Email Marketing for e-commerce: where to start?

Do you know email marketing? Do you know how it can help your business? Don’t worry, in this text, we’ll show you where to start and how to explore the strategic use of email marketing in the e-commerce universe. Our aim is to help you grow and leverage sales without falling into traps and failures.

Curious? So carry on with me!

Why invest in email marketing for e-commerce?

It is not new that email marketing represents sales and marketing strategies. In the early 2000s, a survey conducted by Jupiter Communications analyzed some data on email marketing and found that it has emerged as a “ powerful force in the opinion of marketers and consumers alike .”

Since then, according to Gustavo Assis, author of the book “ Guia de E-mail Marketing”, e-mail is a high-performance tool in terms of click-through and conversion rates. Assisi says:

“Important facts for this conclusion are cost per consumer, production and creation costs, speed of execution, speed and precision in the presentation of results.”

From 2000 to the present day we have already advanced a lot in the technological sector and we have doubled the efficiency of email marketing, although there are some pitfalls along the way, its usability continues with good results. This strategy is increasing “hand in hand” with the online sales sector, and it’s not for less. According to data presented by MediaPost, 72% of consumers prefer email as a channel to connect with businesses and there are currently more than 4 billion email accounts worldwide. How does Email Marketing for Lawyers work?

Check out 4 reasons why you can’t help but think of email marketing as your e-commerce strategy.

Helps nurture leads

According to Gustavo Assis, the best results with email marketing happen when used to retain customers. This is because email marketing is not designed just for your store’s consumers. It can be used to prospect the undecided and to enrich leads with informative and creative content. Lead nurturing helps your e-commerce with organic traffic and, consequently, generates visibility and brand authority. What is Customs Duty? On Which Products Are Customs Tax Taken?

Improve your relationship with your audience

Online store owners face much greater challenges when it comes to acquisition, so they’re looking at ways to use email marketing for retention. In other words, they use the channel to strengthen the “customer-brand” relationship. This affinity makes the customer not forget about your e-commerce and stimulates their search for the brand.

Facilitates the dissemination of new products and promotions

Sending emails helps to promote a new product or service and makes loyal and interested customers come to you. Email marketing is also indispensable when it comes to boosting new blog content or newsletters, for example. With this strategy, you can reach a high number of interested parties without wasting time and money.

Enables customer loyalty after-sales

After a sale you can establish a direct and personalized relationship with the customer, sending news and related products that will complete the first purchase, for example. As mentioned in the topics above, e-mail marketing does not let the relationship between your e-commerce and the consumer “cold” and allows free access, after all, if it allowed the inclusion of your personal e-mail to your company’s list, it is because there is an interest in connecting. For the aftermarket scenario, email is an incredible communication vehicle when you need to win back the customer or ask for feedback. A guide to email marketing for small businesses

Types of email marketing for e-commerce

A good e-mail marketing strategy can reach different audiences, achieving good results only with coherence, curiosity, and persuasion. The structure of the content is also important, that’s why we’ve separated the 5 most used models in the online sales industry. Check out:

1. Welcome: there is no magic formula to bewitch customers, so it is important to use cordiality. Brazilians are, by nature, cordial and love to feel special and welcomed. The welcome email marketing is to start this relationship off right. Thank the user for their interest and registration and, when necessary, explain how they work with the flow and submission of content.

Say what content he will receive, and reaffirm the security of the registered data, and the happiness of having him with you. You know that saying, “ the first impression is the last one? ” in email marketing works like this. This trigger manages to generate more engagement than streaming emails. So, check your conversion quality. And remember, “ you never get a second chance to make a good first impression .”

2. Cart Abandonment: Every Entrepreneur’s Nightmare. According to a study carried out by Ecommerce Radar, in 2017, about 82% of Brazilian consumers gave up on a purchase. Cart abandonment accompanies high rates when internal failures, lack of trust, and outdated means of capture and sales are found.

E-mail marketing, when used correctly, reminds the user of abandonment and provides direct and personalized communication to offer new recovery alternatives. Study a friendly layout, confident and willing to help the client solve any intervention.

3. Promotional campaigns: be frequent, but not to the point of saturating the customer’s inbox, as this can irritate them. For promotional campaigns, invest in the description of benefits, innovation, and quality. When used correctly, email marketing can increase sales through the use of promotional campaigns.

For campaigns, email needs an amazing and totally innovative template. He needs to sell an idea, so he needs a creative and curious title. It is important for the user to know about the promotion in the email, but continue the journey on the website or blog, so don’t forget to direct the reader to take action.

4. Cross-sell and Up sell: with email marketing you can explore cross-sell, for example. Offer exclusives to the customer, for example, products that will complement the product of the initial purchase. For the up-sell strategy, email marketing can help the customer to know a more up-to-date and complete version of the product.

5. After-sales: customer acquisition is a constant task. To achieve good results and mediate the relationship, use email marketing in the post-purchase journey. This re-establishes contact and strengthens the user’s security in your brand. You can use it to guarantee feedback and evaluation. “Hey, how are you? Tell me what you think of the product” is an example.

Where to start with email marketing for e-commerce?

Know the target audience you want to reach

Before building the content, study the target audience, find the persona and segment the email list. Considering some issues such as demographic region, consumption habits, gender, age, and, when necessary, sociocultural vision. Marketing email subject lines: 6 best practices

Invest in content that correctly matches each group. For example, there are some behavioral and cultural differences that separate executives, lawyers, and college students. If your e-commerce sells products for cyclists, and both the executive, the lawyer, and the young university student like to ride, there is a great possibility that the three will become loyal, but present completely different behaviors and habits.

Create clear objectives for campaigns

After finding the target audience and segmenting it, it is necessary to develop some goals such as: never sending emails to those who are not on the confirmed list and outlining plans. And what’s the plan? Conversion, retention, and loyalty or informative?

The objective is fundamental to ensure the efficiency of email marketing and to find more answers than questions. Some companies shoot emails blindly, just with the intention of selling, and don’t care about the customer’s perspective. Well-crafted goals help to map user desires and the right time. The rule is simple: before the campaign justifies the objectives!

Set the frequency of sending emails

Be present, but not to the point of saturating the user. Ideally, your e-commerce should do market research to know the level of customer satisfaction. The frequency of sending depends on how willing, happy and accessible he is to receive. Constant shooting with the idea of ​​”more is better” is a mistake, in fact, it can harm. The ideal is to monitor the cancellation rates and study the quality of the campaign.

Choose a good layout

A good layout is the business card. Some users are not “readers” and like the “visual” more, so, after getting to know the audience you are talking to, create creative material. Learn neuromarketing techniques to find the right font, images, or gifs. It is necessary that good copy accompany the good layout, so make sure that the entire content dialogues with each other.

Use mental triggers

To invest in good texts, I advise the use of mental triggers as a structural part. There are several triggers and you can choose which one suits your campaign best. You can, for example, apply the triggers of affection and reciprocity when sending out welcome emails; authority and social approval when the idea is to prospect customers; scarcity triggers or significance when launching a promotion, and so on. Triggers are proven by science and effective when closing a deal, after all, you are dealing with a very relevant issue: the human subconscious.

To overcome the difficulties of a complex sale it is necessary to develop a sales strategy, which must be standardized and constantly improved, you can also study a good e-commerce course in order to specialize in the area and understand the market in depth. What is Sapphire (Communication Stone)? Health Benefits of Sapphire Stone

Deliver valuable content in every email

It is important that the text of your email marketing is short, valuable, and coherent in an idea. Nothing improved, we live in the age of speed and “accelerated”, so invest in assertive email templates. There is a diversity of readers in the world and the purpose of an advertising text is to be able to dialogue with each one of them, at the right time and with the right language.

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