Discover why diamond is so valuable and precious

If there is a gemstone that stirs the imagination of many people, it is the diamond. And look, there are several other gemstones, but nothing compares to her. That’s because this brilliant is part of the history of humanity.

In addition, everything related to this stone refers to luxury and ostentation. Want to see an example? The singer Beyoncé already bought a shoe studded with diamonds for R$ 1 million. Gold Necklaces For Women

But… Why is the diamond so valuable and precious? Keep reading and we will explain the reasons.

Why is diamond so precious?

Diamond is something valuable because it is not abundant in nature. So, the smaller the offer, the greater the value of the product. This glow is made up of carbon in the inner layers of the earth’s crust.

Why is diamond so precious

The carbon under pressure and high temperatures end up turning into the brilliant we know in its raw state. In this way, this combination of pressure, temperature, and time give the element a rigid and transparent characteristic. Diamonds took millions of years to form. Black Diamond: Properties, Carat, Colour, Sizes & Shapes

Thus, the fact that it is rare and the work done in its cut, giving it the format we know and so traditional, is what makes the piece so valuable.

What is the value of a diamond?

We all understand that a diamond is precious, but how much is a stone worth? This answer is more difficult to answer because there are several factors. When analyzing a stone, four items are found:

  • Lapping
  • Parity
  • Weight
  • Color

These four factors change the value — up or down — of a diamond. Thus, the most expensive ones are those that have a greater number of facets (made in the lapidation), weight, a lesser number of impurities, and more transparency. The 10 Most Valuable Jewels in the World and Their Prices

Just out of curiosity, the Hope diamond is considered the most expensive in the world, valued at more than R$ 1 billion, weighing 45 carats. But of course, there are other cheaper models.

Is it possible to break a diamond?

This is a very common question, but despite being the hardest stone there is, it can be broken. However, in everyday use, as in a jewel, it is indeed unbreakable, as it will hardly be placed in an extreme situation.

However, another curiosity about this brilliant is that only another diamond can scratch it. Incidentally, this is a way of verifying the stone’s legitimacy by rubbing it against some surface. If the stone is damaged, it is unfortunately not a diamond. Amethyst Gemstones Guide: Price, Quality & Value

What makes diamonds so valuable?

In addition to its unique feature, the diamond becomes valuable because it is set in a jewel with a noble metal, such as 18 carat gold. It would be a waste to insert a stone like this ‘framed’ in a metal that is not as strong and valuable as the shiny one. Check out some diamond jewelry: The Most Popular Necklace Trends of 2022

Shower ring

This shower ring is 18 carat gold with nine diamond stones in it. It draws attention for its brightness and distinctive design.

Pendant with stones

Diamonds are also great options to put on pendants, like this one in the shape of a flower and the center with the diamonds.

White gold

As valuable as yellow gold is white gold, as in this shower ring with seven diamond stones.

Etsy has diamond gems!

In short, the diamond brings personality and shows the value of a jewel. Etsy has several other options with the brilliant, all with the Amagold certificate, which attests to the origin of the material used in the jewelry. Enter our website and check out other models! The World’s Most Precious Stones

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