Engagement Rings

The beginning of wedding plans begins with the long-awaited proposal when choosing the perfect Engagement Rings that will demonstrate the couple’s love, and the commitment they are making in front of all their family and friends. This tradition of exchanging rings is very old and very alive in Brazil, however, for many years rings were used only by the bride and were studded with pearls, which symbolized the bride’s chastity.

Over time, diamond stones gave a new look to the Engagement Rings, adding beauty and value to the jewelry, and yet they represent all the values ​​of a relationship, fidelity, love, and trust.

Gold is a valuable and rare metal, which is why it is so coveted around the world, not to mention its beauty. Pure gold is not very consistent, because to make a jewel it is necessary to add other metals to its composition. At Ruby we work with three types of colors for the Engagement Rings, we have models in white, rosé, and yellow gold.

When choosing rings, talk to people closest to the bride, such as her mother and best friend, as the chances of pleasing the future wife will be greater. After all, it is not only a jewel but also the representation of this union.

The best love stories can be told through Engagement Rings. Behind that beautiful 18K White Gold Ring, there are two lives, with the desire to become one.

The jewelry models have a unique finish, which reflects love in their impeccable luminosity.

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