Creating a Greeting Card: Free Online Greeting Card Maker

Creating a Greeting Card: Free Online Greeting Card Maker: Even in the digital age, people still highly value postcards. According to an interview, 8 out of 10 people would rather receive a birthday card than a message on a social network. To show your appreciation to your business partners, customers, family, or friends, create a personalized greeting card. Read the article to learn how to do this.

7 Reasons to Send Someone a Greeting Card?

In business, greeting cards can be used to attract partners and customers and, in everyday life, to congratulate loved ones. The reasons can be different and range from public holidays (occasions related to the seasons) to private celebrations (occasions related to events) such as birthdays or weddings.

1. Birthday Greeting Card

Wishing a happy birthday is the most popular reason to send a greeting card. The design of such cards allows unlimited room for imagination. Use whatever creative resources the birthday person might like, from dark jokes to romantic poems.

Birthday Greeting Card
Birthday Greeting Card

2. Mother’s Day Greeting Card

This international holiday is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This is the day to pay attention to the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, sisters, aunts, and other women you care about. As a general rule, pastel colors are used in a Mother’s Day card, with floral patterns and script fonts.

Mother's Day Greeting Card
Mother’s Day Greeting Card

3. Marriage Greeting Card

Interestingly, in the US, nearly two-thirds of wedding cards are hand-delivered. In addition, its design is of particular importance. Traditionally, they are produced in white, gold, and pink and personalized with the help of monograms (signs composed of letters). Complicated types of monograms include interlocking letters, ornate decorations, and intricate graphics.

Marriage Greeting Card
Marriage Greeting Card

4. ThanksGiving Day Greeting Card

One of the main holidays in the United States is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Traditionally, postcards are decorated in the warm colors of autumn (yellow and orange) and often feature the symbols of Thanksgiving that are served at dinner on this day: a turkey and a pumpkin.

ThanksGiving Day Greeting Card
Thanksgiving Day Greeting Card

5. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

Valentine’s Day cards are the second most popular. Obviously, the main elements on these cards are the heart and the color red.

Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

6. Christmas Greeting Card

The most popular time of year cards is decorated in various styles: with drawings and photos, animals and landscapes, Christmas trees and bells. The space for creativity is limitless. Green, red, silver, and gold colors are most often used to create Christmas and New Year’s cards.

Christmas Greeting Card
Christmas Greeting Card

7. Halloween Greeting Card

All Saints Eve is celebrated every year on 31 October. Halloween cards are usually decorated in a humorous style with popular characters (vampires, witches, zombies, and black cats) or elements (pumpkins, spider webs, and skulls) related to the holiday. Traditional colors are orange and black.

Halloween Greeting Card
Halloween Greeting Card

5 Design Criteria to Create a Beautiful Greeting Card

Creating a card for a special occasion allows for complete creative freedom. You can choose from size to illustration style. Note that all design elements must convey the same message, i.e. keep the same style. A humorous image will not be in harmony with a strict serif font, as well as an official portrait with ornate patterns. Don’t forget to consider beforehand what type of card you’ll need – electronic or printed.

1. Greeting Card Size and Format

The size choice depends on how many elements you want to place in the layout. You shouldn’t clutter a small space with elements. The motif of the card will determine its format: for example, a standard rectangular card will suit business partners, a modern square-shaped one for a friend on his birthday, and a folded one for weddings.

Greeting Card Size and Format
Greeting Card Size and Format

2. Greeting Card Colors and Fonts

The card should be created according to classic design rules: simplicity, minimalism, and consistency with why the card is being created.

Avoid mixing more than three colors in a small area and make sure they match each other. We advise you to use the Adobe color wheel to come up with an ideal color palette.

Greeting Card Colors and Fonts
Greeting Card Colors and Fonts

When choosing fonts, opt for a maximum of two styles, especially if you are new to design. Remember that the font conveys the mood of the text: a serif font for serious and official purposes, a sans serif font for informal situations, and a script font for creative and playful writing.

3. Greeting Card Logo

A logo is a must-have in any business communication, including greeting cards for customers and partners. Start by embedding it in your card layout: the logo should be clearly visible, but it shouldn’t dominate the design. Consider contrast so the logo can be seen against the background. The online Logo generator will help you create a logo from scratch and choose the right colors for it.

4. Greeting Card Images

The use of photos, illustrations, graphics, or a combination of these elements is entirely up to you. However, remember that all images must be of high quality, especially if you are going to print a card. Choose images that match the overall color palette.

Greeting Card Images
Greeting Card Images

5. Greeting Card Text

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a long or short greeting, animated texts, or composing poems, be creative. Avoid clichés to make the text sincere. You can be inspired by other greeting cards, songs, books, or movies.

Greeting Card Text
Greeting Card Text

4 Online Greeting Card Makers

No ideas or design experience? Online services will help you create a greeting card quickly and easily. Use the ready-made templates or create the layout from scratch – the whole process takes just a few minutes.

1. Adobe’s Spark Greeting Card Makers

Start with the size: choose one of the scales offered by the service or enter your own parameters. Then select the desired template and customize it. Upload a photo (from your computer or from Adobe’s image collection), choose a professional font, and add graphics. Save the image and use it for any purpose: print it out or put it directly on your social media profile.

2.  Canvas Greeting Card Makers

This library of services contains thousands of professional templates for any type of anniversary: ​​choose one or create a layout from scratch. Then upload your own photo or use Canva’s Library to choose an image from over 2 million beautiful images.

You just need to add text (the service has more than 130 fonts available to choose from) and change the background and colors. After that, the card will be ready. Can not only allow you to download it to your computer but also immediately request the card be professionally printed on the desired paper.

3. Greetingsland Greeting Card Makers

The service toolset is quite simple. Its users can choose from various design solutions and add their texts and photos to the chosen option. You can download the ready-made greeting card in PDF format or send it by email.

4. Fotor Greeting Card Makers

The service helps you create a greeting card through a few simple steps: choose a theme or develop a layout from scratch, customize the design, decide on the format and size, and finally save the file. Fotor’s toolset contains everything you need to step up your creativity: a variety of fonts and graphics, photo effects and filters, and the ability to edit photos.

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