BMW unveils anniversary M3 and M4: with festive interior, stylish colors and limited edition

BMW anniversary M3 and M4 is a great opportunity to get a unique performance of the vehicle. True, you have to try.

Today, May 24, the BMW M GmbH division of the well-known automobile manufacturer celebrates an impressive 50th anniversary. The M-division was originally created on May 24, 1972, in the format of a factory sports team (then called BMW Motorsport), while the current abbreviation has been officially used by the automobile brand since 1993. And in honour of such a significant event, BMW engineers presented anniversary models of the most popular models in the M-line – the BMW M3 Sedan and the BMW M4 Coupe. However, unfortunately, they decided to present the M3 sedan only in two markets (the USA and Canada), and the batch size is strictly limited, so it will be problematic even for ardent fans of the brand to get cars.

BMW M4 coupe

On the other hand, the BMW M4 coupe will be available in unlimited numbers in many other markets (however, the manufacturer said that the colour palette available for selection will differ depending on the region). At the same time, body colour is practically the main feature of the anniversary edition of cars – the manufacturer has selected several options from the historical palette of the M-division. For example, in Europe, potential buyers can get black, blue, light blue, red or grey cars. For China, there is unique colours – orange and dark grey.

BMW M GmbH division

Additionally, fans of the brand will receive a special colouring of the wheels (19-inch front and 20-inch rear), special historical emblems throughout the body, a branded trunk spoiler and an enlarged splitter under the front bumper of the M3. The interior of the car also looks more elegant – the manufacturer used expensive finishing materials. But in the engine compartment, no changes are observed – the sedan and coupe come with a three-litre turbocharged engine with a capacity of 480 or 510 horsepower, which is paired with a manual transmission or “automatic”. Available rear and all-wheel drive, and the production of these cars will begin in July this year.

BMW anniversary M3 & M4 Prices have not yet been announced.

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