerce Easier

High-quality product images

When you want to set up an eCommerce site, you should know that you will upload all the products to the site one by one with high-quality photos. The more careful you are in product photos, the more successful you will be. Photos must be professionally shot. The light, the positioning of the product, and the background should be flawless. If you have to photograph the products yourself at the beginning, create a shooting area where you can dominate every detail from the light to the background and take high-quality photos. However, we would like to point out that there are professional service providers in this regard, and you can take photos at economical prices.

Accurate Product Descriptions

Product descriptions must be strictly SEO friendly. All details that need to be known about the products should be included. Building an eCommerce site always requires dealing with SEO. If you pay attention to SEO compatibility in the photos and product descriptions on your site, you will rise faster in the search engines. Google highlights sites that provide transparent information to visitors. That’s why you should use clear, accurate information.

Competitor analysis

Establishing an eCommerce site is taking a step among countless competitors on the internet. Competitor and market research is work that you should do before and after starting a business. In fact, you should especially do it if your sales have stopped or are not large enough. What are your competitors doing? What are the comments made by customers? You can even order directly to get to know your competitor and have a customer experience. This gives you information about your own site or customer satisfaction and helps you improve things.

Be sure to review your competitors’ digital strategies. Investigate and observe their movements in social media, content marketing, pricing, SEO studies, and platforms in every detail. This research will surely show you your shortcomings or give you new ideas. If you are thinking of setting up an eCommerce site and then waiting, you will be sorry. After setting up the site perfectly, the real work begins. Standing out from the competition and satisfying customers is a never-ending process, you must constantly work, produce and find ideas.

You can make a good start with this guide that we have prepared for those who want to set up an eCommerce site, and you can feel confident at every stage. Opening an eCommerce site is considered one of the most powerful examples of initiatives that can be made in an age where the internet is so widespread. When you want to risk everything and set up your own site, we are at your side with all our services.

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