Amblygonite contains high amounts of natural lithium, so it is a stone to assist the release of stress and anxiety. Amblygonite crystal helps to boost your creativity and will aid you if you are creative to enhance your special gifts. It brings calmness and peace of mind and helps relieve tension and worry. It is a stone to help you to release emotional and karmic hooks or ties from past experiences, and from former relationships. Amblygonite assists you to break free from the past and encourages you to allow your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper.

Amblygonite is an excellent healing stone for a number of health issues including helping those who have broken bones.  Its energy also encourages you to allow your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper. Amblygonite has beneficial metaphysical properties with an energy that may also help you to release any blockages that have been holding back the flow of your creativity.

The meaning of Amblygonite’s name comes from the Greek words for blunt and angle, because of how the cleavage was thought to be, which has since been found to be mistaken.

Amblygonite stone is a mixture of a number of minerals but is high in lithium, often about ten percent. It also includes other minerals such as sodium, aluminum, and phosphate.

While Amblygonite stones can occur as prismatic crystals with perfect cleavage, they also occur in massive form and may look like both Quartz and Albite, so can be confused with these stones.

Amblygonite crystal is not common and has even been labeled as a rare stone. Deposits of the stone have been found in France, Sweden, Burma, Myanmar, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and the United States.

Amblygonite color is commonly yellow, although it has been found in shades of pink, beige, grey, green, and white, although stones that are labeled white may simply be very pale yellow.

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