Best Natural Stones (Crystals) For Money, Wealth, And Abundance

Crystals (Natural Stones) are famous for bringing intense energies into our lives. In addition to supporting us in many ways such as healing, protection, and concentration, they are also very powerful in attracting Money, Wealth, and Abundance into our lives. Best Natural Stones for Focus, Concentration, and Mental Clarity

Throughout history, crystals of different colors, shapes, and sizes have been used for both medicinal and religious purposes. You can benefit from the powerful energies of crystals to attract the energy of Money, Wealth, Abundance, and fertility into your life. What is Agate Stone? History, Properties, Benefits

Best Natural Stones For Money, Wealth, And Abundance


In ancient Greece and Egypt, the concept of fertility was associated with the color yellow. Therefore, especially yellow crystals are known as healing stones that emit stronger vibrations in the sense of Money, Wealth, and Abundance. At this point, when we say Money, Wealth, and Abundance, citrine comes to mind. Citrine, also known as the stone of success, radiates the magnificent energy of creation to attract your dreams into your life. Which gemstone to wear for money & wealth?

Citrine Orange Stones

Citrine brings self-confidence and a positive outlook. It creates a strong field against stress and anxiety. Citrine, also known as the trader’s stone, improves your business relationships and accelerates your money flow. Protects against negative energy, and improves your vision. What is Tree Agate, Wood Agate (Dendritic Agate)? Properties, Benefits

Eye of the Tiger

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most effective and powerful crystals for Money, Wealth, and Abundance because above all it helps you to raise your self-confidence. While it enables you to stay true to the path you have taken and reach your goals and objectives, it can also bring financial comfort as it attracts the energy of Money, Wealth, and Abundance. Using Tiger Eye can create a positive vibration when you are focused on financial issues and new business ideas. What is the 2022 Year of the Tiger? What are its features?

It allows you to work more focused and motivated as it acts as a protection against negative energy. You will be open to new ideas and experiences and be bold as it leaves the space clean by protecting against the negative. It brings luck as it spreads positive energy into your life. Attracting prosperity and luck, the Tiger Eye crystal radiates wonderful energies for those seeking employment, promotion, or a raise.


Amber crystal also has a strong vibration that attracts the energy of Money, Wealth, Abundance, and fertility with its yellow and brown tones. Especially in ancient times, it was put in places where money was kept, such as safes and wallets, with the belief that it brought Money, Wealth, and Abundance. It supports positive thoughts and behaviors with the positive energy it spreads and the protection area it provides against negative. Amber Stone: What are the Benefits, Properties, and Meaning of Amber Stone?

The amber stone, which you will use in your home or workplace, clears the energy of the space, radiates positive energy, and incorporates the vibration of Money, Wealth, and Abundance into your life.

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