Botswana Agate Properties, Benefits, Colors

Botswana Agate is believed to bring luck since ancient times. It was kept as a protector, especially in the storm.

What Is Botswana Agate?

Botswana Agate is a stone known for thousands of years and used since ancient times. It is especially preferred in miniature and carving art. In particular, precious stones with multi-colored layers are used in the art of carving, which is where the fascination of the resulting work comes from.

From ancient Greece to the present, many peoples have used simple carvings made of various agates such as amulets or talismans. As an example, we can show the agate jewelry unearthed during the excavations in the grave of the Griffin warrior. The production date of this jewelry is BC. It dates back to the 1500s.

Botswana Agate takes its name from Botswana in Africa. The exact place where it was mined is an area called Bobonong. It is rarer than other agate types and has a slightly higher price.

What Are the Properties of Botswana Agate Stone?

It is from the Agate group family and is the banded and soft colored type of Agate stone. In the form of thin bands of gray, beige, white, and black color tones, it takes on its unique color, which is famous for the effects of pink tones or salmon color tones over time. Also, Read – Beryl Stone Properties, Benefits, Colors

Botswana Agate stone, which is known for its rare nobility of the agate group, owes this nobility to its rarity and also to the fact that it has gone through a long process of formation. It is formed by the formation of complex bands in the form of lava waves with slow movements, forming silicate quartz layers one after the other in the lower parts. These layers, which are under the weight of this intense pressure, take their unique shape by forming in the pits and pockets like a tube. Along with all this formation process, it is also preferred because of the beauty of the thin stripe patterns on it.

Benefits of Botswana Agate

  • It has been said since ancient times that it is a stone believed to keep them away, highly recommended to those with a fear of spiders.
  • It helps to think positively.
  • It has positive effects on coping with depression.
  • Detoxification helps. It has positive effects on the purification of the organism from harmful toxins.
  • Focusing allows you to focus and think about details more easily.
  • Due to its good relationship with fire and smoke, it has positive effects on smokers and those who want to quit.
  • It brings out the adventurous side of man.
  • Botswana Agate, which was also used as a talisman in ancient times, is thought to be effective in cerebral activities because it’s raw (unprocessed) state resembles the brain.
  • It is especially effective in the crown chakra.
  • It brings out the creative side.
  • It contributes to skin regeneration by making oxygen more effective in the circulatory system.
  • Not intellectual problems; Helps focus on solutions.

Use, Care, and Cleaning of Botswana Agate Stone

Since its hardness degree is between 6.5-and 7 like other agate stones, you can provide energy cleaning by soaking it in water, rubbing it in running water, burying it in the ground, incensing it, or next to a salt lamp. Leaving your stone in the moonlight at the time of the full moon will allow it to recharge.

You can provide physical cleaning with warm water and a soft brush. After cleaning, dry it gently with a soft cloth. Care should not be taken to keep it moist. No soap or chemical cleaning materials should be used during washing.

A powerful stone, Botswana Agate is also very delicate. It should be kept away from make-up and care products and sweat. It should be in contact with clean skin, if it is to be worn with cosmetics, it will be better if it comes into contact with it a while after the make-up is applied.

If it is preferred as jewelry, the unique polish and shine of the stone should not be exposed to chemicals in any way. Perfume vs. Chemicals such as these spoil the polish and shine. Avoid direct contact. To prevent this, wait for a certain period of time for the wetness to pass after applying perfume. Also, do not carry it on you in sports that contribute to sweating and activities such as swimming. If you wear it on clean skin afterward, you will prevent your stone from deteriorating by being exposed to chlorine or sweat.

It should be kept in a soft pouch and box, not to be exposed to direct sun or intense heat, without coming into contact with other jewelry and stones. (To avoid scratching).

Botswana Agate Stone Colors, Chakras, Places of Extraction

Hardness6.5 – 7
Specific weight2.60 – 2.65
Chemical Formula and GroupSiO2 Microcrystalline Quartz – Banded Silicate
ColorsGray background, light gray, beige, brown, white bands
Places of ExtractionBotswana – Bobonong region of Africa
ChakrasCrown Chakra

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